Sunday, September 26, 2010

Could Weekends Last Forever?

Ah weekends, why oh why can you not be longer? I can already tell this post is going to be all over the place because I have not blogged in almost a week and have so many random things to share. I really want work to stop being insane so I can have time for other things in life. Last week was a crazy mix of meetings and late night Curriculum Night (where the parents come see their child's class and listen to a presentation). I'm hoping the insanity of last week makes this week feel like a breeze. Maybe?

This weekend Eric and I went into Boston on Friday night for one my friend's 30th birthday parties. Yes, I do attend 30th birthday parties more than the average person and no I am not turning 30 myself anytime soon. It's just the year of the 30th birthdays, what can I say?


I recently had a minor freak out about posting pictures of people on the blog when they don't know about it...not that I hide it, just some people only hear about it once and forget or it just doesn't come up. So if you discover someone you know, tell me- not them haha.


Yes I am wearing the exact same outfit (down to the jewelry) that I wore to a 30th birthday party a few weeks ago. Just cuz everyone is turning 30 does not mean I have a lot of going out shirts :)

Last night Eric played in a charity football game against former NE Patriots. Kinda cool, right? Even though Eric was a big high school, college and arena football player, I've never seen him play before! (he hasn't played since I knew him). Okay so flag football is not the same as real football, but it did require two former Patriots to hold Eric so I mean, he is pretty sick haha.

If you are wondering how I got such close up pictures, Eric's dad so nicely took my bright pink camera down to the field so I'd have good pictures. Obviously Eric's parents = my personal photographers.


Eric was actually a bit more of a celebrity than the former Patriots because a bunch of his middle school kids and former football players (from his coaching days last year) were there and love him.


Is it obnoxious to brag about your husband? I'll stop now. Funny since I was just lecturing my kindergarten kids on bragging on Friday. I have some kids this year who are really already too high on themselves at the age of 5. I know confidence is good, but full on bragging in Kindergarten? Yuck. Plus I think when kids talk about how easy something is for them and how they are the "fastest in the class" (direct quote) it makes other kids feel bad if it's not easy for them or they are not "the fastest in the class." It's always fun to explain the rules of society to children... "You should have good thoughts about yourself and think you are smart and good at things, but when you talk about it all the time, you are bragging and people do not like that." Makes sense, right?

For dinner tonight I made Caitlin's Sweet Potato and Baked Beans Wontons. In fact mine were actually Sweet Potato and Black Beans, but hey.

So good. So easy. Make them.



I highly recommend serving them with a beautiful piece of cornbread from a delicious restaurant we went to last night with Eric's fam before the game. I have no other pictures but don't wonder, I'll be back there so there will be a real review at some point. Tomorrow I need to buy some tempura sauce because I think that would be perfect with these. Tasty.

Now it's time for a little reading and a little bed. Pleasure reading? No, not unless you consider reading about how to teach children with autism social skills a pleasure...

Good times.

By the way, does anyone have a problem with Ipods skipping while they are running? I had this problem with my very first ipod and now it's back with my Ipod Touch. Very uncool.


  1. oh that dinner looks delicious - I'm going to go look for that recipe now!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been crazy busy. :-)

  3. I love this post! Looks like a fabulous weekend and those wontons look incredible. Also, I feel like you must be an awesome teacher! Changing the youth of the world :)


  4. i think it should be a law that every weekend is a 3-day weekend.

    and i was in boston this weekend too! i love that you wore the same shirt. i repeat outfits all the time and some of my friends think that it's the worst thing ever for me to do!

  5. I repeated a dress this week. blogger cocktail and then to a bachelorette party! hey these things need to be done. I love your philosophy on bragging and how you taught your kids about it.

  6. That is so cool about the football match-up against the former NE Patriot players! You are totally allowed to brag about your husband, by the way :)

    Sounds like you had a blast of a weekend. I definitely agree that weekends go way too fast.

    I am trying those black bean and sweet potatoe wontons. Interesting!

  7. Those black bean and sweet potato wontons looks amazing!

    I also would only have one maybe 2 going out shirts - I feel so old!

  8. It's definitely the year for 30th birthdays for Nick and I to. I think we've been to about 4 this year (all Nick's friends) and in a few years all of my friends will be turning 30, so it's another round for us! I totally don't blame you for wearing the same outfit. I do that all the time. I just wore a wedding dress to my third wedding because I realize no one at the wedding had seen it yet :) Why not make your money go as far as possible?!

    The wontons look awesome. Such a creative idea!

  9. It is NOT obnoxious to brag about your husband! It is totally cute and fine!

    I love your random posts because they are constantly making me LOL!

    Start blogging more, darn it!

  10. Oh wow, bragging 5 year olds. Yikes. I hope you can break them of that habit - it's pretty hurtful to be super braggy... I mean, it's great to have self confidence, but being a bragger is uber annoying!

    I have never had trouble w/ m iPod skipping... that is really odd!

    And super cool that Eric played against a former NE player!!