Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Step Up and Two Steps Back

Good morning all! What would I do without Kenny Chesney songs to quote in my titles?

Lisa and Amber did this fun thing on their blogs and since I have so much to look forward to, I'm going to do it too with a little twist that involves looking back as well.

In the last year I have...

*been Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding, been a Bridesmaid in my friend since middle school's wedding

*celebrated my sister's 21st birthday

*completed my first sprint triathlon

*gone on one of the best trips ever to Arizona with Eric

In the last month I have...

*attended two fabulous weddings

*truly appreciated every one of my students and my job in a way I never have before

In the last week I have...

*celebrated my 26th birthday

*attended two bridal showers (not recommended haha...seriously why is it necessary to open presents at these things? take them home and let us all chat!)

In the last day I have...

*started to figure out my tutoring schedule for the summer- I have some of the best kids ever!

*learned how to do a "twirl" in the rumba- dance lessons are really paying off haha, still have no rhythm what so ever but hey!

In the next day I will...

*pick up my college roommate of ALL 4 years at the airport. Yipee!!! Would you believe BC just happened to stick us together? Good thing I lied and said I was neat on my roommate survey! (what can I say? I might be a little cluttered but I don't want someone's old mac and cheese sitting for days next to my desk!)

*design my own purse at 1154 Lil with Ash and Katie :)

In the next week I will...

*have my Bachelorette Party!!!!!!!! Not sure if I can express my excitement for this. Almost all my friends in life will be in one place...this NEVER happens!

*also, one week from today I will say goodbye to be best class of kids I've had so far- seriously considering taking my little girl who asked me to come to first grade with her up on her offer!

In the next month I will...

*Well one month from today I'll do this little minor thing called...GET MARRIED haha, so in the next month I hope to get that all together :)

In the next year I will...

*hopefully think about something other than weddings!

*go on my first trip to the Berkshires for a friend's wedding in August (oops I said wedding!)

*hopefully go on a fun family trip after Christmas?

*go to Hawaii for my honeymoon and perhaps go back to Sedona?

What are you looking forward to in the next day, week, month and year?


  1. That was a fun twist to look back on the things you've enjoyed/accomplished! Might have to incorporate that when I do this again!

    You have so much to look forward to. I can't believe that your wedding is a month away!!

    Have fun at your bach party! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  2. yay! only 1 month - I'm so excited for you!

  3. haha gosh your life is exciting! I'm so jealous you are done with work so soon!

  4. Wow...what a busy year! One month today until the wedding...very exciting!

  5. Neat post. I'm looking forward to my wedding and the honeymoon. This wedding stuff really is all consuming, isn't it?

  6. over the last 6 months I have learned to swim
    on sunday I will participate in my first triathlon.

  7. Fun post and soooo mch to look forward to!

  8. My MOH is my roommate from college and we just happened to be put together freshman year as well. We then lived together for (almost) the entire time at school.

    I can't wait to read more about the exciting month ahead!

  9. I went to a shower last weekend where everyone brought the presents unwrapped and they just had tags with your name on it that you attached to your present. This way no time spent on presents (they actually weren't acknowledged at all). Guests could walk by and look at them (or not). You would have liked it.

  10. Oh I hope you have a GREAT bachelorette party and go WILD! Hahaha! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    I cannot believe your wedding is in a month. I am so freaking excited for you!!!

  11. Wow! What a year it has/will be! You are one busy girl!

  12. WOW! Busy busy girl, and all fun things!! I do understand your excitment about having all of your good friends in one place at one time. All of my friends are located sporadically throughout the country and it's a miracle when we are all together!

    I can't wait for posts from your honeymoon in Hawaii. Nick and I thought about that as a destination (for when we actually DO get married). You'll have a blast!

    In the next couple months I will attend weddings, do a TON of work to our house, and get a new job!!

  13. This year I hope to get engaged, next year get married, and maybe the following year have a baby.

    That is all conditional on the first one though. Haha!