Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April= Complete.

It seems nearly impossible to sum up the month of April in a blog post. There were many highs. Eric and I took a fun and relaxing trip to Washington DC. I did my most major spring cleaning ever, including cleaning every single closet in the house and tidying up and organizing some other areas. I got rid of a LOT, including throwing away, recycling, donating and even selling some clothes. There is nothing in my house right now that I really feel like needs cleaning or organizing, except my car- does that count as in my house? I read 5 new books. 

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Unfortunately, there were also some lows this month. The most obvious was when two crazy terrorists decided to kill and injure many people at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and then, the whole city of Boston and many surrounding towns were placed on lock down, while the second terrorist was found… in a boat, about five minutes from where I teach. Sigh. But, there was a silver lining to what can only be described as a completely terrible and terrifying week, the opportunity to be incredibly proud of Boston and of the many people both here and around the country and world who supported us. This article about the resilience of the human spirit sums up what made me so happy to live in (well, near) this beautiful city. I also acknowledge how incredibly lucky I am to have my friends, family and students all safe. 

This was also not a wonderful month for me on the health front. After having an incredibly healthy winter (perhaps too healthy?) I made up for it this month with a stomach flu and then some other kind of sickness (cold with a fever?) that knocked me down for multiple days. In the grand scheme of things, minor problems but definitely cut into my enjoyment and productivity this month. 

I did well with my April goals actually. I decluttered a LOT. I ate my food before I bought anything new. I reorganized my blog reading and then kept up better than I had been. I did okay on not overcommitting, I still felt like I had too much to do but I think the previously mentioned sickness meant I needed more rest time than usual. 

Here is what is on tap for May. 

1. Focus on health. I refuse to spend even a day of May sick, so I will focus on health this month. Specifically, I will: Floss every single night no matter how tired I am or how much I slacked on getting to bed early enough. I will make an effort to prioritize rest, not just sleep but also having some time to relax. I will cut down on the amount of sugar I eat. I will go to yoga at least 3 times. 

2. Continue the 10 minute clean up. This got pushed to the side a bit this month as I was doing some MAJOR cleaning projects that took much longer than 10 minutes. Now that I have all of that under control, I'd like to get back to the 10 minute clean ups. 

3. I will read 4 books. 

Keeping it simple this month :) What are you looking forward to in May? I am looking forward to going back to the Cape, doing a triathlon and my brother graduating college! 


  1. What a busy month April was for you - despite being sick, you fit so much in. I'm impressed. I like the idea that focusing on health is more than just exercising or just eating right. Your focus on it this month is a good reminder of that!

  2. I feel the same way about April - highs and lows, and the same way about May - focus on health. You did an awesome job of cleaning this month! Seriously impressed and you inspired me to clean a lot, too! I got rid of a bunch of books the other day that I definitely otherwise wouldn't have. In May I'm looking forward to more energy!

  3. You have some exciting things to look forward this month, especially the tri and your brother's graduation!

    For me this month is about staying on the fitness wagon and getting ready for the summer when the kidlets will be here.

  4. Wow, you did have a busy month of April. I am glad it included some highs to offset some of the lows My month of April was pretty tough. There were bright spots but more good days than bad... but hopefully that balance shifts soon. I really can't believe it's May...

    For May my goal is to just get through my last month of studying. I need to put in about 100 hours of studying so it will be an intense month!

  5. Wow April was definitely a crazy month for you. Sorry to hear you got sick. Boo!! April was a pretty good month for me. I finally felt like I slipped out of the funk I was in for most of the winter. Spring and sunshine tends to do that for me too. I am REALLY looking forward to May as I have some really fun things planned this month but it is also going to be a super crazy/busy month!

  6. I love seeing the books that you've read. I was doing so well reading new books each month, bu tI haven't read one in so long. My last one was The Circus, over a month ago....yikes. Not good. I just haven't found (or made...) the time. Right now I'm reading "Food Rules", which is a lighter read, and so far really great. I should be able to finish it in a day!