Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wine and Love

Hi everyone. I'll be doing wine and love again this week- what's made me grab the bottle and what do I love? Stop by Nora's blog to check out hers and see who else is participating!



1. Oh where oh where to begin? Just kidding :) It's the last week of school though and that just means absolute crazyness. The kids are losing it, and one in particular is giving me a lot of trouble. I love him and I know it's not his fault, but that doesn't make it any more fun. Especially when no. one. listens. to. me. about. this. child. Grrr! Anyway, I love him, I have tried my hardest and I know he'll be in good hands next year.

2. On a similar theme, the end of school is so stressful. Next year I really have to start buying presents for everybody earlier. I tried to start last weekend but I couldn't think of anything. Next year I will force myself to think of something. That has caused unnecessary stress this week.


1. My first class of kindergartners (5 years ago!) are graduating elementary school and will be soon be middle schoolers. Sure, they were the prince and princesses of driving me to the wine, but I still love them. One of my absolute favorites from that year has stopped by a couple of times to discuss how sad she is. Today she also decided to re-enact the running hugs she used to give me when she was in kindergarten and first grade. Did I mention she is almost as tall as me now? Thank goodness she is a slim child or I would be in trouble!

2. Today was our end of the year concert, slideshow and picnic. It's a very crazy day but definitely one of my favorites. One of my little girls actually cried during the slideshow today. It was very sweet.

3. As you may have heard, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night. I'm not going to rub it in at all since I know my blogging BFF Amber is a big Canucks fan. All I will say is, I am totally a bandwagon Bruins fan and I admit this about myself. But I am really happy for my friends who are really Bruins fans, who have really been watching even when they were not good. Also, yesterday should've been my cousins 27th birthday (he passed away from cancer 2 years ago) and HE was a big Bruins fan, so I'd like to think they won it for his birthday :)

4. I also love my new Kindle that Eric gave me for my birthday last week. His parents got me an amazong giftcard AND my students got me an amazon giftcard so I won't be paying for books for awhile! :) I also am reading a GREAT book that I think everyone should read called Secret Daughter. Fantastic book about a little girl who is born in India and brought to an orphanage by her mother because the family wanted a boy who would be more "helpful" (I'm simplifying the situation, the mom obviously did not support this). She is adopted by an American mom and Indian dad (now living in California). The story goes back and forth between her birth mom, her adopted mom, the daughter herself and some of the other characters in the story. I'm not sure how accurate it is to India, but it seems really good. I had to restrain myself today when one of my student's mom's was talking to me about how her son is spoiled (doesn't act like it at ALL in school) and she's like, in India boys are very valued and spoiled....I was about to be like OH YEA I was just reading about that and then I'm like... hmm, yeah maybe not an appropriate time to discuss your pleasure reading Kelly :) But anyway, I'm not done with it yet but I still think you should read it. That's my plug.

Time to go zone out for awhile in preparation of the crazyness that will be tomorrow! Right now I'm in denial that I have summer work starting on Monday. I'll let future Kelly worry about that :)


  1. Hooray for school almost being over! What a bittersweet moment to watch your first group of K kids graduate from elementary school! Time flies, eh?

    So fun that you got a Kindle!! I will have to add that book to my list of books to read!

  2. Well I'm happy to hear the school year has ended!! Yeah summer!!! (or at least I assume by the time you read this, it will be summer!).

    I think I might have to give in and buy a Kindle, since I'm such a book worm. Lately I've been going through books so fast, I can't keep up! A Kindle would be very convenient.

    My wine for the week: Both of my days off were rainy! Boooo

  3. So many comments on this post. I shall break them up!

    1. The end of the year is SO CLOSE. You can do it. I remember being a student and TOTALLY checking out at this time too haha.

    2. That is so sweet about your first class graduating! It must be so cool/crazy to see kids grow up like that.

    3. I was REALLY disappointed on Wednesday night but now that I've had some distance from the game it is obvious that the Bruins totally deserved to win the cup! They played amazing - especially the goalie. The Canucks played like shit - especially luongo - and did not deserve to win. Also? Now me and Eric get to see the cup since Mark Recchi is from Kamloops. So that's pretty cool and I'm excited about that. None of the Canucks were from Kamloops haha!

    4. I have heard really good things about that book and actually have it on hold at the library!! I am excited to read it now that I know you really like it.

  4. I got a Kindle for Christmas and while I wasn't sure what to think of it at first, now I'm OBSESSED. It's just so easy to use!