Monday, July 4, 2011

Dreaming in Red, White and Blue

Happy 4th of July! :)

Eric and I were at the Cape this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather. Man I love summer. Can it be summer all the time?

My long weekend in pictures:








4th of July weekend is definitely one of the favorites of the year. Eric jokes (half seriously) that I am a terrible American and completely un-patriotic. I would not say that I blindly love the USA- I see our faults. Sometimes the USA reminds me of the middle school cool kids that act like they are better than everyone else, and what can I say, I love the underdog... which we are not, though once upon a time we were :) I don't have any illusions thinking we are the best country, or the only good country or that anyone can be anything here etc etc. But, I do actually love my country and here are some reasons...

1. I don't believe that equality has been reached by any means, but I do feel proud to live in a country where some of the people with the most power are "minorities" who may not have the same opportunities in every country in the world. I feel the same way about people who were born into seemingly nothing and have become some of the most successful people in our country. I love hardworking people and a good happy ending.

2. I love all the amazing cultures and religions you can find in the USA. As a white, Irish/Catholic person, I have had the opportunity to participate in a Jewish Seder, wear an Indian sari, make Chinese lanterns, celebrate St. Nicholas Day, and receive a Korean painting as a wedding present. I love that.

3. I love that I never once for any minute of my life felt limited in any way by where I live. It was always clear to me that I could be whatever it is I put my mind to as long as I was willing to work for it.

4. American food. No I don't mean burgers and fries. I mean I have been to probably about 10 countries and the food never compares to here. I know, you are probably wondering how I've been to Italy and can still say that. Sure, I love Italian food and obviously no where has Italy beat in this regard. But can you find good Japanese food? For overall diversity and greatness of food- I'll pick here any time. Just my opinion :)

What do you love about your country? How did you spend your long weekend? (I think all my readers are American or Canadian right- so it was either Canada Day or July 4th for you- if not, what did you do for the normal length weekend haha)


  1. July 4th is my favorite holiday. It smells like cookouts, I have a weird fascination for fireworks....its just an outdoorsy holiday. I love it.

  2. Omg gorgeous photos!!! Looks like an amazing weekend!!

    I think that almost everyone LOVES there country right? It must be something ingrained in you as your raised. I was thinking about that the other day because sometimes I'm jealous of Target and Chipotle and cheaper gas prices but when I REALLY think about it there is no nationality I would rather be than Canadian!

    It is nice to live only 5 hours from the American border too, though ;)

    We had a super busy weekend at home with family!!

  3. I'm glad I read this post because I didn't really take the time to sit and think about how lucky I am to be an American yesterday. We did have a little history talk, me, my dad, and myself, but that's about it (boring!). I do love how diversified this country is, and how (for the most party) we have a lot of freedom of choice. And yes, you can fine so many different cuisines here in the US, and they actually taste GOOD!

    Glad you had a nice Fourth at the Cape!

  4. We spent time with family and friends and I got my workouts in. I can't say that I'm overly patriotic. I guess I'm just thankful to live in a place like America.

  5. I'd love summer if I lived that close to the Cape! Happy (belated) 4th of July!

  6. I think if I were to write a post about this topic I would just copy and paste. ;)

  7. Oh my gosh. Those photos make me want to go to the cape so badly!!

    I feel similarly about the US. I see our faults. But I also appreciate what wr have and am usually happy to return at the end of a vacation. Except when I am in France. Ha.

    I love that we have such a diverse landscape meaning we have the oceans and the mountains and he desserts and the plains. Not every country has that kind of diverse landscape!