Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sitting on my Bum with a Piece of Coffee Cake

Unlike teaching, where usually the overall day is good, or bad, or just fine... tutoring starts over every new kid I go to. So while this morning's little boy may have hid from me again (in his closet, no less), I still got a running, jumping hug from my afternoon kid. In everyone's defense, hiding boy has only known me for a week and hugging girl is my tutoring best bud- I worked with her for 2 years and she came to my wedding ceremony before she started going to a school where she'd get tutoring at school. Now I get to work with her again this summer. She still hates tutoring, but she loves me and I'll take that over running away and hiding every day. My new summer job title? Torture Enforcer- making sure children are tortured in the summer since 2007 :)

On a slightly less torturous note, today I was thinking about how I need some serious motivation to kick my butt into gear. I've been dragging myself to workout lately and letting any possible excuse deter me entirely. I know a lot of my lack of motivation has to do with my knee hurting again. So, this was #1 reason why I needed some motivation. #2 reason = tutoring. Not only is it a job that involves sitting (which is the opposite of my normal job) but sometimes (like this morning) kid's moms feel the need to bake delicious smelling coffee cake that I smell for an hour straight and then have to accept when they offer it to me at the end. Yum. So yeah, so many reasons to be more motivated about my workouts.

Then, BAM (hit by a bus), I read Amber's blog and she talks about daily mileand I'm like facebook for fitness? That's what I need to stay motivated. It will be cool to see graphs, or whatever they do of my daily workouts, and I can't get any graphs without actually working out. Yay! So far I have two friends- Amber and Morgan, so.... join daily mile and let's be friends. Then, if you don't see my workout for awhile you can send me threats and bribes, as in "we will not be friends anymore if you don't get off your bum" or "Kelly I promise you a nice, cold Bud Light if you get off your bum" etc. Ready, set, GO!

PS. I went to hot yoga today with Caroline so you don't have to start the threats... yet.


  1. Oo, oo, be friends with me on daily mile, too!! :)

    Who can turn down fresh made coffee cake? :)

  2. Im on dailymile!!!! I know what you mean about motivation. I am about to keep a log on my phone and daily mile to keep some sort of accountability. Plus I saw a guy doing it and he didnt look that means I wont look uncool. RIGHT?

  3. It's posts like this that make me adore you. Hahahaha.

    I love that the kid hid in his closet - that is kind of hilarious.

    Also, I loved how I saw you on Dailymile this morning after writing my post. Yay Dailymiel!

  4. I have been such a workout bum recently! The last few weeks of school were so busy and I barely hit the gym and now that I am back in Germany I am trying to adjust to the time change and feeling tired and unmotivated ALL the time. It's bad. I got a pass for the gym that is right down the street but it's just a matter of actually getting myself there. Yesterday it was raining and I was I wont' go. I am going to check out Amber's link!

  5. Oh I love the idea of using Facebook for fitness motivation. For me it's not that I'm not motivated to workout, I'm just getting bored of what I've been doing. I wonder if they have a graph for that?! haha

  6. mmmm beer and coffee cake. along with nora talking about mac and cheese i may eat 4 meals before lunch time today

  7. I've been dragging my butt to my workouts too... One thing that has been helping is that I bring my running stuff to wherever I have to go and only rely on running to get me back home... For example when I spend the night at the bf's, I bring my running stuff and know that the next morning I have to run home :) And I'd much rather do that than take the bus lol ;)