Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wine and Love <3


Back to Wine and Love by Nora this week. What has made me want to grab a bottle of wine and what do I love?


1. Unfortunately I think work is going to be on my wine list until it's over. The kids are checked out (read: way more annoying than usual) and I am stuck with 1 billion things to do. The summer will not provide a total break from work, but it will change things up a bit, which I think it necessary right now.

2. My stomach has been the WORST this week. I was getting pain all weekend and then starting Monday I was so nauseous I could barely focus on anything. I'm starting to feel a little better now, but I still have no idea what I could've done to piss off my stomach that much. IBS really sucks sometimes. Could someone please just tell me what not to eat? I promise I will not eat it.


1. Long Weekends. I wish every weekend could be a long weekend. Not only did I have some quality time at the Cape and my 5K, but I even had time to get some work done on Monday and go to a friend's Memorial Day BBQ. I didn't actually get a picture with Sarah, even though it was her party, but I did get a good one with Susanne...


2. I don't know if this qualifies as "love," but I am very thankful to have my friends and family safe after the tornadoes in MA yesterday. We are NOT used to tornadoes in MA, and some very destructive ones touched down in the western area of the state. I'm thankful they had become mostly thunderstorms by the time they hit my side of the state. I'm not going to go all "it's the end of the world" on you, but what is UP with the weather lately?

3. Simple pleasures: sleeping well, strawberry popsicles, beautiful weather (other than the scary thunderstorms/tornadoes), getting to see baby chicks that just hatched (one of the kids I tutor has a nest right next to his swing set!), watching my almost first graders start to LOVE reading, and many more.

What is your wine and love this week? What are some simple pleasures you have enjoyed?


  1. I'm so glad to hear you and your family/friends are safe. I was thinking about you yesterday when I saw the news, as you are the only one I "know" in MA.

    Sorry about the IBS. I can tell you what not to eat....FODMAPs!! I don't even have to use Beano anymore, and I have had very few stomach issues in the past year. I'm telling you, it works. IF you want to send me a list of the foods you've eaten over the past week, I could take a look to see if something else is going on. Sometimes there is something you may not even suspect is causing the problem!

  2. Mmmm popsicles! Gosh, I have not had one in a long time and could go for one right now!

    That sucks that your stomach has been bugging you especially bad this week. :( Mine has been off, too, but I am not sure what is causing it. SOmetimes I think I need to like a week detox and eat nothing but fruits/vegetables, etc.

  3. I hear you on needing more long weekends. I never feel like 2 days is enough!

    I hope your tummy settles down soon!

  4. I love long weekends too! It's so nice to have the time to relax!

  5. Bummer about your stomach :(

    Yes, simple pleasures are the best! I found out I really loved biking to work this week - it was such a nice, calming way to start my mornings :)

  6. Sleeping well is the best pleasure of them all, especially when you go a night or two without good sleep. Happy to hear your family was safe! These tornadoes are CRAZY!