Monday, November 10, 2014

Week in the Life: Monday

Let's talk about Monday, shall we? 

IMG 2126

Poem, written by kindergartner: Math/ It is easy/ It's super fun/ I love doing it/ 8 plus 8/ You can do it whenever you want/ Math


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Photo 2  41



Morning Routine: shower + getting ready + nursing the baby + making breakfast + packing up all the stuff. Drive to work while listening to Amy Poehler on the Fresh Air podcast (cannot wait to read her book). Morning meeting + share best part of the weekend. Poetry writing, because we are not ready for real sentences yet (well, the girl who wrote the poem above is!). Veterans Day Concert. Pumping session #1. Math lesson. Lunch. Pumping session #2 because pumping is sucking at the moment so I'm going back to 2 sessions to see if that helps…sigh. Recess. Social Studies. Choice Time. End of the work day. Visit to a possible daycare for Max September 2015. Home + Nurse. Play with Max. Eat delicious Thanksgiving sandwich. Walk. Storytime. Bathtime. Bedtime for Max. This post. 

How was your Monday? 


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that poem! Too cute!! That girl is like Jr. Lisa with her love of math. ;) Do your kids really know what 8 + 8 is though? If so, I am impressed!

    You had a busy day! I hope you liked the daycare you visited. My Monday was kind of boring. I worked on a presentation at work which is not my favorite thing to do as I obsess over how things look so it takes me like 10 times longer than it should. But tonight is sort of a Friday night because I don't work tomorrow since it's Veteran's Day and the market is closed. Yippee!!

  2. Ok disregard my comment on your last post because NOW I get this week in the life series :) And I love it! I think I'll do it next week.

    I had a great monday. It was super quiet in our office as tomorrow is a holiday and I was SO productive and blasted through my inbox. After work I went shopping and bought gifts for Eric's birthday, which is on Friday!

  3. Love the poem! And that sandwich looks amazing!

  4. The thanksgiving sandwich looks ah-mazing. YUM. This is great idea for a blog series. I may have to borrow it for next week myself! Hope today is a good day for you, perhaps a tad less busy. (Also, I want to come to your classroom. I don't know what Choice Time is but it sounds fun!)