Monday, May 30, 2011

Great Hyannis Road Races 5K Race Report

Yesterday I completed my third 5K (or fourth if you include the running portion of the sprint triathlon). My other 5Ks were My First 5K and the Red Bandana Run.

This race was a bit different than the others that I've run because typically I have people to go to the start with and someone watching me. This time Caroline was running the half, but it started 45 minutes after mine and I insisted that Eric not wake up early because there comes a point in running 5Ks that I think he probably doesn't need to watch anyone one :)

I ended up arriving at the race about 3 minutes before it was supposed to start. I didn't meant to be THAT late, but I couldn't find my Garmin at the last minute and then the parking lot was much more full than I thought it would be. Oh well, less time to get nervous.

Mile 1- no split times due to missing Garmin, oh well!

I started out feeling pretty good. My ankle started hurting out of the blue and I considered stopping to stretch it out a bit but it went away on it's own. Interestingly, I was looking back on my 5K from last September and I had the same problem with my ankles. So random. But anyways, the rest of the mile was great and I was really caught up in the whole "yay I can run" thing. Plus there were a lot of kids running this race which I thought was pretty awesome.

Mile 2

Okay so I didn't officially see the mile marker in between 1 and 2, so I spent a lot of 2 thinking "oh my god please tell me I've gone at least 1 mile" haha. But I still felt good. I went by the ocean at this point and I was thinking about how awesome it was to run in such a beautiful place.

Mile 3

I did see the end of mile 2 marker so I sped up a lot at the beginning of mile 3 thinking I only had 1 mile to go. Well 1 mile is pretty far considering most of my training runs were only about 2 miles. Oops. I struggled mentally a lot during this mile because I kept thinking I was closer to the finish than I was. Eventually I did make it though.

Overall Thoughts

I really wanted to beat 30 minutes and I crossed the finish line at 30.06 which in my mind is basically beating 30 because it definitely must have taken me at least 6 seconds if not longer to actually reach the starting point. I think my race bib had a chip in it, so I may know that for sure in a few days. Either way I got my first running medal...


Eric makes fun of me for my love of medals. I realize that regardless of whether you get a medal or not, you still accomplished something. I just feel like it's cool for a race to acknowledge that a 5K IS a big accomplishment for some people. I know "real" runners would scoff at getting a medal for a 5K, but we all have our strengths and weaknesses, right?

Unfortunately I think my training for this race was not so good. Mainly my decision to train on a trail near my house instead of a street. My WHOLE body hurts today in a way I never thought it could after just running 3 miles! This includes my pesky injuries: my knee and back. I have ice on them both as we speak and I'm really hoping they can recover from this quickly. I know my injuries get worse when I run on the street which is why I tried to avoid it, but obviously I should've built up and not just done it one day suddenly. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now :) I probably will be walking my 5K next weekend though...

After the race I headed home to watch Caroline running the half marathon! She was rocking it at Mile 7...


While I was waiting for Caroline, one of the runners yelled out, "She Wears a Red Sox Cap!" and said she loves my blog! AMAZING. By far the coolest part of the day. I felt just a tiny bit famous! I have no idea who it was though, so if you are reading, tell me who you are! :) She was FLYING past and looked awesome at mile 7 too! Thanks for making me feel famous :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend :)


  1. Oh wow - how awesome to be recognized by a stranger! I hope she comments! Too cool. this totally means that you are kind of a big deal. ;)

    Nice work on the race! I hope you aren't too sore today. I forget how hard street running is on the body because it is all I do!

  2. Congrats on the 5K! That definitely sounds like sub-30 to me.

    So cool being recognized too! I always get a kick out of that. :)

  3. Wow awesome race time!!

    I love how you got a medal. All the 5ks I ran thus far has not been cool enough to give one out.

  4. I think it's great that you got a medal! EVERY race distance deserves a medal in my opinion :)

    Still love that you were recognized by a runner - so cool! Hope she comments :)

    Can't wait to hear how Caroline's half went!! She definitely looks strong at mile 7 in that photo!

  5. Yay for your 5K! I like medals too. Especially since I have something to hang them on. I must confess that I haven't even registered for any races yet this season. Total fail!

  6. Hi I'm the runner who yelled to you during the race. My name is Megan and I live on the Cape. I love your blog and how often you talk about the Cape, I'm also a sped teacher who went to college in Boston. It was so cool to see, hope to see you in a few more of the Cape races. Love the blog and keep rocking the running.

  7. That's awesome!!! First, you ran your third (fourth) 5k, congrats, but that someone RECOGNIZED YOU?! I am so jealous!! That's never happened to me. Very cool. congrats to you and Caroline!

  8. YAY for a medal!! And yay for sub-30! I'm sure your chip time will be more accurate!

    I am also a medal person. Heck, I get excited for the t-shirts. So far, all the 5K's I've done, only one gave out a medal. SO I was pretty excited about it. And even though I was sick the day before and was thinking about backing out...I went because I knew I'd get a medal!

  9. Way to go on rocking the 5K, Kelly! Woo! I love when 5K's give out race medals. I've gotten two medals from my IronGirl 5K's, which is why I always run that race, ha!

    And yay! The girl who recognized you commented! That's so awesome. You're a rock star blogger. :)

  10. LOL You're super famous!!!! Love that she commented!!!!

    Anywho, congrats on your awesome time! A 30 minute 5K is nothing to scoff at. Neither is that awesome possum medal! :o)

  11. Aww I was going back and forth about doing the 1/2!!! I should have cause I love the medal...and the bonus that it is about 10 minutes from my house!!

    Congrats on your 5k and celebrity status!

  12. haha yes I love that she commented! You're famous.

    and I'm pretty sure race results are up cause they are from the half.

    fabulously attractive picture of me by the way : )

  13. Oh man getting recognised for your blog definitely is an awesome experience.

    Dude, I run half-marathons and even I get annoyed if I don't get a medal.