Friday, July 22, 2011

Kelly's Favorite Things

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting ideas for new foods to eat, exercises to try, and things to do in general. That's why I especially like when Sues does her favorite things posts on We Are Not Martha. It's the perfect way to get new ideas for things to love. I decided today I'll do my own, and hopefully you'll get an idea or two. Enjoy :)

The Carrot and Grape Combination


Yes, I realize I just started with a pretty random one. I've been taking carrots and grapes to work for my morning snack and I just love this combination. First of all it's practical for me right now because both carrots and grapes can be out of the fridge for a few hours and I don't have access to one as I run around to different tutoring houses. Also, I love that it's very crunchy- something about eating crunchy foods makes me feel like I'm really eating something. Finally, the combination of the really sweet/sour grape with the less sweet carrots is just perfect. Plus, they are good for you.

Summer Country Music

I think I've now liked country music for about 12 years, so that's nothing new. But I do have some new songs I love including:

Take a Back Road,  Rodney Atkins

Dirt Road Anthem, Jason Aldean

Without You, Keith Urban

Crazy Girl, Eli Young Band

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away, Justin Moore

Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Jake Owen

Just a Kiss, Lady Antebellum

Knee Deep, Zac Brown Band

Seriously, all good. Download them all. If you don't like country, then reconsider that and download them all :)

Peter Christian's Honey Mustard

peter christians mustard sauce.jpg

Remember a few weeks ago Eric and I went to one of my all time favorite restaurants in New London, NH? Well, they also happen to have the BEST honey mustard ever. I really don't even like mustard, but I somehow love this. I was really hoping to tell you guys you could buy it online (also cuz I need more) but sadly, they don't sell it online. So, obviously you need to make a trip to New Hampshire. And so do I.



Lol, the name cracks me up. Basically, it's a huge avocado with less fat than a normal avocado, fabulous. I love taste so when I'm not smearing honey mustard all over my sandwiches, I am spreading avocado across the bread. Yum.

Reading, Reading, Reading

Summer isn't all about teaching the kiddos how to read, it's also about catching up on my own reading. For a list of the books I have read and loved recently, visit my New Meaning of Summer Reading post.

Iphone Auto Correct

Truth be told, I don't have an iphone, but I can definitely appreciate a good laugh over the absolute HILARIOUS auto corrects that people have experienced. I was literally dying while I was reading the conversations on this website to Eric, it was hard to read I was laughing so hard. I will warn you, they aren't exactly G rated, but hilarious anyway! When I get an iphone the FIRST thing I am going to do is turn autocorrect OFF!

Erin Condren Life Planner

Okay fine, so I don't love this life planner yet because I haven't got it. But ever since Amber blogged about it last November, I've been waiting for the 2011-2012 life planner to come out (I had a new planner at the time) so I could get it. I just ordered mine last night and I could not be more excited for it to arrive in a couple of weeks. I'll show you it when it does :)

What are your favorite things right now? Please share!


  1. I too like crunchy healthy snacks! Plus, I think they take more work to eat and curb that hunger!

    I have had "Knee Deep" in my head for a week strait now. Love that song, and "Crazy girl"!

  2. I promise you will love the life planner. SO MUCH! cracks me up EVERY TIME. Me and my coworker were laughing SO HARD over it in our office a few weeks ago.

  3. That website! I am dying laughing!!

  4. I got to see Jimmy Buffett sing Knee Deep last night! So so so good!!!!

  5. Which planner did you order? I love mine. :) I am going to buy my 2012 one soon, too. So excited!

    Funny auto correct story. A friend at work was texting a friend to say she couldn't go canoeing because a) she is pregnant and b) she is out of pto. She pushed send. And then realized that autocorrect changed pto to pot! I died when she told me this story.

    Great list of songs! I tend to listen to more country in the summer for whatever reason!

  6. Damn you auto correct is so funny! I am literally in tears every time I look at that site.

  7. I NEED a life planner!! I use my excel spreadsheet right now, and it's filled to the brim with goals (both long and sort term).

    So, a slimcado? I'll have to look for those. I wonder if we sell these where I work. I've never heard of such a thing!

    I'm in love with biking lately, does that count? I'm training for a 30k, 5k race and I've been LOVING the road bike!

  8. I love favorite things posts! I am due for one. My favorite thing right now is fresh, homemade summer salsa. I literally eat it all day long when I am working from home, with chips, carrot sticks, and sometimes on a spoon :0)

  9. WHERE did you find that avocado?! thats so awesome I would love to try it out! I didnt even know it exsisted LOL

    I also love any type of mustard!

    I am loving my homemade stoli doli recipe, the beach, ahi tuna, and being POSITIVE!

  10. You forgot "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton!! So good!! My husband loves "Knee Deep", too. All such great songs!

  11. Ha I have never seen those "Slim" avocados before, kind of funny. I love country music, and my fav right now is Jason Alden.