Sunday, June 27, 2010

Restaurant Style

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Sorry about my MIAness the past few days, I have wedding plans coming out of my ears :)

My major highlights of the last few days include my ice cream date with an awesome second grader. I was happy (though not surprised) to learn how many friends and family members have stepped up to help her and her mom through a very tough time for them. It is amazing how great people can be when crisis strikes.

Later the same day Eric and I headed down to the Cape, and I woke up early Friday morning to go to a beach yoga class.


Unfortunately I went to the wrong spot on the beach and by the time I actually found them, the class was 10-15 minutes in and I didn't really want to be that girl, so I just turned around and did a few minutes of my own beach yoga...



If you've never done this before, I highly recommend trying it. Not only is the atmosphere obviously perfect, but the uneven surface gives an extra challenge to those downward dogs.

The rest of the day was spent kayaking on the Bass River and shopping for bridal party gifts. I decided against taking my camera kayaking but I did take a picture when we came back so you could see the general gorgeousness of the area...


If you are ever in the Yarmouth area, definitely check out Howie's Kayaks on Route 28. We've now done the Bass River Cruise and rented kayaks from them and both were fantastic. I think it's the best way to see the Bass River unless perhaps you are a billionaire and can afford one of the insane mansions along the river?

While shopping at the mall I discovered something quite cool...


GLOW golf! So mini golf, inside, with like blacklight stuff. Kind of a cool kids (or Kelly) thing for a rainy day, don't you think?

What's Your Restaurant Style?

For some reason this summer has brought a lot of visits to restaurants for Eric and I. Though really, that's not that out of character for us as going to restaurants is probably our favorite shared pastime. Last night we tried an Italian restaurant in Hyannis that was a bit off the beaten path. I didn't take pictures of my food because it was pretty dark and I didn't get anything too interesting. However, it got me thinking about restaurant styles.

Last night Eric and I both got a drink, he got an appetizer, we both got entrees (though mine was a half portion, I love when they do that) and we both got dessert. Not surprisingly our meal was a lot more expensive than what we normally spend, but that's okay because both Eric and I VERY rarely order dessert (I couldn't pass up the mango sorbet) and we also don't usually order drinks when we eat out.

However, I know a lot of people who go out to dinner and go all out- drinks, appetizers, meal, dessert every time. I imagine most of these people go out less often than us though, and see it as more of a splurge. I like this idea, but I enjoy trying too many new restaurants and frequenting our regular restaurants too much to switch to this "style." Plus, I'm using more than full after just eating not even all of my meal, forget dessert or appetizers : )

How do you tend to eat at restaurants? Do you splurge and get everything? Or maybe go more often and order less?


  1. We usually share lots of appetizers because I always want to try a million things!I do love getting wine pairings though, so I guess that's a splurge. Going out is one of our fave shared pastimes as well!

  2. I thought I recognized Bass River in your pictures!! I grew up sailing (and teaching sailing) at the Bass River Yacht Club. It is incredibly gorgeous, I agree. I have spent time at a number of the huge mansions (and regular sized houses!) on the river. They are just a amazing on the inside as on the outside. I used to be able to sail down the river and list who owned each house (what dock I jumped off of the night before...) wow now you are just making me really nostalgic for the good old summer days.

    We vary in our eating out style. Last night I drank and Adam didn't - but usually we both drink! We shared and app, each got an entree, and didn't get dessert. Definitely one of our cheaper out to eat meals! I'm curious what restaurant you ate at?!

  3. Those pics are GORGEOUS. I have never been to the cape, but I am hoping we can check out the cape when we do a girls weekend there in October of 2011. I am def going to be hitting you up for some advice when we start planning that trip (and we totally have to meet up when i am out there). Seems like a long ways off but I know it will come fast. :)

    I rarely eat out. It's just so tough with my gluten free lifestyle and then add in the fact that I am single, and I just never go out for dinner. When I do go out, I usually just order an entree. Unless I am on a good date - then I like splitting an ap and getting an entree. But dear God, I don't remember the last time i was actually on a good date...

  4. we actually typically only get drinks out if it's a special occasion! We prefer getting to share a bottle of wine at home that would cost the same as a glass in a restaurant!

  5. Well, since we're tight on money, we tend to just order entrees and have water or soda to drink. Occassionally we'll get dessert or a drink, but only if it's a special occasion.

  6. I love your yoga on the beach pics! Usually when we go out we only order entrees and drink water.....sometimes we'll share an app but we are pretty cheap!

  7. Me and Eric rarely ever go out for nice dinners - we are more the order-in-takeout-and-watch-a-movie type of people! Also, recently I think we are still burnt out on going out to eat from Europe. Haha. But we are definitely the type of people that rarely go out but when we do we will splurge and our bill will usually be $60-$100 for the two of us!

    I'm sad that you never found the class that sounds like it would have been amazing. I LOVE the pictures of you doing yoga mat on the beach. I'm so jealous of your beach!!! Living inland sucks. Haha.

  8. I'm like you, I go out way too much to splurge.
    Yoga on the beach sounds awesome! I repeat, I really like that top.

  9. The pictures of Cape are just incredible. I would love to go there! Wow! And doing yoga on the beach sounds amazing!!

    We don't go out to eat extremely often, and really try to keep it as a "special occasion" kind of event. Depending on the restaurant - I either order just a meal. Or, Ryan and I will share an entree and share an appetizer. It's kind of fun doing it that way for the whole "eating out" experience - plus, I don't get QUITE as full!

  10. I love trying new resturants. I usually pick between drinks OR desserts though.

  11. i try not to go all out at restaurants just bc it can be so darn expensive!

    when i was in italy my bf and i figured out the best way to try a lot without overeating/overspending.

    we got 1 app, 1 entree, and 1 dessert and split it all. it worked out really well!

  12. Beach yoga looks so zen! What a view.

    We don't eat out that much so I have a bit of a habit of going "all out". If I find myself at a restaurant more than once or twice in a month, I'm definitely more reserved with my choices and try to save the splurges for a special occasion.

  13. Those pictures are beautiful!

  14. Ahhhhh, those pictures are awesome. I need to visit the beach, pronto!

  15. My husband and I have finally figured out a restaurant style that works for us. When I'm not preggers, I usually get a drink and he might get a couple. We usually get an appetizer or two, share an entree and share dessert. We don't always order like this, but when we do, we leave satisfied without feeling sickly full.

    BTW, I'm heading to the Cape in a month and your photos make me so excited for my trip!