Monday, September 20, 2010

Place of Hills

Ah, Monday. Kind of makes me want to reminisce about my weekend...

First off, did you see my 5K recap?  I forgot to mention that our fabulous photographer was Eric's mom, Cheryl. She always claims to be a bad photographer, but I don't know- I thought the pictures came out great, and it's not really easy to take pictures of people running!

After the race on Saturday, Eric and I did a Historic Sightseeing Tour of Boston Harbor. It seemed like it would take a lot of motivation to get ourselves into Boston after waking up early (well not me, I always wake up at that time) for the race. However, I was determined to do something really fun because sometimes I feel like we work our bums off all week and then finally get to the weekend and only have time for laundry, cleaning, doing stuff we didn't have time for during the week, sleeping and obligations of some sort.

So we dragged our slightly sore legs into Boston and it was worth it. There were beautiful views and all sorts of fun facts about Boston. And some wind haha... DSC06342.JPG

See these rolling hills in the distance?


Those are the Blue Hills, that I've mentioned wanting to hike. On the scenic boat, we learned that "Massachusetts" actually means "place with hills" and was named because of these hills. Crazy that I never knew this, and that I'd never even heard of the Blue Hills until like this year.

Hello Boston.



Cool views of the airport as well.



Also, we got a perfect view of our friend Adam's place of employment (Adam is bff Katie's husband in case you don't keep daily tabs on my friends haha).


He is a longshoreman and works right in South Boston. He was working on a big cruise ship as we were riding by :)

It always feels like a good weekend when we do some touring of our own city.

Share with me a random fact about your city or state. It'll probably make me want to take a trip there! Then again, where do I NOT want to take a trip?


  1. i'm in rhode island. which looks a lot like boston and has some of the same history. but it's smaller and more quaint here. come visit ;)

    love the pictures. makes me want to drive up to boston RIGHT NOW hahah

  2. Ohio is a very historical state, but definitely not as cool as Massachusetts! There were a lot of Indians here at one time, and in elementary school we got to visit one of the "Indian Mounds" where they were buried. I believe they were the Hopewells! And this post reminds me that Nick and I should take a trip to the Ohio Historical Museum, because I think it would be a good thing to learn more about that I'm old enough to care!

  3. Well, Florida has St. Augustine which is the oldest city in the USA! I've never been there, but I hear it's pretty cool. Plus, we have tons of beaches and theme parks here. So you should totally visit very soon. :)

  4. Gina - you are reminding me of 4th grade social studies and visiting Serpentine Mound.

    I don't think that I need to give you more info on my current city, Boston, so I'll gush about one of my favorite cities, Chicago. It is so clean and has tons of things to do, like walking the Magnificent Mile or visiting the giant bean. It's a must visit place (or must live place) for anyone!

  5. I LOVE all the touring you guys do of your city! I think it's awesome and that boat tour looks so fun!!

  6. What a fun day! You should definitely check out hiking in the Blue Hills. Not bad hiking for being so close to the city :)

  7. You're so right about weekends! Glad you were able to do something fun... and learn some new things about your city!

  8. So can I just say I really love the photo of you with your hair blowing in the wind? The colors in the background are so beautiful and match your jacket and you look like a model.
    Anyways, I am STILL recovering from the 5k! fewww it really took a lot out of me.

  9. Well, Minnesota is the Lake of 10,000 lakes and Minneapolis is the City of Lakes so there are lots of lakes to check out! Minneapolis has this new program where they have bikes located all over the city and you can rent them for very little. It's pretty cool that they are encouraging us Minneapolis people to be active and ride bikes!

    Looks like a fun thing to do in Boston! It's so fun to do touristy things in your city!

  10. Boston is on me and the BF's bucket list for places to travel... probably will be our next stop ;)

  11. You two seem to enjoy a fantastic quality of life! I think that's the up swing of Coastal living. City conveniences and water play too!

    As for my current city - it's surrounded by the most spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.

    As for my Province - it really is spectacularly beautiful. From mountains, to (quasi) deserts, to vineyards, to fjords, to Oceans. It has it all! Honestly, there's a reason I never went back to Ontario. Once you see the gorgeousness of BC (not to mention the milder climate of the Coast) there is no going back.