Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Washington DC: What to See & Do

Eric and I went on a quick whirlwind trip to DC early last week. DC was a favorite city of mine as a kid, and it was fun to return after a 10 year break. 

Thanks Caroline for finding this ADORABLE picture of us from my first trip to DC. 903491 2661910427125 717046049 o

I was determined to have a relatively relaxing few days with Eric so we did not run all over like crazy people. We did walk quite a bit and manage to see a lot in three days. 

On Day 1 we visited the Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial and Vietnam Memorial. There we also saw the Reflection Pool and Washington Monument. I love that unlike Caroline and I (above), Eric basically blocks the entire Washington Monument because he is so tall. Hilarious. 

IMG 8386IMG 8399

Next, we headed over the White House (about a 20 minute walk away)...

IMG 8424IMG 8433

Our final stop on our super tourist morning was the Old Post Office, located another 10 minute walk from the White House. 

IMG 8436

The Old Post Office has a crazy food court in the basement, but the real selling point is the view from the top. It's free to take the elevator up and it's a great view of Washington from above. Don't be intimidated by the security at the door :) 

IMG 8440IMG 8441

Our second day of touring involved checking out the Library of Congress and Capitol Building. 

IMG 8462

We also revisited a favorite museum of mine from childhood...

IMG 8468

Finally, we walked along the mall and discussed all the museums we hope to visit someday!

Our last day we headed over to Arlington to visit the cemetery and the Pentagon Memorial. Of course you know about my Massachusetts Kennedy obsession, so we had to visit his grave. We also went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where we were lucky enough to see a guard changing. 

IMG 8532

IMG 8547

IMG 8571IMG 8590

The Pentagon Memorial marks my first memorial visit where I actually remember the event (I have not yet made it to Ground Zero in NYC). The memorial is really artistically interesting. Each victim, both on the plane and in the building, gets a bench and a fountain. Each row is based on the age of the victim, with the youngest being a three year old. The way that the bench faces tells you whether they were on the plane (bench facing towards the Pentagon) or in the building (bench facing outwards). 

IMG 8594

DC has truly ENDLESS things you could do, so I can't say any of this is better than anything else. But my goal was to see a lot and not feel crazy, and that was a goal we met :) Next time, I want to see a few more touristy things and have a chance to meet Becky!  One thing is for sure, I will not let another 10 years pass before I'm back in DC. 

What is your favorite thing to do in DC? 



  1. Oh wow, that Pentagon Memorial sounds really cool. I did not make it out to Arlington on my trip to DC 2 years ago, but I would like to go back there while I am here in Charlotte since I am close-ish.

    I love that picture of you and Caroline! I especially love your matching jackets. ;)

  2. I LOVE DC. We want a few years ago and I am dying to get back. We saw so much there but not everything.

  3. Both of my parents are from Maryland, just outside of DC. I spent my childhood visiting DC, where my grandparents remained until they passed. My favorite childhood museum was definitely the Air & Space Museum. Absolutely loved it and insisted we go every time we were in town. One day when I go back, I'd like to visit the Holocaust Museum, which I hear is outstanding. The Pentagon Memorial looks amazing - so much thought is put into these memorial parks.

  4. Hahaha that first picture is amazing.

    Glad you guys had a fun weekend! You saw A LOT in three days I think!!

  5. We were so adorable! I knew I had to share that one when I randomly came across it on my computer. I kind of wish I still had that sweatshirt...

    Anyways, this makes me want to go back to DC and actually see things, seeing as I've been twice since that photo and I've seen little to nothing both times.. Hopefully I'll get there this fall when I shoot the Virginia wedding.

  6. DC is a fantastic place!!!! I've only been there once but I would love to go back. It's a capital built on such a grand scale!!! It's frankly positively European in that way!