Monday, July 25, 2011

Seven Links

Last week Amber tagged me in the Seven Links post that has been going around in the blog world :)

I've found it fun to read this on other blogs because I got to read posts I hadn't read before, or revisit ones I had. So, I hope you will have some fun reading some of my old posts!

Most Beautiful Post: Never Gonna Feel Like This Again

kelly_eric 003.jpg

This post is my summary of the reception part of my wedding. Obviously the pictures are beautiful, but also it's a beautiful memory of all the love that I felt on that day.

Most Popular Post: Blame It On The Boyfriend

I can't really figure out my stats lately (it keeps saying my most recent posts are the most popular, which I know is a lie) so I just picked a very popular post where I got a lot of comments. This was when I wrote about whether or not being in a relationship/marriage makes you gain weight :) Has it for you?

Most Controversial Post: The 25 Year Old Troublemaker

As it turns out, I do NOT have a very controversial blog. I really have not had any controversial posts, so I posted the one about getting in trouble for talking in spinning class. A few people did mention that they agree talking should not happen, so that's my controversy haha. Especially because I still maintain they are wrong :)

Most Helpful Post: Elliptical Challenge

Apparently I'm not that helpful on my blog because this one was hard. However, I did a fun Elliptical Challenge with some of my readers awhile ago and I think that was really helpful getting us through January 2009 :) So...yes. I am super unhelpful. Gotta work on that.

A Post Who's Success Surprised You: Do You Tell All?

This was my post about how much people tell in blogging and whether or not they've ever fought with someone about their blogging :)

A Post You Feel Did Not Get the Attention It Deserved: Just For Fun

Rookie blogger mistake, I should have given this post a better title than "Just For Fun" haha. Anyway, I didn't really have a post that I felt should've gotten more attention because I don't really think in that way about my blog. However, this post was the one I did with Eric about what constitutes "cheating" and I think a lot of people may not have read it since it was at the beginning of my blogging days. Sorry in advance that the spacing is terrible!

The Post You Are Most Proud Of: Officially a Sprint Triathlete

This one was easy! Completing a sprint tri, especially after hurting my knee was a huge accomplishment and I definitely hope to do it again sometime :)

That was fun :) If you have a blog, link us to your answer to one of these!


  1. I had trouble coming up with my most helpful post, too. Ha. I don't offer a lot of advice on my blog, I guess. I'm posting my links tomorrow but this was fun to read!

  2. Good recap of posts! I need to do this still! Maybe I will tackle that one night this week. I will have a hard time coming up with a controversial post, too!

    As far as the weight gaining thing, when I was younger I think I gained weight when I dated, but since i lost weight in 2009, my weight has not fluctuated when I have been in relationships. I have finally figured out how to eat - and still enjoy myself, but not TOO much

  3. I just went back and read your wedding reception post and it gave me goosebumps!!! That was definitely your most beautiful post!

    I totally remember your "Just for Fun" post, wow we have been reading one anothers blogs for a LONG time!!

  4. I'm actually doing a biathalon this weekend, and I opted our of the tri. I can't imagine doing that! I rarely bike or run, so that will be hard enough for me. I'm nervous, but also excited to say I DID IT! Next time I wll do the tri.

    I have gained about 12 pounds since starting to date Nick over 5 years ago. I needed it, but being in a relationship really helped me add those pounds. So yes, love does make you gain weight! It's a sign of true love...right?!

  5. I LOVE this! I've been reading everyones and it never gets old! I just did mine for Friday so you should check it out : ) haha

  6. That picture at the top just makes me smile - see, all that planning was worth it! :o)