Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lots of Letters

Guess who was at work from 6:30 am to 7:15 pm today? Yup that's me. I'm exhausted but I'm so happy because I finally actually got some stuff DONE. This year it just feels like the workload never ends. Not that it's over now, but I made a significant dent, so that's all that matters. Oh by the way, I was scooping ice cream that last hour at the Ice Cream Social, I'm not actually crazy enough to stay at work until 7:15 just for productivity.

Since I love Amber and love to steal her post ideas almost as much as I love her, here are my letters for the day...

Dear Head Band Breaker,

It was very sweet of you to bring a new set of headbands and a nice coloring book that said, "I'm Sorry" to school today for the girl who's headband you broke. On the other hand, she is not nice, so continue to stand up for yourself, just slightly more appropriately next time.


Your Teacher who had to put a little effort into using the words "not nice" instead of something worse...

Dear Sweet Former Students I Saw Tonight at the Ice Cream Social,

Come back to Kindergarten. I miss you. Please?


Your Reluctantly Former Teacher

Dear Everyone,

Read this great post by Mrs. Mimi, she sums up a lot of my thoughts on education and "discussion" of education.


Kelly the Teacher

Dear Body,

We are not going to run a 5K on Saturday. I realize you are exhausted from my daily insane life and I will most likely treat you with a nice hot yoga session instead. Hopefully. Just so you know, I would go more often but the times for hour long sessions suck and you know me well enough to know I don't do hour and a half yoga sessions.



Dear BFF Katie,

Our "Get Away From Life" trip now has the following stops: Vancouver down to San Diego (and everywhere in between), Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany, Prague, Italy, South Africa. Anywhere else I should add to the list?


Equally Done with Life BFF

Dear Caramel Apples,

I love you. Thanks for reminding me that it is actually fall even though it was muggy and 80 today.


Your Biggest Fan

What's your letter for today?


  1. I loved this!

    Dear traffic,

    Please go away.


    Dear squash,

    Thank you for being delicious.


  2. Hehehe! Yes, I love the letter posts!

    Well you already know mine for the day but I have a new one to add now that the day is almost over.

    Dear Phantom Pains,

    Go away. I've read lots of articles about you, I know you're common in the 2 weeks before a marathon but you still freak me out. I don't like suddenly getting twinges or shooting pains in my muscles, it makes me want to have a panic attack. So just bugger off, will ya?!

    Love, The Girl who trained way too hard to let a few aches and pains get in her way!

  3. I like this. :-)
    Dear Self,
    Thank you for getting off your butt and running today. Doesn't it feel good?

  4. Cute letters! Mine would be

    Dear Husband,

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!

    -your wife

  5. LOVE this. here's mine:

    dear motivation,
    anyyyyyy time now.
    love, me

  6. Dear Me,
    You need a kick in the butt to make a big change that needs to be made. Consider yourself kicked.

    Love, Me

    Haha, I write letters to other people in my head all day, weird to write one to myself!

  7. hehe, love the letters. Great idea. Here is mine:

    Dear Exhausted Body,

    You deserved that two day break from working out, and I hope you enjoyed it because today is going to be HARD CORE! Watch out ;)

    Your revamped and ready to sweat soul and mind.

  8. Dear Kelly,

    Come early tomorrow with Chris and bring Eric and we will have fun! While I teach Chris calculus we can play catch phrase, or you can walk around the res, go to the bookstore or help me clean my mod : )


    Your sister who misses you dearly

  9. So funny! I love the letters!

    Dear baby boy,
    I love you more than I ever thought I could....but please take it easy when you nurse. Mama hurts!
    Love you always, Mommy

  10. YAYYYY for caramel apple season!!!!!! We're apple picking this weekend. Time to look up my recipes!!

  11. ha, I love these letter posts! They are the best aren't they?

    Mine is:

    Dear Body,

    We are not 21 anymore. Going to a concert on a week night and getting home at 12:15 was not the best idea. Next time you are thinking about going to a week night concert, pull out your ID and remind yourself that we are almost 30.

    Your exhausted body

  12. Bah in university the girls on my rowing team and I would always dictate letters to random stuff such as
    Dear cafeteria security guard,
    No we are not stealing food, we are just really hungry varsity athletes who practice 5 hours day day... really hungry!
    Love the Rowers