Monday, July 27, 2009

The Good Side of Weddings

So I'll be honest. I've been TRULY hating weddings lately. Mainly my own because I hate planning it. It's just not my thing, and yet it takes over my time. I enjoy doing things for other people's weddings more because I know I am helping them/making them happy. But even then...I'd rather do something else for them haha.

However, I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend that (probably temporarily) restored my love for weddings. My friend from work got married and she was officially the first of MY friends to get married (we have been to Eric's buds and family weddings, but none of my friends). However, with 4 of my best friends getting married in the next year, I better get ready! Here is a picture of me with other work friends and the bride :)
Since I share a classroom door with Melanie (the bride) I can tell you that during her 2 year engagement, there have been a lot of complaints about how much she hated wedding planning. But I could tell on Saturday night that she was thinking it was all worth it because she was that happy. So, hopefully that will be me too. Plus I love her husband (now). They were high school sweethearts and according to the speeches at the wedding, basically crushing on each other since fifth grade...haha. They are the type of people who seem really different, but somehow just work together really well. I've thought this about them many times before, but when I was taking the shuttle home from the wedding on Saturday night the guy behind us (probably 60 or so) said, and I quote, "I have never met two people more perfect for each other than them." I thought that was pretty impressive, considering that this guy must have met a LOT of couples in his life!!!

So maybe, I won't complain about weddings for a few days (complete and total lie, I have complained since then haha). Also, I acquired a beautiful new centerpiece for my kitchen table. Eric and I won the "been married the longest at our table" award and got take home the flowers. And yes, we are aware we are not married but everyone else at the table was not even engaged, so we won. I love these flowers so much.
You will definitely see those beautiful fushia flowers reappearing in my centerpieces. Plus, this wedding of two seemingly opposite high school sweethearts reminded me of the excitement for my best friend's wedding in 2 weeks in 2 days (did I scare you a little their Katie?). I have been working hard on my Maid of Honor speech and I actually like where it is going right now. I also realized on Saturday that all of the guests stand up during the maid of honor and best man's speech so I better keep it short haha. I know Katie's wedding (and the wedding we have the weekend before) will continue to keep me optimistic and happy about weddings, and if not...there is always my new favorite drink:
And how did the Cosmo become my new favorite drink? I'm waiting in line at the bar and the girl in front of us orders a Cosmo. I turn to Eric and say, "that's one thing that can't suck me in even though it's pink, a Cosmo." As soon as the words are out of my mouth I wonder why a Cosmo can't suck me in and then before I have barely put a period on the end of my sentence I say, "you know what? I think I'll get one!" These irrational pink driven statements and decisions by me do not shock Eric any more. When it comes to me, there is really nothing pink that I will not enjoy. It's kind of weird, I admit it.

Do you like weddings? What is your favorite part? Least favorite?


  1. I love weddings! I love all of the love. I always cry at some point. Eating, drinking, and dancing is fun too! Don't stress too much; it all goes by so fast. The good news is that it just gets better!

  2. I do love weddings... I did go through a phase where I had like 8 weddings in one summer & then I kind of OD'd, but now I am back to loving them. My fave part is pretty cliche - watching the groom watch his bride walk down the aisle. And I love the speeches.

    I don't love the bouquet toss. It's always me & the brides 14 yo cousins. I usually try to plan a trip to the bathroom when they start it....

  3. I love weddings! My favorite part is watching the bride and groom give each other looks throughout the ceremony that only they understand.

  4. It's funny - almost all my friends are married but I've hardly gone to any weddings. Most of them were very small and often out of town. There was never the expectation that I'd travel to any of them. I've enjoyed all the ones I've gone to though.

  5. I love weddings. I love the speeches. That's where all the love is. Yours will be amazing, I'm sure!

  6. I'm a fan of the cosmo :) I didn't used to be either.
    Glad you had fun at the wedding, and it does look like the bride is having a blast (well worth it I'm sure). I really love going to wedding, but as you said, I'm sur eI won't be excited to plan my own. My favorite part about weddings are the dancing, and the cake!

  7. I got hooked on cosmos at a wedding a couple years ago! So good!

    I love weddings. I love the food, drinks, cake, the decor, seeing what everyone is wearing, hearing the vows... all of it!

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  9. You ladies all look lovely in that pic!
    I like fun weddings. Everybody's dressed up, good food, and dancing.
    My sister's having a farm wedding early next year and I'm so excited to be a first time bride's maid! :D

  10. Wedding freak me out! I seriously have no desire to ever plan one. I just want to elope. I've been in so many weddings of family members and friends and I'm over it. But of course because of these feelings my friends have all decided I'm doomed to marry someone with a huge catholic family that insists on a huge catholic wedding... if that happens I'm making him plan it. I'll buy the dress and show up. :)

  11. Haha, I'm with you on hating weddings. I'm really lazy when it comes to planning mine, so nothing is even close to getting started. Is that bad???

    But that sounds like a beautiful wedding, with beautiful centerpieces!

  12. Hi Kelly -

    I noticed where you had commented on Sneaker Teacher's blog about the process of picking out a design with me! I'll be glad to explain the process, if you're interested...just email me at!

  13. I am such a sucker for weddings :) i'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

  14. lol. i have only been "planning" for a month now (don't know if i'd really call it planning though). but i am so right there with you. it's not really my thing. i am excited for the big day but no so excited about the details. what a dilemma :)

    i like weddings though - it's a chance to see old friends who have moved away and catch up a little. i'm the moh for my bff's wedding next june and thanks for the speech reminder. i need to start now in order for it to be 2% decent. maybe i can just talk her out of it... lol.

    oh and congrats on being the longest-married! loved that, haha.