Monday, June 20, 2011

Perplexing Summer Days

Today was my first official day of summer! Since my true schedule has not started up yet, I just had one kiddo to tutor. He was fun- we talked a lot of sports, mostly the Bruins, with a little '04 and '07 World Series thrown it- he was age 2 and 5 for those haha, crazy!

On my first official day of not stressing to the max about kindergartners, a few things confused me. Here is a brief list of things I find perplexing:

1. People who feel the need to broadcast their political and religious views on their car. I'm all for our college sticker or whatever and I do have an "invest in children" license plate (which i guess is a LITTLE political). However, today I saw someone with a huge JESUS license plate. I just don't get it...

2. Teachers who are against fun. Why did you go into this profession? After my brief work stint this morning I stopped by Eric's field day at work. The kids were having a BLAST. They were all contained and safe but they were seriously having the best time ever. Eric has told me some teachers complain about field day. Look, I get it's probably a long day and MAYBE requires a little more effort for you (though I imagine it's mainly Eric who it's more effort for!), but who cares? They are kids! Let them have some fun! I run into this at my own school sometimes. I get it, I do, kids are a handful when they are hyped up and excited. So don't do it every day. But occasionally, get your bum to bed early, get some coffee and let the kids have a little fun!

3. People who really care a LOT about which way toilet paper is put on. I recently heard a serious conversation about a woman who was actually ANGRY at her husband for putting the toilet paper on "the wrong way." I since learned that many people have a preference about whether the toilet paper is facing out or in. Do people really worry about this kind of crap?

4. Wives and girlfriends who "enjoy" catching their husband cheating on TV or the radio. Remember the TV show Cheaters? A Boston radio station does something similar where they call the husband/boyfriend and say that they won free flowers, who would they like to send them to and then BAM, they catch the guy cheating because he inevitably sends it to the other woman. I find myself feeling bad for the girl but then I think, WHAT!? If you are suspicious of your other half, why would you PUBLICLY catch them?! Then you have to deal with it publicly! Sure, I think it's important to know the truth and all, but must it be in such a dramatic fashion?

Do you find any of these things perplexing? or can you explain one of them to me? What do YOU find perplexing?


  1. My mom used to get all sorts of mad at us kids if we put the toilet paper on the wrong way, true story.

    Back in Orlando they had a segment each week called "War of the Roses" that was the same deal and it always made me so sick. What is wrong with people?!?!?

  2. I have to agree with you on all of them EXCEPT the toilet paper thing. The roll MUST be going OVER or else it's a dealbreaker for me.

    OK, not really a dealbreaker, but you know, I will switch it around if it's going under :P

    I used to LOVE field day or sports day during school. So fun :) I was grounded one year and wasn't allowed to go to sports day and I was SO UPSET!

  3. I had to reread that because I seriously thought it was already summer. Its been 100+degrees here for a month, so hard to believe its JUST now summer :)

  4. i cannot explain any of them. but yay summer!

  5. Totally agree with these... although I will say I am pretty adamant about the way the toilet paper goes on the roll. But not to the point where I would actually have a fight over it.

    I esp agree about the cheating thing. I could never handle watching that show, and our local radio station does somethign similar where they try to test their significant other and I just can not listen to it. It makes me physically sick to my stomach.

  6. Hmmm those are all perplexing for sure! The TP thing is hilarious - the things that people stress about!!!

    How about people who crank the a/c so it's so cold inside that sweaters, socks and scarves are necessary?! It's SUMMER people!

  7. I love the fun days at school and I always felt like the minority! So you have to coral 20 some 5 year olds outside. Be smart. Ask parents to come help you. Have expectations. Set the rules. They know them by now and the consequences and have fun!!! Yeah, you end up a sweaty mess but man is it fun! I enjoy reading the political bumper stickers that are decades old and for pepole who lost. Anthony and I always refer to them as succcccckers. ;)

  8. I HATE politics and religion on cars. It drives me up a wall. I'm not the biggest bumper sticker fan though. I wish I could explain any of it.
    I find lack of turn signals perplexing. It's not the hard, then people get mad if you don't let them in. How was I supposed to know you wanted to get in front of me if you didn't signal? UGH

  9. I can 100% relate to you when it comes to Field Day. I am a third grade teacher, and at times it seems all teachers do is complain about all they have to do. We had a Field Day this year, and the weather was horrible, cold and about 40 degrees out. At first, I admit I complained. Then I sucked it up, jumped out in the soccer field with the kids and just had fun. I had to remind myself that this is what the kids look forward to all year and I should be just as excited for them!

  10. LOVED this post, Kelly!!
    Ok, I agree with all of them, but ESPECIALLY the one about toilet paper. My friend Jamie is a freak about this. Personally, it bothers me too, but I just switch it and it's no big deal. I think it's an OCD thing for some people. I can't imagine yelling at someone about it strange.

    And the cheating this? It's just an excuse to have a "five seconds of fame". Even if the "fame" is lame, some people will take whatever they can get! No one in a really serious relationship would do this (bust their man on tv or raio), or at least I would hope not.