Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kiddos and Playlists, Take 2

I really don't know why I continue to use Ecto when it sucks SO SO SO SO SO SO much. I just lost yet another post and I KNOW I need to save my posts by now and I do, but unfortunately I got impatient and restarted my computer and gone it is.

Okay let's see if I can post again quickly. I had 2 good kiddo stories for you...

#1- I have been tutoring this little second grade boy who is struggling in reading. Today he was asking me why I have to make special Uno cards when we play with words on them instead of numbers. I was giving him some BS excuse about how I heard he was so smart at math that I don't want to play any numbers games with him because I'll lose even worse than I already do (normally I'm not for letting kids win all the time, but tutoring is torture enough haha). He says, "yeah, that's true, I am good at math, and my dad says people who are good at math get rich." Haha, awesome. Possibly true too, just don't become a math teacher.

#2- I have two difficult kiddos in my class who sit next to each other but don't get along well at all. Apparently (unknown to me, but frankly a lot is unknown to me this year with all the ridiculousness going on), the girl has been telling the boy that his work is terrible and she can do MUCH better. They kind of bicker often, but today he ripped her headband off her head and broke it right in half. I had a little chat with his mom after school, which is when she told me what the girl has been saying to him. He then told his mom that he had lots of bad feelings about her all week and then when he broke her headband all the bad feelings went away.

I know, it could be scary... OR I could consider what i would do if a few people in my life would like to wear a headband. Couldn't you just picture me reaching over in the middle of a meeting, ripping off someone's headband and then just breaking it in half? Not gonna lie, I would feel a lot better. I swear I'm not a closet serial killer...

But Dexter is. Love that show. ANYWAYS.

I have my eye on a possible 5K Trail Race this Saturday. I'm going to do a trial run with my new playlist tomorrow. I call it, Caroline's Awesome Playlist Meets 1997, with a fun country music warm up (for when I'm waiting by myself for the race to start).

5K Playlist

Help pour Out the Rain- Buddy Jewell

Anyway- Martina McBride

Highway 20 Ride- Zac Brown Band

All I Ask For Anymore- Trace Adkins

This Ain't Nothin'- Craig Morgan

Club Can't Handle Me- Flo Rida

Mo Money Mo Problems- Notorious BIG

Letting Go- Sean Kingston

Can't Nobody Hold Me Down- Puff Daddy

Just a Dream- Nelly

What You Want- Mase

Dynamite- Taio Cruz

No Diggity- Blackstreet

Ridin' Solo- Jason Derulo

Fire Burning- Sean Kingston

What can I say? Going back to 1997 makes me happy. Good times in middle school people, good times. I wanted to break less headbands back then...

Though perhaps there were more headbands around... or jelly shoes.


  1. love the playlist. and yes breaking a headband might be the cure to all office drama. i'm kind of curious as to what the girl had been saying to him to get him so mad!

  2. Your random posts are my favourite (and the most hilarious!)

    I so don't miss working with little kiddos who would tease and poke and prod each other. The preschool class, now those kids were CUTE!

    I really want to start watching Dexter!!

    Random comment to go with a random post?! :D

    Oh, and I am having a major HATE relationship with Ecto lately!

  3. 1. I don't know why you are still using Ecto either. One lost post and I would have quit

    2. Dexter is next on my list. Right now I'm catching up on Burn Notice.. but if that is giving me nightmares (chris was a bad guy killing people and then got arrested), I can only imagine what Dexter will do for my sleep.

    3. Love the playlist

  4. Ooooh another 5K! Sounds fun. I love idea of warm-up tunes for before the start... have to remember that!

  5. The headband story is awesome. I agree, it would make me feel better to do that to some people that I don't care for... Too funny.

  6. have you considered LiveWriter? it's easy and really great!

  7. Excellent playlist.

    Omg, those stories made my day. That is too cute about the math kid. And I laughed out loud about the headband. There are days where I would love to snap someones headband in half to make a point.... :)

  8. No Diggity totally reminds me of high school. I think I might be dating myself.

    I use Mars Edit for blogging software.

  9. Haha, YES! I'm all about the middle school music for my running playlists! And my life playlist for that matter

  10. AWESOME playlist. good luck on the 5K!!!