Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wine and Love

Hi everyone, happy almost end of the week :) I had lots of blog topic ideas for this week, but then I got sucked into the world of kindergarten and I'm reemerging with only enough brain power to do a Wine and Love post, but that's okay- I like these! Thanks Nora for hosting as always...


Pass the Wine Please

1. School started this week. I'm already annoyed at the frustrating level of flexibility I am supposed to exhibit on a minute by minute basis. Most notably, I cannot tolerate parents who do not inform me of the name their child is called ahead of time and then insist I change all 20+ places their name appears in the classroom.

2. Although I prefer teaching to the boring act of tutoring all day and driving between a million places, my body seems to disagree. I slept soundly 99% of the time in the summer, bam the school year starts and I'm back to my unnecessary 4 am internal clock wake ups. Why, oh why?

So Much Love

1. On Sunday Eric and I went into Boston to take a harbor cruise and eat a delicious North End dinner. Other than learning that I should not ever get on any moving object without ginger gum, it was a good time :)



2. Though I had to Labor on Labor Day, it was made up for by my mom's delicious brunch after. I want Caroline to come home every weekend so we can have brunch every weekend :)

baked apple french toast


fruit salad




roasted potatoes (by Eric)



3. Today I met half my class (the other half comes tomorrow, all together on Monday) and I really liked them. I know it probably won't last, especially with all 21 together on Monday but for now I am going to enjoy the honeymoon phase.

What are your wines and loves this week?


  1. That is annoying about parents not letting you know about the name their child goes by ahead of time!

    Yum - that brunch looks delish!!!

  2. Uh duhhh you are supposed to accomodate everybody all the time, no complaints, i pay your salary!! bahaha.. my current wine is that i think i may be too hardcore for this preschool program. whoops. ;)

  3. Ah that would bother me so much with the name change!
    The cruise looks like it was fun!

  4. I'm glad you like your class!! But I can completely imagine how annoying it would be to have to change all the names around the classroom if you find out you didn't use the appropriate "name"....I would definitely think the parent would tell you that beforehand!

    The brunch looks amazing. Moms really know how to do it right when their kids come home. Baked apple french toast sounds fantastic!

  5. I totally agree about the name changing thing. I don't understand why there isn't a spot on registration forms for preferred name. Especially when a kid by the name of Kelly goes by Jean or William goes by Junior. It's not even a nickname that you could anticipate!!! Not to mention I keep getting more kids added so I am just labeling every day!

  6. That baked apple french toast looks wonderful. I love french toast casseroles for brunch. I've also been eating roasted potatoes like it's my job. Amazing what heat, oil, and some seasoning can turn a raw potato into!
    My "love" of this week is coming up with a recipe for mini molten chocolate zucchini cakes that finally came out great! I had one last night with a glass of wine, does that count? :)

  7. That brunch looks and sounds AMAZING!!! I love brunch!

    Yay for liking your class!! Hope it stays that way!!

  8. I love your moms dishes! Those are really cute! :)

    One of my biggest fears is the parents and accommodating them without being walked all over. I think my business background will come in hand because customer service was such a big part of that... but we'll see! Sped should be ... interesting. For sure! I've already come across parents that are definitely in denial. That's gonna get old with me fast.