Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Life Updates

Hello all :) Glad some of you will try Eric's Amazing Turkey Quinoa Delight. I know I am very lucky to have a husband who cooks for me. Believe it or not, we have only started to eat together (and by that I mean the same thing) in the last 6 months or so. We used to both cook and then attempt to eat together if the timing worked out. We have different taste in food, but we are getting more in sync.

I thought now was as good a time as any for some life updates. No, I'm not having a baby, but Sneaker Teacher is, so you should go visit her blog to say Yay! My life updates are not as interesting, but just in case you are wondering what I've been up to lately...

1. Work. We are about halfway through our second full week of school. My class is not perfect, but they are not bad either. I think the best way to describe my class is really sweet girls and really boys-boys. I also have 2 students who don't speak a word of English and getting another one tomorrow, wahoo. While that does complicate things a bit, I feel more on top of everything than I ever did last year and for that I'm thankful. I've been getting to work early, but leaving early and not taking much home at all. It's wonderful. I also tried something new this year where I e-mailed every parent within the first week of school to tell them how AWESOME their child was doing. It's saved me lots of random e-mails and I'm hoping it started our "relationship" in a positive way. It didn't take that long and the time has more than paid for itself so far. The only crap thing about work so far this year is getting a cold. I freaking hate child germs sometimes.

2. Working out. I've started doing boot camp two times a week with several friends from work. We are doing it through a great company and it's a private (as in only people we know) session. I LOVE the boot camp format, it's been SO different every time and didn't from minute to minute. It's perfect for my total workout ADD and it's great for my body because I've been sore in new places every time. It's an amazing mix of strength and cardio and definitely kicking my butt, in a good way. Highly recommend trying a boot camp if you ever have a chance.

3. Life. Life = crazy at the moment. Seriously, is there a pause button? I need like 2 days to just do NOTHING so that I can kick this cold in the butt, but instead it seems like more and more things just keep popping up to do. But, they are all good things. I'm especially excited about my cousin's wedding this weekend, wahoo! Maybe sometime at the end of October I can finally relax? Or not, I'm sure things will come up then too. I think life would be perfect if I had 3 days weekends and I could fill 2 days with fun social events and have one day completely off... yes, let's change the world to 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends...

What is going on in your life these days?


  1. Ugh, I need two days to nothing too just so I can kick whatever I caught. I think as soon as I stepped foot in a school, I was sick.

  2. I can't even imagine having to work with kids who can't speak English! I used to have a lady come to my free classes at work who knew very little English, and that was hard enough (one hour....).

    The boot camp sounds like a lot of fun. I want to plan something like that with people at my work. I think they would really love it.

  3. I have been meaning to do a life update post for awhile! Maybe Friday!

    I am feeling really busy lately too. I think it's a fall thing. We jam-pack our calendars during the "back to school" time. I was just looking at my planner for this Saturday and thought "what was I thinking?!" Ha!

    I did a bootcamp once and LOVED it but they are pricey. I think I'm going to do another one next spring before the wedding because I'd like to get a little more toned in the upper body!

  4. My life has been busier than ever lately! Work has been busy! Running has been intense! I have been & will be traveling all over the place. My life is full, but I am EXHAUSTED. I am really looking forward to my trip to Victoria. It will be busy to some extent because of the half marathon, but it will also be realy relaxing in a way!

  5. I have the same type of class. Sweet girls and boys-boys. I was talking to my aunt who teaches Kindergarten and she says this is the first year in almost 30 years that she doesn't have kids in the middle. It's all the know it alls or the know nothings.

  6. Is life still absolutely crazy for you??? It's like a teacher's job never ends! HA. I'm only teaching a half day this year and sometimes I feel like I have MORE work than I did teaching a full day last year!!!!!! I've been so tied up with things that I haven't even had a chance to make the Turkey Quinoa Delight yet---but I still plan on it :) Hope you are well!