Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When Your Friends Have Babies, Part II

When my friends have babies… what does Kelly do? (spoiler alert: the answer is not have babies too haha)
As I've mentioned (many times, sorry if you follow me on twitter ha ha), a lot of my friends are having babies at the moment. I'm sorry, weren't we just 16? Last weekend was my best friend Katie's baby shower, and it was pretty hilarious when I was writing down what she got for thank you notes. I had no idea what half of the stuff was. She probably got a good laugh looking at that list. I did get to see some lovely college friends though. When my friends have babies, I get to see my faraway friends at the baby showers. Score one for me.
IMG 6361
and awesome centerpieces made by Katie's sister in law :)
IMG 6354
I may not be a fan of baby stuff but I love a good teddy bear, and books. I was borderline too excited about all these books. I've already bought Katie's not-born-yet son more than one book. I have issues.
IMG 6359
So anyway, enough cute stuff… back to the baby world. I have another good friend from high school who just had a baby two weeks ago, who I met last week (adorable) and you've read all about my adventures with Lia, Tiff's baby who won me over right from the day she didn't cry when I held her. She won me over again when she gave me the cutest EVER smile last Saturday when she woke up for a nap and found me staring at her. Not to jinx it, but so far I have yet to make any of my friends babies bawl hysterically. Score two for me.

Ten years ago I worried that leaving for college in different states would make me "grow apart" from my high school friends. That didn't happen. Six years ago I worried that graduating college would make me "grow apart" from my college friends. That didn't happen either. So, guess what else won't come between us? Babies. I am determined not to allow the fact that I know nothing about breastfeeding, the best strollers for newborns or baby wipe warmers make me a bad friend to a new mom. I know, I know, new moms want to be friends with moms. I am guilty as anyone else of letting life get busy and a lot of time go by before I see friends. I know my friends will be busy and have new priorities. That's okay. I will still make sure that I am making an effort when I can, to be a good friend and stay in touch. So last Saturday, I took Tiff out for her first adventure with me without Lia. A sweet 2 hour gossiping session in the form of manicures and pedicures. Wahoo.

So the answer is, when my friends have babies, I get manicures...
Photo  3

Have you been able to maintain your old friendships through some of the changes of life? 

You can read Part 1 of When Your Friends Have Babies here. 


  1. Strangely, I don't have any close friends with babies! I do have one friend, who is somewhat close, but not really. And, another strange thing, I had a dream that I was at a highschool reunion and one of my high school friends brought her baby, AND she was pregnant :) Maybe it's a sign of babies to come!

  2. Your nails look great! :) I am glad you and your friend got away for some girl time. I am sure she really appreciated it.

    Many of my friends have kids and have for years and luckily it has not impacted our friendships. We do tend do more get togethers at each others houses v. going out, but I honestly prefer that to going out to eat! And I love their kids. I consider them faux nieces and nephews. We do still get together, sans kids, for girls night. Like on Thursday I am having 2 friends over who have kids. We just have to plan it in advance so they can make sure their husbands are available. And well, as a planner, having to plan it out in advance does not bother me! :)

  3. Surprisingly, none of my close friends have babies... I thought they would be now! My sister is almost 3 years older than me and hasn't started yet (just bought a house, so I'm sure it will be soon!), which gives me some padding :) I've stayed close to my friends throughout lots of changes, but I definitely don't see them as much as I used to. It's tough not to get caught up in your own busy life. At the end of my long work days, I just want to go home and I need time to myself on the weekends. Oh, the friendships I'd have if I didn't have to work! :)


  4. I commented on your manicure on instagram but your nails are so nice and long! I'm jealous. I suck at growing my nails out. They always break or I chew them when I try. I think it's nice you took your friend out for some pampering time, I bet she loved that!! Plus gossip sessions are always nice.

    I am definitely starting to feel the "growing apart" thing as me and all my close friends start to settle down a bit more and ALSO live in different cities. I only have THREE good friends left in my city and one is moving away in October. I had three friends move away in the last 4 months. Kind of sucks. Luckily my best friend only moved an hour away so it's not too far but still sucks since we used to have lunch together 2-3 times per week. Overall I would say I HAVE been able to maintain friendships through life changes, just sometimes I won't see or even talk to some good friends for awhile. Having skype sessions helps though :)

  5. I basically have one childhood friend left and one post college friend left. I mean, I talk to my college friends on facebook, but we live all live too dang far apart.

  6. I think that's good you're not going to let babies come in between your friendships. I can totally see how it would happen. Luckily you still have me haha : )