Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Bright Side

Ah, the year of the blank stares.

That's what I'm referring to this school year as. Because each time I give directions, I am met with blank stares, 21 of them to be exact. Oh how I miss my class from last year. Really I do. I've plotted ways to casually steal them from their first grade classes. Do you think that would be appropriate?

Bright side Kelly. Bright side. I got paid today?The kids are cute. Would be cuter if they could follow simple directions, but hey. They are cute. There has been VERY little crying. Yay! (knock on wood)

On the brightest bright side, Eric made the most AMAZING risotto the other night...



Pear Cashew Risotto. Sometimes known as heaven in a dish. I'm not going to lie, I loved this so much that I also ate it for dinner on Tuesday...and today. I totally would have eaten it again tomorrow except that I finished it tonight. Sad.

Also on the bright side, I am enjoying a relaxing night of Friends dvds and Purple Cow Frozen Yogurt (black raspberry yogurt with chocolate and white chocolate chips). I really have never found a problem Friends can not fix.

Tell me about your ideal night of relaxation...


  1. Ummm that risotto DOES look freaking amazing. Is Eric going to share the recipe!?! :D

  2. one of my roommates in college own all the episodes of friends and we spent every night watching one!

    i'm glad there was no crying today. crying =/= good!

  3. That risotto looks incredible!! Yum!

    I am sorry to hear that this year isn't going as well :(

    I had so much admiration for your patience though. I would go absolutely crazy receiving 21 blank stares. From 21 1st graders. Iy-yi-yi.

    Enjoy your relaxing night! You deserve it :)

  4. Sounds yummy! Patience is such a virtue that it takes a teacher to understand. :)

    Relaxing night: homecooked meal, good book, fireplace, wine.

  5. that sounds amazing!!!!! do you have a recipe??

  6. umm can you or eric hook us up with the recipe?!? that looks and sounds amazing.

    I hope the kids get better!

  7. The first half of the year is always hard! I know I always forget how low last year's class started as! Good luck this year!

  8. Oh those blank stares are wonderful, aren't they? I had a student who smiled through our entire 40 minute session - while working on identifying letters and proceeded to give me numbers or shapes. Poor guy. Remember, the skills these kids have can only improve, right?!

  9. Ay yi yi. I have so much respect for you teachers! YOu all have the patience of a saint!

    My fave relaxing night includes catching up on some tv shows like Project Runway or Top Chef, and knitting. That is what i did on Monday night and it was FABULOUS.

    PS - I will be emailing you this week w/ some questions about Boston/the Cape. When i was with my sisters/mom this weekend, we decided we will be going to Boston next October for a girls weekend. :) So I am going to enlist your help, if you don't mind... And we shoudl totally try to meet up!

  10. Please invite me over to eat some of that risotto. It looks and sounds so yummy! Or you could just send me some. Haha...

  11. yep, I agree, Friends can always put a smile on my face! And ice cream/frozen yogurt? Yeah, why not?!

    The risotto sounds marvelous. Can you believe I've never made it?? I always hear horror stories about making it and how hard it is, so I guess I'm intimidated.

    Glad you're trying to look on the bright side Kelly! Keep it up!

  12. i get blank stares all the time :)
    the risotto sounds heavenly! we have a pear tree and it's time for me to start making pear sauce and pear butter and pear honey and do alot of canning. this weekend is earmarked for that!

  13. Those kids just need a little breaking in :)

    I totally agree about Friends...can't help but laugh!

  14. I love watching Friends reruns! That and Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy!

    Pear cashew, huh? Interesting! I have no doubt it was amazing!

  15. Just think of how awesome they'll be in another few months. January? Maybe? Oh, I don't know you do it! You'll be in my prayers. :)