Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week in the Life: Thursday

Thursday. My new favorite day of the week thanks to Serial. The more episodes I listen to, the more convinced I become that there is no way to actually "solve" this case. So, I'm trying to enjoy the story and the awesome fact that people, LOTS of people, are talking about "radio" again. I am a radio enthusiast. So, anyway… TODAY. I swear I did other things besides listen to Serial. Photo 1  54Photo 2  49Photo 1  55Photo 2  50Photo 3  36Photo 4  12Photo 1  56Photo 2  51Photo 3  37

Morning Routine. Bundle up Max because it's SO cold here. Drive him over to my parents house while listening to Serial. Drive to work… still listening to Serial. Sadly, arrive at work. Answer e-mails. Organize materials for math lesson. Morning Meeting. Reading Workshop. Pumping Session #1. Writing more poems. Kids go to gym and recess- I run around like a crazy person. Quick number of the day activity. Lunch/Pumping Session #2. Math lesson on putting numbers in order- I take a small group and we build our own number lines and then answer questions such as "what is one less than 9?" Recess- deal with many random kindergarten conflicts. Choice time- deal with many more random kindergarten conflicts. Send some parent e-mails. Drive home- finish listening to Serial. Go for a walk with Max and Eric. Go out to dinner. Realize Max is no longer held in by the straps on the high chair and he is determined to get out. He wins the battle and sits on my lap while I eat. I don't mind at all because I am eating delicious Japanese food and as long as I give Max a few bites, he is being good. Max spills water on me, okay it's time to go. Go to Panera and get bagels and cupcakes. Max is crazy (crying and bouncing around like a maniac- did he eat sugar?) during story time, bath time and his night time nursing time. I reluctantly put him in bed but have a feeling I'll be seeing him again. Start eating my cupcake. Realize Max is still crawling around and making noise almost 30 minutes after I put him down. Discuss with Eric if something is wrong- will we ruin all sleep training by going in there? Finally decide this is too out of character so we are going in. Go in and give Max some gas drops and nurse him again. He falls right to sleep this time. Finish eating cupcake. Write this post. 

I'm tired and glad tomorrow is Friday. Also, then I can listen to the podcast about the podcast. I need an intervention. 


  1. Hahaha, so there are podcasts about podcast, namely about Serial? That's funny! I started podcast yesterday. I listened to part of 1 while running on the treadmill, finished it while walking to work. listened to 2 while walking home from work/did stuff around the house until it was done, and then listened to 3 on the way to Phil's and part of 4 while driving home this morning. So yah, I'd say I am hooked. ;)

    It looks like Max is quite the mover and shaker! That is such a squirmy age it seems! I bet it won't be long and he'll be walking!

    Have a great Friday! I have been loving these week in a life post - it's interesting to see what all you fit into your day!

    1. Yes, there is a podcast on Slate called Serial Spoilers, even though it doesn't spoil anything as it comes out after the fact. Glad you're hooked. It's definitely intriguing!

  2. i'm with you; I don't think there will be any surprising outcome to Serial. Yesterday's episode left me a little cloudy BUT still coming with all sorts of "What if?" scenarios. I'm just not convinced either way at this point. I guess that's what makes it so intriguing.

    Also, don't look at Reddit. I did yesterday and got sucked in. So many theories! =)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Sigh, I am with you on the Serial obsession. I listen to the podcast twice (sometimes three times!), then listen to the podcast about the podcast, and then usually will fall into the rabbit hole that is the Reddit Serial forums. And talk about the podcast at length with Nora. I just cannot get over how GOOD this podcast is and how easily it has sucked me in. I think, for the first 6 or so episodes, I was mainly concerned with the case itself and discovering whether Adnan did it.... and now, I'm trying to enjoy it from a storytelling perspective. And I think Sarah does an outstanding job with that. I don't think we'll see the tidy resolution we were hoping for... but I do hope we get SOMETHING. It would kinda suck to put all the time and effort into something like this for 3 months (and way more time + effort for Sarah and her team!) and have no resolution at all.

  4. As you saw on Facebook I am recently obsessed with Serial too! I'm going to check out the slate podcast tonight when I walk Chloe.