Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Down Time

It's taken me something like a full week to have anything interesting worth blogging about. Seriously, life has been that boring lately haha. Nah, I'm kidding- life has been good, just very different than my usual. Here is what you have missed in Kelly-land.

1. I went to the Cape last weekend and went to the Darius Rucker concert. If you don't know Darius Rucker you should listen to Learn to Live and This. Caroline got me the tickets for my birthday so I got to go with 3 of my absolute favorite people in the universe...

Darius Rucker Concert-7.JPG

That's me, Eric, Jake and Caroline :)

2. On Saturday Eric and I went on a harbor cruise in Hyannis. It was a beautiful, calm and sunny day to be on the water. What can I say other than it's heaven?


3. Earlier this week my sister and I visited my grandmother. I've been working on a family stories blog and she has obviously been my main source of information. She has so many awesome stories! I mean not only has she lived through so many world events, but she also raised 8 kids and helped raise 21 grandkids so you can only imagine. When we first arrived she was reading an old journal of hers and said I could borrow it, she was just checking to make sure she hadn't wrote anything terrible in it. Haha! This ended up being the coolest thing anyone has EVER let me borrow, definitely ever. I was literally engrossed in the book for HOURS last night. It follows her life from 1999 to 2005, so most that she writes about I remember (as a high school/college student) but of course her perspective is fascinating. Also she talks a lot about my grandfather, who passed away when I was 10. I can't even explain how lucky I feel to have something like this in my possession right now.

4. I am going to get a little philosophical here about summer and my thoughts on it. I obviously did not go into teaching for the summers off, especially since I don't really take the summer off haha. However, teaching during the school year is all-consuming for me and it sometimes does not leave me time for other things that are important to me. I feel very thankful to have this time to visit my grandmother or go to yoga in the middle of the afternoon. Of course I think it's important in life to be a hard worker, and be successful in your career. But I do wonder sometimes what we are missing by being one of the most hard-working, non-vacation taking country in the world. Should we really be proud of the amount of vacation we don't take? This summer I chose not to be proud of the amount of tutoring jobs I get or money I make. I choose to be proud of what I chose to do with my down-time. Hopefully I use the time to take care of myself and spend time with important people, because what else is life really?

What have you been up to lately? Do you take all your vacation days? Why or Why not?


  1. I think about this a lot. It's funny because I totally believe we often work so hard that we miss out on what life is really about! But at the same time, I'm here complaining about how much free time I am and how bad I want to start work.
    I think though if I had been raised in a society that valued relaxation, I'd be a lot better at it. Instead I'm a typical East coast girl - go go go!
    This makes me want to use my 10 days that I have left to the absolute fullest. Lets hang out! haha / lets go to Nana's again next week?

  2. That is awesome that your grandma let you read that journal. That just rocks! Things like that are just priceless! I'd be totally hooked on it, too!

    That's an awesome gift from Caroline! I love 'experience' gifts like that. :)

    I use all of my vacation days. I work hard, but I play hard. I think it is dumb when people brag about not taking their vacation days. I think it's sad that some people feel they can't take their vacation days.

    Lately I have been up to packing. You would not believe the wall of boxes in my living room. It is unreal.

  3. And PS - I just watched the 'This' music video. I had no idea that Darius Rucker was so good looking!

  4. I LOVE Darius Rucker! So jealous! And I make it my New Years resolution every year to use all of my vacation days. We actually are really encouraged to use them, which is awesome... especially because they are there for us to use!

  5. I agree! I feel guilty when I just read (even though right now I am reading a book for the next paper I have to write). It's a hard adjustment going from being super busy to having so much time. I especially feel bad because Mr. Sneaker gets up early and goes to work everyday leaving me behind to sleep in for a few more hours.

  6. It's so hard for me to take time off work, because I have so much to do! But I am taking a vacation soon and I will do some fun a wedding, ugh.

    How cool that you will be writing a blog about family stories! I bet your grandmother is thrilled. Such a great idea! I wish I had living grandparents, but mine have all passed.

    Enjoy your week KElly!

  7. I take all my vacation...especially because if I don't I lose it. THere is no carry over where I work. I really have been trying to get in the mode that if something doesn't get done because I have been busy doing something for 'me' - family, working out etc...I need to just let that go. The dust bunnies can wait.

  8. Love your philosophy on life this summer. Enjoy it, soak it in. Spend time with family, especially that Grandma. Start memories today with her that are positive and loving, write together. Just be.

  9. Enjoy spending time with your grandmother - mine passed away a few years ago and I wish I had more time with her.

    I am taking some time off this weekend to spend with family - also taking a full week in August to relax and visit family again.

    I make myself take the time to recharge, relax and see the people I don't get to see often!

  10. Omg that is so amazing that your grandmother gave you that journal! What a cool, awesome thing to have. You are very lucky to have that!

    I am all about vacation and downtime and so is the company I work for. We work hard, and often put in time after hours if need be BUT my boss GETS work/life balance. I take 1.5 hour lunches sometimes to go running, I leave at 3 PM to make it to a yoga class, I can take my lunch at whatever time I want.. It's great. Working and making money is important but so is LIVING, family time and having a life that you enjoy!

  11. Your blog posts always make the Cape look so stunning!!!!!!!

    I have been hard at work on a blog re-design - you should go check it out! :)

    And as for your question - for the last two years I have carried over about three days in vacation. It's great to be able to do that because I don't lose them that way!