Friday, July 1, 2011

School Supplies Taking Over

Each week it seems I discover something new about "full-time" tutoring. This week's discovery was how the STUFF takes over. I would say in general if you looked at the house as a whole, the only major clutter we've accumulated in 2 years is my tutoring stuff. However, it's always been relatively hidden... until, this week.

The kitchen table:


My desk:


The dining room table:


As you can see, basically every inch of table space in my house was covered with books, games and folders. Though it doesn't look like it, it is all very organized. Each kid has their own folder which has their notebook, strategy bookmarks, word lists and other papers I want them to use or do. Each kid also has their own zip lock bag filled with games. The books are more all over the place but that's because I tend to use the same books for kids who are at the same level.

Since I tutor at each child's house, their is really no where else to store my materials except at my own house. Yesterday though, things got even more crazy. I had to go by my school to collect materials for the summer school I will start working at on Tuesday. It's in my district but not at my school so I had to figure out what I'm going to do with the kids at least next week and bring all the stuff with me: binders, papers, pencils, colored pencils, whiteboards, sound cards, dot paints, scissors, glue and all the other materials it will require to teach struggling kindergartners to meet their IEP goals in six hours a week while also making it fun. Guess where this stuff went? My car.

I didn't take a picture, but let's just say both my house and car are being taken over by school supplies right now. Obviously a trip to Target was in order. Does anyone else have a serious obsession with storage containers? Because I do. My first two years teaching I bought SO many. Today, I kept it in control. One 3 drawer stand and a big plastic container.


The 3 door stand is currently in the dining room but will probably move to the office. Now it's REALLY organized- books in the bottom drawer, folders in the middle drawer and games in the top. Yay! Clean table space!!!

The big container will hold all my summer school supplies. I've been told I'll have to move classrooms a couple of times during the summer because the custodians will be cleaning each room. I figured the best bet was to have everything in a real big container. But to be honest, I haven't put it their yet. That's on Monday's agenda :)

What kind of clutter takes over your house or apartment? Do you like to get rid of it or are you a cluttered person?

It's almost 4th of July weekend! What are your plans!?


  1. I was actually going to say your "mess" looks pretty well organized haha
    I love all things that you can find at Target, and if something you can find at Target ALSO helps me organize, well then it's like a double wammy of awesomeness.

  2. My husband is finishing his Masters, so we have a lot of IT book clutter! I find this post so funny. My sister is a teacher, so I totally thought of her when I read this. The back of her SUV has several storage containers, a cart to pull everything, and they are all FULL of folders, books, supplies, etc.

  3. Um, adidas sneakers! ALL OVER THE PLACE. I swear they multiplied while I was in the US and hubs was living it up in Germany by himself. Everywhere I look there are shoes, shoes, athletic apparel and more shoes. We need to do some serious sorting out and get rid of some stuff. We are pretty good about doing that and donating clothing and other items several times a year, but inevitably the piles grow again! I can't wait to move and get rid of stuff!!

  4. Wow that is a lot of school supplies!!! Haha!

    I tend to leave running stuff lying around. A pair of shoes here, a running hat there etc. Also during the week when we're both really busy we leave clothes everywhere because we'll get home from work and take our jacket off and hang it in the kitchen or lay it on the couch and it can get really messy by the time the weekend rolls around!

  5. This post made me feel better about all the teaching stuff (and now wedding stuff) I have hanging around our house :)

  6. I heart school supplies!!! My desk is cluttered mostly with junk or craft stuff. I need serious organization

  7. Strangely, with my obsession of being organized, I am not really that into containers. I like to stuff my things in drawers! I also love binders....kind of like Traper Keepers in elementary school :) Right now, as I'm sure you can relate, our house is starting to be taken over by WEDDING stuff...AHHHH!!!
    Plans for today are to party, party party, then relax tomorrow and Monday, but watch the fireworks on Monday!

  8. I'm in college and I LOVE those storage containers for my dorm room!

  9. I love storage containers too and I can see a lot of them in my future. :-) I think I just love the idea of being organized.

  10. I adore organization systems. I bought a cuople of things at Target yesterday to organize all my bathroom stuff in the closet and oh my gosh, i love how organized it looks. I want someone to come over just so I can say - look, isn't this organized? ;) I need to get another organization drawer type thing for my 2nd room as I no longer have a desk so I neeed something to store all my office-type stuff... I will tackle that another day as i spent too much yesterday. ;)

    You are SO good at what you do! Those kids are so lucky to have you as their tutor. :)