Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The First Year

Sorry about my weird blogging schedule recently. I've had a really hard time adjusting to my new schedule since I normally blog at night, but now get home later than usual most nights. However, I have a weird gap in the middle of the day most days so hopefully I can start blogging mid-day a little more frequently. Also, I am aware that I still have not blogged about the rest of my trip to Burlington, Vermont yet, but I couldn't let another day pass without saying:

It was Eric and my anniversary on July 10th :) Wahoo!

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One of my friends once told me that the first year of everything sucks. Many times in my life this has been completely true. My first year of high school was rough. My first year of college was hard. Let's not even DISCUSS my first year of teaching! I still loved high school, and college, and teaching- just not the first year of any of them!

For me though, my first year of marriage was not one of those things. The first year of marriage was glorious :)

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Here are some highlights of married life so far:

*An amazing honeymoon in Hawaii...


*Finishing a 5K together...


*Other fun trips...




But it wasn't all trips and finish lines. It was also just the day to day that continued to be as awesome as it was for the 5 years before we got married. Some of the day to day highlights were:

*Laughing. More than 13 times a day (apparently that's the amount the average person laughs- that person does not have Eric as a husband.... and probably doesn't teach kindergarten either).

*Went for walks and runs. Whether we just wandered around our neighborhood or ventured down to the res for a longer stroll, this was something we were more consistent about this year and it was the best.

*Made fun of ourselves. One of the best things about Eric is that he is fantastic at making fun of himself. The two of us really never get mad at each other about household duties, we just laugh about it. Same with 99% of other things that we do/say etc. It's a lot more fun to laugh than fight :)

*Talked about work. I feel really lucky that Eric and I are both teachers (well except maybe when it's time to pay bills haha). Not only do we have similar hours and vacations together, but I feel like we really understand what each other's day is like (even though Kindergarten and middle school PE are obviously a bit different!). We both love to share and appreciate hilarious kids stories and we fully understand each other's work frustrations. Eric has given me a lot of good advice about how to handle situations at work and I feel like we both have very similar philosophies about how to deal with children and coworkers.

*Supported each other. Okay, so Eric and I have some different interests sometimes. Like golf, which I do not love. Or yoga, which I don't think Eric will ever do. I'd rather be at work a million hours a day than clean or do really any housework at all and Eric would rather do yard work/cleaning/organizing/cooking etc than work a million hours a day. Even though we may not be exactly the same, I think we always try our hardest to support each other in our separate quests and interests. I am thankful for that.

So, overall our first year of marriage has been a blast :) Next year at this time I'll be in Canada celebrating Amber's wedding and I hope I'm saying the same thing about Year #2.

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Do you believe that the first year of things often is not the best?


  1. Yay! Congratulations. I think I tried to comment on your last post but I can't remember if it worked or not. I had to try a few times (maybe bc I was commenting from my iPad).

    I don't think the first year is necessarily bad. I think sometimes situations can improve when you get more comfortable (like with teaching), but when everything is new it's pretty fun. Maybe comparatively the first year isn't great because marriage just keeps getting better and better!

    Loved seeing your wedding pics again. So beautiful!


  2. I watched your wedding video AGAIN today and it made me cry AGAIN. And the dancing part is the BEST THING EVER!! I can't wait to tackle-hug you (and probably Eric too) next year!

    I am so glad you had such a fantastic first year of marriage!!! I hope I can say the same thing two years from now :)

    Let's see, I haven't really had that "first year of things suck" experience. I do know that when Eric and I first moved in together it was a big of an adjustment but we've mostly adjusted to each other now and I think we adjust even more to each other every day, week, month, year etc because we fight/argue about A LOT less house stuff now then we used to! Anyways, it certainly wasn't the whole first year of living together that sucked. Just the first few months. High school was OK. College was OK too. Hmmm. First year of my job was GREAT!

    OK, clearly I do not follow the "first year sucks" rule. Haha

  3. Yea for a fantastic first year of marriage! No surprise here. It's so apparent that you two genuinely enjoy each other's company! Which is awesome and the way it should be, really.

    I am excited that I will get ot see you a year from now - and hopefully this fall when I come to Boston for work (whenever that is... still trying to figure out a travel schedule...)

  4. I can't believe how time flies!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  5. Woo hoo!! Best post ever. I love you too. The end.

    I'm really hoping my first year of work does not follow the pattern. My first year of high school didn't SUCK it just wasn't as good as all the other years. First year of college definitely sucked. So that's really the only example I can think of. Hopefully I'll be saying the same in 1 year from now.

  6. Congrats to you and Eric!! I love you guys, even though I don't even know you :) This post was great, and I kept thinking about Nick and myself the entire time I was reading. We have so much in common, personally, and as a couple. We love making fun of ourselves too, AND we cherish our differences (he LOVES golf, and plays quite often, I can't stand it).

    I hope our first year of marriage is a good one, but to be honest, I don't think it will change things at all. We've lived together for four years now....so, we're used to married life!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Glad you're enjoying the trip!