Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Race Addiction

My name is Kelly and I am becoming a race addict.

Now, in my defense, my summer job allows me a lot more time to think about random things than teaching a class of 20 kindergartners does. However, I have been nonstop plotting the next race I can do. I have also been considering what kind of bulletin board I can buy to put in my "gym" room to keep all of my numbers and other race souvenirs. During any possible break I have I had been engaging in frantic googling hoping to somehow find a race I want to do, somewhere nearby, on a weekend that does not already involve one of my friend's weddings, bachelorette parties or bridal showers. I love my friends, and I am so happy that many of them have found fabulous guys to spend the rest of their lives with but WEDDINGS ARE TAKING OVER MY LIFE!!! As a result, there are only one or two weekends where I am actually available to do a race and of course there seems to be nothing offered those weekends. Boo. I think I will end up doing at least 1 or 2 5K's- I can picture myself doing one of those and still dancing the night away...but another triathlon probably not. Of course this has not stopped me from constant googling in hopes that I will find something I have not found before.

Some 5K's I am considering:
- Dennis Chamber Labor Day 5k- September 7th
- North Suburban YMCA 5k- September 26th
- Doug Flutie 5k for Autism- October 4th

I got the okay from my physical therapist today to do a 20 minute work out that includes 5 minutes jogging/5 minutes walking and then repeat. She said to see how that feels and I can go up from there. Considering my knee heroically made it through a triathlon the other day (which I decided to NOT mention to my PT haha), I am guessing it won't mind 10 minutes of jogging. But I'll take it slow just in case. Especially because my insurance officially stops covering my physical therapy at the end of next week. I'm bummed about that in some ways because my knee JUST started to feel better so I'd like to have the option of going for a little while longer. However, I also feel like PT has somewhat taken over my life and I am looking forward to getting that 4 hours of my life per week back. Hopefully if I am really nice to my knee and keep up all the exercises and stretching, it will be nice to me back.

On a totally different note I am in a MAJOR food rut. I literally have no idea what to eat. I am sick of EVERYTHING I eat. Even my morning oatmeal that I used to look forward to so much is boring me so much!!! I really need some new ideas but it's so hard to find things that my stomach is okay with. I am really wanting to try some Japanese restaurants at home since they are usually delicious and my stomach seems okay with most Japanese food. However, I am always so intimidated by the recipes for Japanese cooking. The ingredients list is SO long and it's hard to find all the ingredients. I like quick preparations and like 6-7 ingredients, TOPS. I know, I admit it, I am more of a surivival cook than a cook who enjoys it. If anyone has any great ideas for EASY Japanese recipes, please let me know. I'd be willing to do low fat Chinese or non-spicy Thai as well. I love Asian food :) I am also wanting to try "tempeh" which I have read about on many blogs, but do not know where to get it, or what in the world to do with it. So, please help!


  1. Sounds like your wheels have been turning like mine! It's so fun researching races.

    Good luck getting out of your food rut - I hate when that happens. I tend to be a creature of habit, which can be problematic because I get bored easily!

  2. I wish I was addicted to running...what a great thing to be addicted to!

    I am in a food rut myself. I was actually just thinking about that today. I keep going in my kitchen to look for something to eat and I always leave so disappointed. I think I just need to start using new ingredients and looking "outside the box" while grocery shopping. I hate food ruts.

  3. Have you ever tried cooking with soba? It could be paired with steamed veggies. You could opt for the simple dipping soy sauce or experiment with other sauces. Easy and delicious.
    Tofu and veggie stir fries are also easy and quick.

  4. I feel ya on wedding season. It's rough! I just had two weekends in a row of weddings, and I'm looking forward to a weekend to myself.

    I get a lot of recipe inspiration from - sometimes I need the visuals.

  5. Races can be addicting. Someone in our area actually set up a website with all the local races. They have it layed out by weekends and then link to each races registration.

  6. Weddings may be taking over your life now. But just wait. It'll be babies in a few years. That's the stage my peer groups are moving into. Much more eerie than the wedding phase. Fun too, but very odd to think of mommies as my friends. I'm used to being the kid.

  7. I hear ya about a food rut! A great site for new recipes is I found three new ones I'm going to try on the weekend. In the mean time, here is the most delicious thing to eat:

    brown rice
    smoked salmon fillet
    spanish onion
    roasted almond flecs
    kepac manis


  8. Good for you (about the race addiction)! Doesn't seem like a bad thing to me anyways :)

    I wish I could help you with the food rut...but I'm in one too! All I feel like eating is toast with peanut butte and jelly... What I would suggest though is to go with what's in season now, because there are so many delicious fruits and veggies available :) And just go from there I guess ;)

  9. A Tri girl are ya! Yay, I'm glad you stumbled onto my blog because now I can follow yours too! I've been toying with the idea of a Tri for awhile now and am leaning towards one soon. Congrats to you for becoming a race addict, I am a card carrying member of race addicts anonymous myself! :)

  10. I'm like you - I just Googled two races yesterday! They are so fun to look forward to!!

  11. it's hard to not always be looking at races! i hope you find a few to jump into that work with your busy schedule. crazy how when you have time off from work you seem to somehow still have less time!

    i am sooo bored with my food too. it's like 98% the same everyday! grrr! glad the knee is doing better!

  12. I'm running the Newport 1/2 Marathon and need a running buddy! I normally get in a food rut when its really hot, but since its not so nice I don't have this problem. This weather makes me want to eat wintry food!

  13. Mmm tempeh! Love it! Grill it (Geo F style or just heat it in a pan) serve it in a wrap with avocado, lettuce, tomatoe and a smidge of cheese. Delish!
    And yeah, I get the addiciton. I ran 5 halves in 5 months this Spring. It's the hardware!

  14. tempeh is fermented soybeans---i'm taking a nutrition course right now and my teacher talks about it all the time---how you make it I have no idea, but it think it's kind of like tofu in that you can put in in many different things

  15. ah, bummer, none of the ones i found are on those dates... next year!