Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots of Squinting

Good morning! Today is Bachelorette Day, yipee! Even though I promised myself I wasn't going to check the weather again- I did and it's looking more promising by the minute that our Red Sox game is going to get rained out. The only positive spin I can put on this is that if it rains at my bachelorette, that means my wedding has to be nice, right? I guess the other positive spin I can put on this is that at least I still get to be with all my friends. I could put many negative spins on it, but I'll resist. Speaking of resisting, I really have to resist looking at the weather in advance of the wedding itself. In this case all it did was get my hopes up that it was going to be sunny and 80 and then slowly throughout the week got worse and worse until now it says showers all day. What is the point of weather reporters anyway really?

As I think I mentioned in my last post, my college roommate flew in from Chicago on Thursday night. Yesterday we headed into Boston for a bit of a pre-bachelorette adventure.

Step 1: Dress Fitting for Ash. Can I just take this moment to say one of my bridesmaids did not need her dress altered at all. Not even hemmed! Isn't that amazing? Unless you get your bridesmaid dresses from JCrew or off the rack I feel like that never happens! Anyway, Ash was not that bridesmaid, she had pins all over the place. But it was still quick and at least it's done :)

Step 2: Purse making at 1154 Lil. Anyone ever been here before? Ash had done it before in Chicago and recommended it. Basically it's a place with a bunch of different purse styles and fabrics and you get to design your own and they sew it for you. Being a massive bag person, obviously I was up for this idea. We each designed a different bag and we get to pick it up the week before the wedding (that just happens to be when they are done, they aren't meant for the wedding or anything). It's not the cheapest place, but it's definitely fun and I'll be sure to show you the purse in a couple of weeks :)


Notice the big mess of fabrics in front of us haha.

After using all of our creative abilities we headed for lunch at Piattini Wine Cafe. Interestingly when I went to look at the website to link for you guys, I had already been to it before- which I can only assume was when I was craving gelato last week because there is a gelato cafe attached to it...which by the way I did not see!

Anyway, lunch was tasty. The bread was delicious and the pasta was pretty good too...


Not Italy style sauce, but not bad nonetheless.

After lunch, Katie parted ways to do some "secret projects" and get ready for Cristina to stay over. At this point, Ash and I met up with Gerry to do some kayaking. Gerry is an MIT grad student (yes, I realized last weekend two of my friends became doctors and now I'm saying another of my friends is an MIT grad student- I truly do not know where I've found these people) so she has a sweet parking space near Charles River Canoe and Kayak.

There was some joking the day before about throwing me into the water but Eric pointed out that if I fell into the Charles I'd probably grow a third leg. After looking at it up close I think he's probably right. Gross. Future things to remember when going kayaking #1- bring a watch (going by the sun on a cloudy day is not a good plan- not that going by the sun really does much any time for me!), #2- Ash participates in what can only be described as power kayaking, don't even bother trying to keep up haha, #3- when you see a boat coming towards you, you should always watch with glee while they run into you (okay maybe not, but this was an answer on the multiple choice test they made us take before we left haha), #4 wear sunglasses even if its not really that sunny (see pictures below)


and squint...


and squint...


And attempt to take a picture of all three of us...while squinting...


Well if that's not the best photo ever taken, I don't know what is!

After kayaking, Ash and I headed back home while Gerry went to pick up yet another of our friends from the airport. Excitement is brewing!!!! I hope this temporary sun stays out even though all the weather reports say it won't...but then again, when have weather reporters ever been right? By the way, someone told me on twitter this morning they make 6 figures. Is that even TRUE? I need to get a raise!!!!!!!! I am right way more often than them.

But I will forgive them completely if it's sunny today :)

Catch you guys post bachelorette madness!!!


  1. Dear Kelly, I love you! You are so funny!

    I hope you have an amazing bachelorette tonight and go crazy!!!!

  2. Hope you have tons of fun today and that the weather holds out for you!
    I love how you're really the only one squinting. :-)

  3. I've been wanting to go kayaking here -looks so fun!

  4. The purse store sounds VERY fun! What a neat business idea!
    Have fun tonight!!!

  5. Kayaking looks like a blast! Have a fun time tonight. :)

  6. Looks like so much fun so far (LOL at all the squinty pics... that's always me too!) - have an awesome time at your bachelorette!

    The compulsive weather-checking reminds me of myself leading up to a race. :P

  7. It's my bachelorette party tonight too! Have fun!

  8. looks like such a blast Kelly!!! i have never made purses there but I have heard of it and heard its a great bachelorette party event.

  9. No matter what the weather is like I hope you have an amazing time and that the sun decides to shine on your wedding day.

  10. What a great day! I can't wait to hear all about the bach party festivities.

    And yeah, you have some genius friends!

  11. I hope the weather is holding for all of your fun weekend plans. I checked the weather multiple times a day in the week leading up to my wedding....I even looked on where they break the forecast down hour-by-hour!

  12. haha, glad you had a nice day with your friends!! I hope the game wasn't canceled... but if it was, at least you had purse making (FUN!) and kayaking to do, and I'm sure some other stuff at night ;)

    I live with a guy who wears sunglasses even in the dark, because he's crazy (ok, maybe not the dark) so I rarely forget mine, thankfully, even if no sun. Thank goodness for squinting, right?! Love the pics.

  13. I got a groupon for that kayak place and can't wait to go - I enjoyed your tips :)

    And I hope you had a fabulous b-party!!!

  14. I have a professor that goes kayaking every weekend. She makes it sound like so much fun! (And I can also tell from Twitter that you had an AWESOME Bachelorette party! Hehehe!)

  15. have fun at the bachelorette party!

  16. I've been to a 1154 Lil in Kansas City, and it was so much fun! I love the bag too. I hope you guys had a blast!