Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Work Outs

Well hello everyone. Hope you are all well :) I've disappeared for a bit in end-of-the-year madness. Lots of hoops to jump through... at least that's what Eric calls it when I have to spend 20 minutes on the phone/attempting to send a grade report so I can get tuition reimbursement for a class that I was forced to take through the district and the superintendent gave me a grade for. WHY DOES HE NEED A GRADE REPORT WHEN HE GAVE ME THE GRADE? Wah.

Moving on, the kids are at all time worst behavior, but equally hilarious as always. Today, one of my students came back from being out sick for a week. His mom has had a rough week because multiple of her kids have been in the hospital with sickness and her husband has been away. During lunch, I talked to him about how great his behavior has been today. I kept mentioning how his mom was going to be so proud of him and he's a great big brother for being on his best behavior while his mom worries about his sister etc. Finally he looks at me and says, "yeah... I kinda just forgot to be bad today." If only he could've forgot every day...

I now interrupt this blog hiatus to discuss an important topic: summer workouts.

What do you guys do in the summer for work outs?

I am seriously debating what I want to do this summer. I am most likely going to join a gym, but I don't know which one. Here are my options:

1. Join the local YMCA. I used to be a member of this gym and I can get a summer membership for $99. I would have an option of two gyms locally, both with a pool. Also, I would have access to a Y at the Cape. The only bad thing about the Cape Y is that it's not super convenient and it doesn't open til 12 on Sundays... which is just dumb if you ask me.

2. Continue with my regular routine while at home (walking, running, biking outside, using treadmill and yoga videos on rainy days) and join a super convenient gym at the Cape, also $99 for 3 months.

3. Not join any gyms and save my money for yoga :) Obviously I would still do cardio outside and with the equipment I have in my house.

My major dilemma is just my overall ADD when it comes to working out. I always want to switch it up! Also I know you are probably thinking I am going to have endless spare time this summer so I should join all the gyms and get in ridiculous shape, but in fact I'm going to have a pretty similar time commitment to my summer work, just spread out differently throughout the week. More about that later :)

What are you planning to do for work outs this summer?


  1. I lol'd at the kid's comment about forgetting ot be bad! Ha ha ha! That's awesome. I hope he has permanent amnesia in that regard!

    This summer I will do a whole lot of running since I am training for a 1/2 in october. My new place has a gym in it, so i want to lift weights, too!

    I can't believe that Y opens at noon! That is ridiculous!

  2. I hear ya on workout ADD. Im having that problem right now. Sometimes I want to drop my gym membership because I dont use it like I used to. My old gym was 1 mile from my office so I went at lunch everyday. Not this time.

  3. Love the Kid's comments! Hilarious! I need discipline to work out which translates to someone kicking my butt- I sign up for classes (I am a zumba addict) and I can stick to those pretty well- even with the crazy schedules that go on in the summer!

  4. Save money, be creative with workouts like yoga, pilates, and other free on demand workouts. If you're only at the cape on the weekends, paying 99 bucks for a gym that doesnt open till 12 half the time you're there isn't worth it cause who wants to work out after 12?

  5. My tough boys all gave me a run for my money today but the glorious thing is that since I am no longer doing new instruction I just march them over to another classroom and leave them there. It's a choice to stay and in order to stay they must follow the classroom rules. They chose not to sad. Also, luckily 3/4 of those boys have parents coming on our fishing field trip tomorrow so I don't have to feel stressed about the possibility of them falling in the water or something like that!

  6. I have similar "workout ADD" issues. Actually my mom and I were just talking last night about how we are both bored with our workouts and want to do Zumba or a barre class. OF course, I do not want to pay for it, so then we started talking about buying some mirrors, and a bar, to set up in our house, HA! So yeah, we sort of ended our conversation with the idea that we may pay for a few classes, then do some outside power walks and bike rides together. I NEED something new!

  7. Hmm I say...decide if working out at home gives you both the flexibility and time to do what you want because it removes the need to drive somehwere. If after a few weeks you feel like you aren't motivated at home then do the gym!

  8. I always put my gym membership on hold for the spring/summer/fall because I just don't use it when I am out running outside ALL THE TIME.

    It seems like you get a lot of use out of your equipment at home, PLUS you have outdoor cardio options - I'd vote to save the cash!

  9. in the summer i definitely prefer to workout outside. however, i would be tempted to join the gym for zumba classes.

  10. I'm guessing the answers vary depending on region. Its super hot here in Austin, so I'm more likely to use the gym in the summer whereas in the winter my membership goes unused because its nice out.