Thursday, August 16, 2012

Triathlon Training- Post Vacation Edition

I skipped last week's recap because my training while away was pretty uneventful. I was able to find an amazing recreation center in downtown Jackson so I swam twice, and ran once which was exactly what I was hoping to do while away. 

I'm not going to lie, getting back into life this week has been a challenge. I've been in full on panic about school starting mode and I've been having dreams about laminating name tags and bulletin boards. Then I wake up super early and then feel tired all day. I definitely deserve an A in extremely stupid August behavior. The good news is, I've gotten a few important things done this week (plus some not important things- bulletin boards = massive waste of time) and I plan to get more done tomorrow. My hope is I can somewhat enjoy the next two weeks of summer if I am productive this week. We shall see how that goes. 

I started off this week of training (I'm counting a week as Friday to the next Thursday) well, with a run and swim workout on Friday of my vacation. I actually wish some of you were in Jackson to witness the hilariousness of this workout. I decided I would run to the pool, and then swim. Of course the pool was only .3 miles away, so I did a few laps around the elementary school and some of the downtown area to make it about a 2 mile run, which was more than enough in the high altitudes. I probably should've just ran, come back and changed and then swam but I decided I didn't want to keep coming in and out waking Eric up. So, my master plan was to wear a bathing suit with a sports bra on top of it (?), and then a t shirt and shorts. I had my spibelt for my phone and money of the pool, so I stuck my bathing cap in the belt part. Then I took my goggles and wrapped them around my wrist like a bracelet. I considered putting a towel around my neck but I thought that might be taking this absurd outfit too far and decided to just pay the $1 to rent a towel at the pool. It's actually not as uncomfortable as you'd think to wear goggles as a bracelet and my bathing cap only fell out of my belt loop once. 

Last Week Recap

Friday- Ran 2 Miles, Swam 35 laps

Saturday- Off, unless you count paddling while white water rafting...

Sunday- Off, unless you count sitting on a plane...

Monday- Ran 2 Miles, thought being back at sea level would make this easier but it was not!

Tuesday- Biked 14 miles

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Open Water Swim 1/2 mile

Next week my biggest goal is just to be a little more calm overall, so maybe it will need to include a trip to yoga. But on the training front, I am hoping for 1 open water swim, 2 bike rides, 1 run and 1 swim/run workout. I think. 

Do you keep up your training when you are on vacation? Does it take you a few days to get back into the swing of things after a trip? 










  1. Lol your story about your outfit cracked me up - and then when you mentioned maybe taking a towel and keeping it around your neck I just laughed more - I love it! I'm glad you got some good workouts in while on vacation!

  2. Ha ha! I wish you had taken a picture of you with your running + swimming outfit. That is awesome! I really wish you would have had a towel around your neck, too!

    I do so so on working out while on vacation. I did pretty well on the trip for Amber's wedding. I got 2 long runs in and did some biking. I am really nervous for September, as I will likely be doing 6 trips in 5 weeks (2 are fun trips for Nora's wedding, the other 4 are for work). I have to move around my long runs as I know I won't get them done the weekends I am in St Louis... but I am nervous about how I will get my mid-week workouts in when traveling for work as we work such long days!

  3. hahahaha "off, unless you count sitting on a plane.." cracked me up.

    I think that's great you got in 2 swims and a run when on vacation. I am TERRIBLE for getting in workouts when on vacation with Eric. A little better if I'm with girlfriends (especially if they are also runners!)

    Also you are a very nice wife for wearing all that stuff for your run :) I would have just went back in the room and got my stuff :P haha