Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've officially made it to the Cape and I am relaxation pre-triathlon mode! I am definitely concerned about my physical preparation for this race, which of course affects my mental preparation but I am just counting on adrenaline to push me through :) Tonight my sister and I are driving to Falmouth to pick up our race materials and check out the course a little bit. Then we are eating a yummy dinner and heading to bed early. I still have a few more errands to run today but mostly I am just going to relax. I was wishing this triathlon was on Saturday so I could get it over with but it's rainy and the water is rough so I'm glad it's tomorrow now!

Yesterday on the way down I stopped to check out my wedding site in the summer. When we booked it, it was the winter and it looked a lot different. They were setting up for a wedding and all the flowers make it look even more beautiful. Here are some pics:

I really hope I have this beautiful of a day for my wedding next July because if I do, it will be really gorgeous!

Last night, I went out with the fam to an amazing Japanese restaurant called Inaho. If you are ever in Cape Cod, I highly recommend trying it. It's in Yarmouthport on 6A. You do need reservations but you can get them earlier that day if you are willing to go early :) Here are some beautiful pictures of the sushi.

I had shrimp dumplings and chicken teriyaki which did not look as fun, but did taste delicious. Actually the shrimp dumplings would probably make a good picture but I wanted to eat them, next time I promise one :)

I hope everyone has a great start to the weekend! I'll try to do a Pre-Race report tonight and definitely update you on how it goes tomorrow.


  1. Good Luck tomorrow! That site looks beautiful!

  2. Okay that place is just STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oooo you could have an absolute field day planning the details to go with your wedding site. Do you have a theme? Colours!?

    lol I'm much too excited for you! :oP

  3. Good luck to you too tomorrow! I promise you will feel SO hardcore afterwards :)

  4. Good luck, girl! I'm sure you're going to do great! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  5. Good luck tomorrow, and most importantly ,JUST HAVE FUN!

  6. That place looks beautiful!

    Good luck at the tri tommorrow. Can't wait to hear about it!

  7. beautiful sights!

    good luck tomorrow girlie :)! xo

  8. Absolutely gorgeous wedding site! I am so impressed, it looks like a movie setting!

    The sushi looks amazing, I am so in love with sushi.

    Good luck tomorrow, you'll do awesome! Be sure to keep those carbs and electrolytes flowing :)

  9. Good luck girl! And you're right, adrenaline can work wonders. I can't wait to read your recap!

  10. Your wedding location looks beautiful! I also found my place during the winter and was promised that all the dreary drab stuff would be covered in flowers, but unfortunately, IT WASN"T! In August the outdoor spot where we planned the ceremony still looked drab so we decided to do an indoor banquet room ceremony at the last minute.

    Your location looks absolutely gorgeous! Hope the triathalon went well! Can't wait to hear about it.

  11. Gorgeous wedding site! I echo Gina above: looks like those in movies. :P
    Can't wait to hear about your triathlon! So excited for you.

  12. your wedding venue is beautiful! hope the tri went well!!