Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ready for the Long Weekend?

Thanks for all of your interesting responses to my post "Does Confident Improve With Age?" I was actually happy to know that others feel that in some cases it hasn't :)

Last night Eric and I headed to his cousin's rehearsal dinner. He is getting married tomorrow night, very excited! Of course the rehearsal dinner provided lots of opportunities to use the new camera...



I also took about 20 pictures of Eric's other cousin's son, who I love, but unfortunately you'll have to be facebook friends with me to see them- I don't like to put kids on the blog without talking to their parents about it first. Maybe I'll remember to tomorrow night and you'll get to see the ring bearer in action. When I first started dating Eric, he was not even a year old and now he's going into 3rd grade next week. Kids make time fly I tell you.

Have I mentioned yet that I have two students in my incoming K class who were born while I was setting up my first classroom? I'm obsessed with things like this.

Anyway, we've got a long weekend coming up (Canada has this too right?) and I thought you might want some book recommendations. I've been on a mystery kick lately so here are three mysteries I recommend...


Last week I tweeted that I needed a new book and I wanted a mystery. Nora came to rescue immediately with this fabulous recommendation. I was basically glued to this book from the minute I downloaded it. It's about a girl who's dad is killed and mom disappeared when she was little. It switches between telling the story of that night and present times where the family is trying to figure out if the man who was arrested is the right guy. I really liked all the characters and it was the type of book I just could not put down.


I've been a huge fan of Lisa Gardner books this year (I think I've read all the Detective DD Warren books now). They take place in Boston, and they are impossible to put down. This book was about a police officer who has supposedly killed her husband in self defense, but many of the facts don't add up. Every time I thought I had it figured out, a new twist would come in. This book was definitely more far fetched than the other two, but not in a crazy way.


I've been meaning to read this book and watch this movie forever, but finally got around to it this summer. Both the book and the movie were good, but I obviously read the book first and therefore think it was a bit better :) Yet another suspenseful book about a girl found murdered and the mystery of who did it. Like the other three books, they give you a suspect at the beginning and it keeps you guessing throughout the book, did he do it, or did he not?!

Does anyone have any good mystery recommendations? I don't know how I'm going to go back to normal books now after being on the edge of my seat the past month! What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. So I have this issue where I don't realize just HOW young little kids are until you tell me when they were born. Like WHAT they were born when we were setting up your classroom? That's insane. That was like.. yesterday. And now if you were born in the 90s you were at least 12. Nuts!!

    Do you own any of these books? If so I'd like to borrow them, especially Gardner's. I read Alone it was good : )

  2. Enjoy your long weekend - have fun at the wedding!

    I haven't read anything super lately! I should check out that book Nora recommended. If both of you loved it, I am sure I wlil, too!

    Right now I am reading "Same Kind of Different as Me". I am really liking it and I know you liked it, too!

    This weekend i am heading ot my parents cabin. THey are actually demolishing the cabin next week and will build a new lake home there (the cabin that is currently there is very rustic). I am very excited but it will not be a relaxin gweekend as we will be packing up stuff, etc... But it's exciting as nex tyear we'll have a roomier, awesome place with more than 1 bathroom. :)

  3. I definitely recommend Laura Lippman's Tess Monaghan series. And I hated the movie for Mystic River. HATeeeeeeeeeeeed it.

  4. WE DO HAVE A LONG WEEKEND TOO! And it's even called laboUr day weekend (except with a u, teehee).

    I am going to start The Scent of Rain and Lightning this weekend I think. I need a good book that I can't put down!

  5. I love it when you post book recommendations! I wrote them all down (but actually I already had Lisa Gardener on my list..probably from you!). Right now I am reading an interesting book called "Look at Me" and I forget the author. It's about a once model who was in a car crash and her face was pretty much destroyed and had to be re-done. The book is kind of slow, yet interesting. It's going back and forth between the model and a young girl who feels ugly and lost in the world. I'm not sure what made me grab it but so far I am dying to find out how the two stories collide!

    Have fun at the wedding tonight!