Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Favorite Things- Wedding Style

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend :) Mine has been busy, but good so far. Tomorrow I am tutoring in the morning (I know, "labor" on Labor Day, what is that?!) and then headed to brunch at my parents house to celebrate Caroline visiting us for the weekend, yay! I figured now was as good as any to post some pictures of the wedding Eric was in on Friday, particularly since Eric is watching some kind of Star Wars marathon right now. I should pay attention since Star Wars is a huge interest of a lot of my kindergarten boys... but I prefer to bond with them about something I actually understand, like baseball...

Consider yourself warned, I took well over 300 pictures at this wedding. I promise I will not post them all, just a few favorites. And, for those of you planning weddings- a few wedding details :)

First off, can I just say if you are not a particularly religious person (aka don't plan to get married at a church, by a rabbi etc), I highly recommend having someone you know marry you. Eric's dad was the officiant at this wedding and it really is just the way to go. I could write a novel on this, but I'll resist. You get to write your own ceremony, you get to talk to someone you know, love and trust during your wedding ceremony, and *most importantly* you don't have some random dude in all your photos.


Apparently this is not allowed in all states/countries which I think is a real bummer. We can add this to the list of laws/rules that annoy me. I'll tell you the other ones later.

The wedding took place at a beautiful barn so even though it's still technically summer, there was an autumn feel to it...






The food at this wedding was also amazing. There was a pasta buffet, I don't even know what I got but it had to be the best food I've had at a wedding. Eric said his butternut squash raviolis were also amazing. There was also a meat station which I didn't visit, but I'm sure was good. As someone who has eaten straight bread at more than one wedding because there is nothing I can eat, I have to say, I freakin LOVE buffets. I didn't have one at my own wedding so I don't really know anything about them other than, I love attending weddings with them. That is all.

In typical small-world fashion, one of my friends from work (who used to work at my school as an aide and now teaches kindergarten in a nearby town) is also friends with the bride from childhood so we got to see each other. Love when things like this happen.


I actually was hoping to hang out with her even more but for some reason the whole night went by SO fast that before I knew it, it was over.

Of the close to 400 photos taken on Friday night, only 4 have me in them, so I might as well post them all right?

Me and Eric's mom after she pulled a me at my wedding and changed into shorts. If you are going to take a break from the party to bring the grandmothers home, you might as well benefit right?


Me and Erin, Josh's girlfriend... future sister in law? Boy I hope Josh doesn't read this blog, there is already been enough talk about his future wedding ring this summer. Erin would appreciate a good awkward moment though, if I did decide to bring it up again :)


Me and Eric's dad- there were some serious issues trying to take this photo. New wedding rule, all photos must be taken before 11pm. Maybe it should be 9 if I am involved.


Other fun details of this wedding included a photo booth and a sausage stand for some food on the way out. I'll have to post our photo booth pictures as they are hilarious, we started out in the first picture with Eric, me and his brother Mike, but by the last picture I think there were like 8 of us in there. It's cool for the bride and groom too because it prints one set of pictures for me and one for the bride and groom to go in a scrapbook.

Overall great wedding and a lot of fun. I'm back to loving weddings mode :) Tell me your favorite part of weddings and/or something awesome you saw at a wedding once!

At weddings I love: short but personal ceremonies, cake and/or ice cream sundaes, beautiful flowers, great music, dressed up friends and family, dancing, cocktails, photo booths, programs especially ones that explain how you know the bridal party (this also goes for wedding websites that do the same thing), out of town bags with water and snacks, flip flops, donation to a meaningful charity in lieu of favors, and basically any personal touches that are important to the bride and groom :)


  1. Looks like a fun wedding! That is awesome that Eric's dad was the officiant! Very cool!

    My favorite parts of weddings are the music at the wedding, especially when they have a string quartet. I know that alot of people have those, these days, but I just LOVE listening to strings as people are walking into the church. I also love the best man/MOH speech. And the first dances. And just the whole wedding, really!

  2. Great post! You know how I will LOVE any wedding posts this year...any tips I can get, I will take! I agree about the short but intimate ceremonies, they are key. I wish I had a relative to marry us, but we are getting someone from the island, who seems very nice and cool :)
    My favorite part of a wedding is the cake, and the musci must be pretty great too. I am having my maid of honor create three mixes for us instead of a band or DJ. There is a sound system that goes throughout the entire house and that's a great way to save money AND to make sure no tacky music is played!

  3. That wedding is beautiful!!!

    My favorite part of weddings is seeing how the reception is decorated and how they used the space they have. One of my good friends had her reception at a ballroom where there are lots of concerts and although it wasn't overly decorated, it didn't need to be. It was perfect for getting people up off their seats and dancing!

  4. Love this post!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the speeches at weddings. They make you laugh and cry and it's just the best :)

    That pie looks delicious! I love the autumn theme they went with, that's so cool!

  5. I'm totally with you on the short and personal ceremonies. With an Irish-Catholic family I've sat through my fair share of hour long ceremonies. Boo!

  6. LOVE THIS POST :) Obviously as a newly wed, I have tons of things I could comment on--HA! I will spare everyone my mile long post, though. Instead--I will say that one of my favorite parts of the wedding was that we asked our guests to wear purple (in honor of my Aunt (who was like my Mom) who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.) It was AMAAAAZING to see that MOST of our 200 guests actually followed this request. The sea of purple was such a tribute to my aunt---and since it's my favorite color--it added even more enjoyment to the wedding day! :)