Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink is my Favorite Crayon...

Thought you've seen a lot of pink before? Think again...


Not enough?


Ha ha, okay I'll stop. Well, I'll stop purposely blinding you, but I can't promise it won't happen anyway since most of the pictures are one mass of pink after another :)

This past Saturday was my Bachelorette Party. So basically, me and 15 of my best sister, cousins and friends joined me for a celebration I know everyone says your wedding is all about you and I've never got that. #1 it's about me AND Eric, and #2 with all the opinions out there about weddings, it's hard to really do what you want (or even know what you want). On the other hand, my bridesmaids turned my bachelorette party into exactly what I wanted 100% :) Especially Katie and Caroline went above and beyond and I know how hard it is to plan such an amazing time for so many people so I hope they know how much I appreciate it!

The absolute best part of the night is that almost every single friend I have in the world was able to come. A lot of my friends are not friends with each other, and of course they are from all different parts of life so having all my friends in one place feels really lucky.

We started off at my house, where my bridesmaids decorated the place and distributed the awesome shirts that Katie made!


I also opened lots of fun gifts :) Then my parents, my brother and Jen drove us into Boston for the rainy Red Sox game. DSC01857.JPG

Somehow we found ourselves in the Phillies section...BOO. However, they quieted down fairly quickly when Daniel Nava stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam on the first pitch he saw in his major league career. WHAT?! How cool is that? Of course I was sitting in the bleachers so I didn't even know it was a grand slam at first (it's hard to focus way out there) but it was cool to see still!

When it started basically pouring we headed off to a quick dinner and a drink at Tequila Rain and then it was BUS time...


Having a bus to take us around Boston was awesome. I hate dealing with transportation into, out of and around the city so it was wonderful to have a fun and convenient way to get around! We took a brief tour down memory lane with a visit to the place I met Eric...


That's a picture of me with all my high school buds- Susanne, Tiff, Timna, Becca, Sarah and my sis! You may recognize them since 3 of them have gotten married in the past year and all of their events and weddings have been blogged about haha.

Next, we headed to this club we used to go to when we weren't 21 and couldn't go anywhere else. It's basically terrible but holds a lot of memories. Also there were some suspiciously old people there...I mean like...70? I am going to venture a guess that I'll NEVER go there again, especially not when I am 70 haha.


Next up was a bar I've never been to, but happens to have the same name as my high school principal. This was my favorite bar of the night except for when I saw the guy who made my wedding ring and I had no idea who he was. Awkward. I wish I was not terrible at recognizing people (especially out of context) but I am! Oh well, here is me, Caroline and my cousin Kate...


The final stop of the night was at a bar called "The Place"- I've never been there or heard of it, but it was pretty amusing.

Overall it was a really fun night. Like I said before I am so appreciative of all the planning that went into the night. I am also so appreciative of my friends for coming, especially the ones who had to drive far distances (Cristina) or get on planes from DC (Susanne, Linda) and Chicago (Ash) to come. Or those who were quite literally buying a house during my bachelorette but came anyways (Sarah). I thought everyone got along really well and I hope everyone had even half as much fun as I did :)

Next on the plate? Trying to rid my house of the massive amounts of glitter from our pink shirts (maybe after school gets out?), Finishing up massive quantities of things for the last 3 days of work, and then Operation: Wedding Planning. Hopefully in the midst of that I can work out (actually Ash and I went for a 15 mile bike ride on Saturday morning pre-bachelorette, go us!), tutor some kiddos and maintain sanity?

How was your weekend?!


  1. Being that I was with you, my weekend was great! :-)

  2. I had a great girls' wknd in Ptown, and it was fun. Not happy to get back to work tomorrow though!

  3. I am grinning ear to ear at all the pink in the photos. Love it. :) Sounds like the perfect bach parties. It's tough to merge all the different groups of ppl from different corners of your life, so I am glad it went well & everyone had fun!

  4. Sounds like a great bachelorette party! Love all the pink!

    My weekend was pretty low key... the boyfriend was in town and we layed low for most of the weekend!

  5. It sounds like you had such a fun bachelorette party! I absolutely love all the pink!! My weekend probably didn't even compare, haha!

  6. So cute! I love pink too -- it just makes everything happier. :)

  7. My weekend was remarkably similar to yours, but no pink!

  8. ohh tequila rain, the place...where else did you go?!? aka where did you and eric meet? such awesome bachelorette party spots! and in a bus no less!! lucky lucky girl. love your night. your friends look so much fun.

  9. I am SO GLAD you had such a fabulous bach party! You totally deserve it and it looks and sounds like you had an amazing time!

    I am in love with all the pink, and I hope you're feeling better by tonight :)

  10. Looks like you had a great bachelorette party!

    I didn't end up having one - it was too hard to find a weekend where all my bridesmaids were available.

    Love the pink - and good luck with the glitter - my co-worker calls glitter the herpes of arts and crafts.

  11. Glad to hear you had so much fun.

    I biked Sat. morning too! It was a little wet...

  12. Looks like a GREAT time!!! I'm glad the game wasn't canceled, and how cool is it that you got to see a grand slam?! Amazing.
    While I'm not a huge fan of pink, I think you all look STUNNING! The wedding is so close!!

  13. What a fun time! I love the t-shirts!

  14. Looks like to so much fun...holy pink!!

  15. Ohmygosh, look at that Pinksplosion!!! Looks like such a fun day and night. Glad you got spoiled by your girls!

  16. If I ever get married, I hope I have a fraction of that for my party- looks like a great time! So exciting!!!

  17. I spent my whole weekend studying, so I will live vicariously through you! What a fun time! I am so excited for you :)