Sunday, June 19, 2011

School's Out for Summer :)

"Summer vacation is yucky." - one of my students

Much as I love above student, I have to disagree. I love summer vacation, even if I do tend to work for most of it :)

You may be wondering what I am up to this summer or you may just be assuming I sit on my bum for 2 months. If it's the second, you obviously do not know me at all. It's a money making time and I have bills to pay and trips to go on! haha. Here is a little summary of what I'm up to...

Starting on Monday I'll be tutoring 8 kids: 4 kids going to first grade, 2 going to second grade, 1 going to third grade and 1 going to fifth grade. A few of these students I'll be working with once a week an some twice a week. I work Monday-Thursday, starting at 7:15am and ending between 5 and 6 each night. Every day I have at least an hour and a half off for lunch (including time getting from one place to another, but still a huge upgrade compared to my normal barely 30 minutes) and some days I have other breaks during the day. The reason why I start early and end lateish is because I'm working around cap schedules. Starting the day after the 4th I'll be adding two mornings a week at a summer school in my district. I'll have all the kindergartners recommended for summer school, two that I know already and one who is my student. It's only 5 kids but they all have a lot of needs and seemingly no attention spans, so we shall see how that goes. A lot of songs and games! I already put all my kindergarten cds on my ipod so I can bring that. I already realized the consequence of this will be I can't put my ipod on shuffle anymore. You can imagine my surprise at the gym last weekend when "Clean Up Robot" came on right after some hip hop song!

All other summers I have worked at a morning summer program Monday-Friday and only tutored 2 or 3 kids, so I have no idea what this schedule is going to be like. To me it looks MUCH easier than my school year schedule, but I know that driving around everywhere can get intense, not too mention the many different grade levels and needs I'll be thinking about. So we shall see :) I'm excited for the change of pace though. Also my ratio of kids this summer including summer school kids is: Boys 11 Girls: 4. Yikes! Cue the sports and adventure books!

As usual, Eric and I will be spending a lot of time at the Cape this summer. I purposely loaded up my Monday-Thursday so we can leave for weekend trips on Thursday night and not sit in insane traffic (so we hope- we'll still have it on Sunday but oh well!). Our Cape summer fun begins next weekend with a Darius Rucker concert, thanks to an awesome birthday present from Caroline. We will also likely return to the Cape for the 4th of July.

Other exciting events include, our 1 year anniversary on July 10th! Still not 100% sure what we are doing yet, but leaning towards a trip to Burlington VT. Anyone have any hotel or things to do recommendations?

We will also probably spend a little time in New Hampshire and finally end that summer with a bang at Eric's cousin's wedding Labor Day weekend on the North Shore.

I'm excited for a little change of pace, a new schedule and some new challenges. What are YOU up to this summer?!


  1. I love Burlington! We just spent a weekend in a B&B in the White Mountains in New Hampshire - it was gorgeous!

  2. Holy crap. That sounds intense! I am emailing the one parent of the one student I am tutoring this summer. I didn't really recruit anyone new hahaha. I will tutor him twice a week and be enjoying backyard pool time the rest of summer. ;) Or beach time depending on if we ever travel ha.

  3. I hope to make it to the Cape ONCE this summer. I haven't been since I was 10 so I'm dying to go for a weekend or for a day...whatever time and money will allow. :) I'm also looking forward to spending a week at a beach house in North Carolina with my immediate family. Tanning and beach reading!

  4. Holy. You will be really, really busy! i knew you worked all summer, but I didn't realize you worked such long days! Weekends at the cape sound amazing, though!

    This summer I am moving. And then hopefully getting settled in so that by the time Amber comes in August, my place is presentable. :)

    And then besides that I am training for a half, joining a running group, and going to the cabin as much as I can!

  5. Yep, I'm the same way, I like to stay busy on vacations! Of course, my vacation is only 1 week long.....I'm so jealous of your 2 months. I should have been a teacher, or a dietitian in a school (I've always wanted to do that).
    This summer Nick and I will probably take some small trips, but no where fancy. I will also be working on some projects (like my label book) and of "planning". Ugh. No ring, but we're already planning the wedding!

  6. You are keeping your schedule super busy this summer. I kind of think you're a little crazy, but I totally see why you would want to work and earn money! Hope the super busy Mon-Thurs and off Fri-Sun works for you!

    This summer I am working and running and tending to my garden. Eric working EVERY weekend kind of puts a damper on doing anything fun. He might be able to take 1 or 2 weekends off so we can go camping but that'll be about it. Oh, and at the end of the summer I'm going to Minneapolis to see Lisa. I CAN'T WAIT!