Friday, November 14, 2014

Week in the Life: Friday

Thankful it is Friday. 

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Morning Routine. Drive to work listening to the podcast about the podcast. Breakfast/planning. Teach the word "my." Pumping session #1, immediately regret not having oatmeal for breakfast (why does that actually work?). Science lesson about making predictions- we test amount of water we can fit in a container and number of drops of water we can fit on a penny. Recess. Math. Lunch/Pumping Session #2. The kids go to library and I finish our weekly newsletter and e-mail it to the parents. Recess again. Choice time. I e-mail parents: ask two of my English Language Learner families to explain to their children what "thankful" means, tell a mom about a recess incident involving a partially destroyed hat (don't ask), tell another parent what her child's "letter of the day" was today (a strategy I'm trying where I do a bunch of multi sensory letter activities with the child in the AM and then bother him ALL. DAY. LONG. about what the letter is- so far it's working, last week he knew 4 letters, this week 8- booya!). Go pick up Max, listen to Art of Simple podcast. Nurse Max and take then take lots of selfies. Go out to dinner at  Chinese food place because clearly we did not learn our lesson last night. Max decides he will be a complete delight tonight and the secret to his happiness is other interesting people to look at and noodles. Cold weather walk. Dinner #2 for Max. Storytime/ bed playtime. Bathtime. Bedtime for Max. Clean out inbox. Look up oatmeal muffin recipes. Make grocery list. This post. 

Not pictured or listed: Forget to text my parents about Max coming over. Ask child 17 times "what letter is this?" (it's an M in case you were wondering). Enjoy a delicious glass of wine with my Chinese food. Give Max 7000 kisses. 

I guess I'm not really telling you everything, mwaha :) One more day of Kelly land. 


  1. I love that there is a podcast about a podcast. ;) I am totally sucked in and just finished the last episode today. And now I am pretty much just all around obsessed with podcasts. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping meals and cooking and I think listening to podcasts will be my new thing to do. And when I am in the car I will listen to them to because I get tired of the radio stations!

    Way to go on doubling the # of letters that kid knows!

  2. I have such low students this year. Like zero letters, zero numbers, zero counting. I'm so overwhemed with getting them ALL ready for Kindergarten.