Monday, April 29, 2013

Washington DC: Where to Drink

I never thought I'd have to do a whole post on Where to Drink, but it turns out it was that kind of vacation. On our last few vacations (Miami and Seattle) Eric has mentioned a bar visited by the guys on the TV show Drinking Made Easy. Somehow we did not make it to a DME spot in either place, so I was determined that we would while in DC. It turns out we made it to three DC Drinking Made Easy spots. Go big or go home? Yes. 


Bier Baron: Our first drinking spot was at this basement bar located in the Dupont Circle area. They have 50 beers on draft and they are all craft beers, plus they also have seemingly endless bottles of beer. 

IMG 2157IMG 2163

Tune Inn: Tune Inn is a diver bar, located near the Capitol and Library of Congress. We visited here on a Monday (not a holiday in DC) at about 11:30am so you can imagine how hilarious our experience was. We met a small group of bar owners who only have Mondays off and were celebrating a birthday, as well as a few other local people that I'm pretty sure frequent the bar on Monday mornings. Eric got a drink called The Bill Clinton shot. Somehow our time there ended with whiskey shots. I really don't even know how. If you are looking to have a hilarious Monday, I highly recommend visiting this bar. 

IMG 2179IMG 2178

Old Ebbitt Grill: I wrote about this place already because we ate dinner here. I actually didn't even have a drink by this point, but you can imagine a place frequented by presidents must have good drinks? I mean, talk about the most stressful job ever. 

POV Roof Terrace and Bar: My last Drink in DC suggestion actually comes as a recommendation from Iowa Girl Eats. As soon as I saw her blog post on this place, I knew we had to go there. It's a beautiful bar located on the top of the W hotel, right next to the White House. It's a beautiful outdoor space, complete with the best view of DC and delicious drinks. What more could you ask for? 

IMG 8620IMG 2185IMG 8597


Do you enjoy checking out drinking spots on vacation? Where is the best place you've ever had a drink? 



  1. Wow, that last spot is beautiful! I will have to go there with Becky when I visit DC this July! I am so not surprised about that Monday visit to a bar ending with whiskey shots. I feel like that is just to be expected when you are rolling with Eric. ;) Mostly because he seems like he will make friends everywhere and is up for most things (within reason of course).

    I do enjoy having cocktails while on vacation. I usually had a glass of wine each day in Paris, often on a patio overlooking some beautiful sight, like the Notre Dame!

  2. I'm so proud. Will definitely be checking out that last spot next time.

  3. Ha, love that sign about wearing clothes and getting served drinks. Sooooo sexist, but sooooo funny, too. (I'm a terrible feminist, btw.) I do enjoy visiting local watering holes when on vacation (and yes, even with a kid!). I think two of my most recent favorite places to grab a drink would have to be (1) homemade beergaritas (ahhhhmazing!) that were consumed on the beach in Grand Cayman while overlooking the sun setting over the ocean ... and (2) whatever drink they were serving at the swim-up bar in the pool at the resort we stayed at in Costa Rica that overlooked a volcano (we made friends at that "bar" with whom we still stay in touch with today!).

  4. When Anthony and I travel alone almost all of our vacations are based off of alcohol and food. Our last getaway to Ann Arbor in March took us to 4 or 5 brewerys. Yummmm. We also did atrip in the Detroit area based on food from the Travel Channel or Diners, Drive ins or Dives. Historic /sight seeing always comes next after the alcohol stops are figured.