Thursday, August 2, 2012

Training With Friends, Week 3

I'm wrapping up another successful week of Sprint Triathlon Training. What made it particularly successful I think was the amount of training I did this past week with friends. I am not the kind of person who absolutely must exercise with others, but it's obvious that it's really just more fun. I never think twice about whether or not I will do a workout if I plan to do it with others. It can be hard to plan times that work for everyone, but luckily all the friends I have been training with are teachers so we have similar and more flexible schedules in the summer. This week I did two bike rides with friends, and I did my first ever open water swim training. My first sprint tri was in the ocean and I did really no training beforehand in open water, which luckily was not as terrible as I thought it would be. However, I do have a good pond for open water swimming about 15 minutes away, so we decided to try it out on Monday and it was a very successful 1/2 mile swim. I'm hoping to get back there once or twice before our tri in September. 

Week 3 Training Recap

Friday- 1 hour Power Yoga Class

Saturday- off

Sunday- 11 mile bike ride

Monday- open water swim

Tuesday- 14 mile bike ride

Wednesday- 2.5 mile run

Thursday- off


One thing that was different this week as well was my addition of a power yoga class. My knee was bothering me on Friday morning so I thought it would be helpful, which it wasn't in the short term but I think in the long term it will be. Of course my entire body hurt the next day so obviously I need to go to yoga more often! 


Next week is going to be a bit crazy on the training front, but I will be squeezing in a long bike ride, and hopefully at least two swims and a run. We shall see what actually gets accomplished. 

Do you prefer to train with friends or on your own? 


  1. I used to only run alone. Then I joined a run club last summer - and fell in love with the group! So now most of my runs are with my run club. I like it because there is never any question of whether I will run or not because I know I am meeting a group of people. I have ran in some crappy weather (like torrential downpours and thunder/lightning) which I NEVER would have ran in if I had been alone! I still run alone about once a week, which is nice, but I def prefer running with others - especially on our long runs!

  2. Glad you had a good week of workouts! I wonder if you went to yoga on a weekly or twice per week basis it would help your knee? I also think you should look into ART at the chiropractor!

    I definitely prefer working out with people even though sometimes it makes me grumble like this morning when I was meeting my friend for a run and really DIDN'T feel like it (but of course felt good afterwards!!!) haha