Monday, September 6, 2010

End of Summer Sadness

Well HELLO, sorry about that little disappearing act, first week of school stress and all. Now that summer is "officially" behind me I can safely say I am back in Kelly stress mode. Wondering how this is different from summer Kelly?

Well stress out Kelly has nightmares that her classroom assistants hate her and decide to turn the kids against her (likely, I know). Stress out Kelly wakes up at 4 am with to do lists in her head that have to be started NOW. Stress out Kelly is exhausted by 8pm (might have something to do with the 4 am wake up calls haha). I hate stress out Kelly.

There were definitely some fun kiddos on Thursday and Friday so I know I'll have some good stories this year. Friday was actually more me putting on a show for a million teachers than anything else. My two special needs kids came for the first time on Friday, so both my aides were there, one from preschool helping one of them transition, the speech teacher and the resource teacher. That's 6 teachers for 11 kids (only half come each day)...haha. So thankful no one was paying that much attention my first year teaching, that might have set me over the edge back then. Now I just feel bad boring everyone. I'm thinking they don't need 4 reviews of meeting area rules in one morning...but the kiddos do!

On Friday afternoon Eric and I decided to use a giftcard to The Capital Grille. We've never been there before because we thought it would be a million dollars so a gift card was a good excuse to try it!

I loved the overall atmosphere of the place and our waiter was a really fun guy. The bread was a great added bonus of course...


Followed by a king crab with avocado on the house...


I ordered the salmon with mashed potatoes on the side...



Eric got the steak au poivre...


and truffle fries...


The best part was my coconut gelato for dessert...


Overall, I thought Capital Grille was really good. The price wasn't terrible considering we both got drinks and desserts, but I wouldn't make it a habit to go there either.

On Saturday we headed straight for the Cape with a small stop for my favorite sandwich at Stephany's on Newbury. I wish I could have this sandwich for lunch every day, I'm serious.


The way down to the Cape was filled with traffic since everyone decided to go Saturday instead of Friday it seems. Hurricane Earl didn't leave any damage that we saw, but it was really windy all Saturday and Sunday.


Looks like the type of day Eric and I would accidentally decide to go kayaking haha.

Other highlights of the weekend included a yummy dinner with Katie, and Eric and my first 3 mile run together this morning. We are officially ready for the 5K :) We mapped a great run around the Hyannis Harbor area, starting here...


ending here...


I tried to take a picture of me running but it looks like I am doing a dance instead of running, oops...


Eric needed a "I'm dead I just ran 3 miles" pic...


He's not really dead though, just sweaty.

Both of us were really excited about how far we have come since the days when we were tired running 1/8 of a mile haha. We just hope the BC hills do not kill us in less than 2 weeks :)

Time to go do some planning for the week. Goodbye summer.

"There is no word for end-of-summer sadness, but the human spirit picks up the first of it's approach. We see it in the slant of the sunlight, in the autumnal blue of Cape Cod Bay. We hear it is in the drone of the cricket chorus from the salt meadows. Six weeks til frost, six weeks til frost. Suddenly each day becomes precious, something to be hoarded like candy in a child's pocket. - E. B. White

What will you miss most about summer?

*If anything doesn't make sense in this post, you may want to blame it on Stress Out Kelly, but I actually think it might be Ecto's fault. It keeps mixing up my post. I think I fixed it, but again if you are reading and you are like WHAT? I blame Ecto haha.


  1. HI! I just found your blog, and I am loving that you are from MA, and this post is about Cape Cod! I grew up there, and in fact, my parents owned a homemade ice cream shop in Hyannis for about 15 years called Maggie's. It's called Katie's now. Nice to meet ya!

  2. haha, love your dance! And Eric's shirt. Wow, that's a sign of a great workout.

    Remember Kelly, staying in "the moment" is the best way to combat stress. I often catch myself rambling off lists of things I have to do in my head, only to figure out that I am creating my own stress! Just live in the moment and let things happen how they should. Easier said than done, yes, but it CAN be done!!

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner. The food looks amazing. Truffle fries?!? I want one!

  3. Yeah, I'm back to my stress-out mode too. Oh well...such is life!

  4. Oh my gosh, your meals at Capital Grill looked amazing! Kind of nice to have a gift card so you can check out a place you wouldn't usually go to!

    I hope that this school year is a good one for you!!

    I am sort of ready for summer to be over... I know, I know... I should relish every last day, knowing winter isn't far behind. But i am just sick of the heat. But, I will miss seeing my family so much... I go to the cabin quite a bit in the summer, so I see my parents a couple of times each month between Memorial Day & Labor Day. Now, I will probably not see them until maybe late October? Maybe...

  5. THERE IS A RESTAURANT WITH MY NAME, SPELLED MY WAY?!?! I need to go there. Like today.

    I hope stress out Kelly can turn into happy Kelly because SO Kelly does not sound like fun. ;) I hope everything settles down soon & you can enjoy your job again! Hehe.

  6. Good job on the run guys!! You have come a long wayyss!!

    I am SO HAPPY SUMMER IS OVER! (Don't hate me) Haha! I am excited for ERIC to go back to school (and stop lying around the house waiting for school to start). I'm excited for cooler weather, boots, sweaters and scarves!!! Haha

  7. My carefree life! School just started this week and I am trying to figure it all out! AHH!

  8. If stressed out Kelly ever figures out how to combat the 4am to do list freak out, please let stressed out Madeline know...

  9. I hope the first full week goes really well. I'm glad you got in a relaxing weekend before it all starts. COngratulations on the 3 both are going to do great int he race :)

    I love summer, but I'm ready for it to be over. I don't recommned timing the end of pregnancy with the height of summer. JUst for future reference :)

  10. Oh wow. You sound like Stressed Out Caroline - except this is me all year round.

    As for the 5K, the beacon street hill might not look big but definitely killed me a little last year. Might want to practice running up a hill after 2 miles (it starts to incline right after the 2 mile mark) but like half of the course is downhill which is good! But also kind of scary because you have the urge to go fast at the beginning because it's downhill. Anyways I'm excited!

  11. Just made it back from my first weekend (ever) at the Cape. I left at 7am on Saturday morning, so I missed all of the traffic. Sorry you had some!

  12. What a great weekend! Looks like some yummy yummy eats. Bg congrats on the 3 mile run!

    I will miss the extra daylight... and long weekends!

  13. Funny - I just basically asked the same question on my blog. I think I will most miss just the little moments. This will likely be our last summer in the Rockies so even the play of light across the mountains, holds a special place in my heart. :o)

  14. Great post, the food and the run pictures are great. I love it!!!