Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's What I Love About Sunday

It's Sunday, but no need to be bummed because tomorrow is Martin Luther King day. Speaking of Martin Luther King, I chatted about him on my new TEACHER blog. Thanks everyone for all the great ideas for names. I loved Katie's idea of incorporating my "she's..." from this blog. I debated between a bunch of options, and finally just settled on being boring with "She Teaches..." I think "She Teaches Kindergarten" would've been better, but I don't want to limit my blog to Kindergarten teachers only, and I don't know if I'll really teach Kindergarten forever. So "She Teaches" it is! Come check it out and say hi, it's weird to "start over" with no readers again. However, this blog has really helped me set and achieve goals in the healthy living area of my life, so I'm hoping a teacher blog will spice up my motivation in that area. We shall see...

So I got up this morning bright and early ready to tackle a 45 minute elliptical workout at the gym when suddenly I remembered: The Y at the Cape does not open until 12 on Sundays. WHAT?! I think every time I remember this it annoys me more and more. I get that people (not myself, but people) sleep in on Sundays. Do they really sleep in until NOON? Oh...Cape Cod people. Anyway, the elliptical workout I was going to do at the gym this morning (and will now either be doing at noon, or sometime this week when I have to squeeze in an extra elliptical work out now) was:

45 Minute Elliptical Intervals/Sprint Mix Up
Elliptical Challenge Workout #4

0-5, Resistance 5, Warm Up
5-10, Resistance 10, Forward
10-15, Resistance 8, Forward, Legs Only
15-20, Resistance 8, Forward, Arms Only
20-25, Resistance 11, Forward
25-30, Resistance 8, Backwards
30-32, Resistance 10, Forward, Legs Only
32-34, Resistance 10, Forward, Arms Only
34-35, Resistance 8, Forward, Sprint
35-37, Resistance 8, Backwards
37-38, Resistance 8, Forward, Sprint
38-40, Resistance 10, Backwards
40-45, Resistance 5, Cool Down

Instead of working out I decided to make breakfast. I tried out the egg white oatmeal again but this time I made it with just oatmeal, egg whites, a sliced apple and a little cinnamon. I decided even though it does not really taste different, I just like the consistency better than regular oatmeal- or maybe I was just ready for a change. Yesterday I mentioned that Amber was full for 5 hours after eating egg white oats and I promised to report if that happened to me. Truthfully, I'd say it kept me full as long as my regular breakfast does 3- 3 1/2 hours, but it did have slightly less calories than my regular breakfast and I did notice that I wasn't especially hungry all day long after eating it for breakfast. Also, I am going to have to test this experiment again one day at work. When I am home on the weekends relaxing I tend to get hungry (and/or bored) a lot faster than when I'm running around at work not thinking about food.

So what are your thoughts on Sundays? When I was in school I used to hate Sundays because you had to get everything done. They are starting to grow on me, but I still have that "yikes gotta clean the house! gotta get organized" panic every Sunday when I realize how busy my week is going to be. Not on a long weekend though :)


  1. Congratulations on the new blog! I love the header!

    I hated Sundays before I left my job to go back to school. But now that I'm back in school, I have the same work to do on the weekends as I do during the week, so Sunday's no longer have such a negative connotation. Of course, I have work to do on the weekend too so there's a trade off!

  2. I need to learn to embrace Sundays. I usually spend the entire day dreading Monday.

  3. I like Sundays because it's my day to get organized and plan out my week.. and I'm a freak and planning is one of my favorite hobbies haha.
    I like She Teaches!!

  4. Hi Kelly! I added some tinned pumpkin to my oats this morning and it was very filling. It will be interesting to see how long it keeps me full for.

    I usually try to get everything done on Saturdays, so I can relax on Sundays. I like to be able to start the work refreshed. If you relax on Sundays you feel more like you had a break - at least that is how I feel!

  5. I don't have a M-F kind of job and i work every other weekend so Sundays are either work or catching up on everything I didn't get done the rest of the week (and sometimes work). Sundays are my long run day to so I get some quality "me" time :)

  6. I like Sundays cause it's still the weekend, but i still feel as if i have a lot to get done before Monday.

    Maybe i should start spreading out my work over the *whole* weekend?

  7. Today went by too fast. It's already 6:00 in Germany and I didn't get a lot done because some friends of ours that we haven't seen in awhile stopped over. We had some tea and cake and now I feel so full and sluggish. I really want to get in a workout, but I don't think I ate a single nutritious thing all day, so I feel gross!

  8. My gym here doesn't open until 10 on the weekends which makes me change around my whole schedule! oh well, not the worst thing to happen!...

  9. Sundays on a long weekend are the best. Enjoy!

  10. Just commented on your new blog! I noticed it's a wordpress blog, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on wordpresss vs. blogger!

    Ya in hindsight I WAS sitting at a desk all day Friday (even though I'd worked out that morning) and it was a SUPER BUSY work day so maybe I just didn't notice my hunger pangs until 3? I dunno, but I'm glad you liked it!

    I LOVE SUNDAYS! They are my favourite day of the week. Even though it sucks that they are the end of the weekend I just love relaxing on Sundays and I also love sunday night TV!

  11. i love sundays! though i do feel like it is my last chance to get stuff done or to really chill out before the work week, so i do not like to have anything planned on sundays.
    congrats on the new blog. like someone said above, i would like to hear your thoughts on wordpress vs. blogger. i've only tried blogger.

  12. I love love love Sundays! And I have got to try this egg whites in oatmeal thing!

  13. Does your back hurt more when you increase the resistance?

  14. Your new site sounds awesome, very neat! I have to try the egg white oatmeal. Since I have to eat breakfast so darn early, even reg oats leave me starving by 10-10:30am. I hate if I don't have everything done by Sunday, so I then have to spend it doing chores. Goes by too darn fast!

  15. The new blog is so precious, girl. Love it!

  16. Congrats on the new teaching blog. I'm sure you'll discover a whole new community of teaching bloggers before long.

    Thanks for sharing the elliptical workout - looks like a boredom buster! :)

  17. How cool that you started a teaching blog! I bet it will be helpful to you and to other teachers.

    Enjoy your day off! My preschool is open so I'm working. But I have Fridays off... so it's OK. :)

  18. Look at you!! Now writing two blogs?! I check out your new one, and it looks great. Congrats to you, that's amazing, how the heck do you find the time?!

    It's funny you mention the Y on Sundays. My old gym had the opposite problem, it CLOSED way too early! It was open at 6 am on Sundays, but then closed at 2pm. Back when I was a member that was way too early, I wanted to workout at 4 or 5!

    I used to hate SUndays as a kid, for the same reasons you mention. Like you said, they are growing on me too. Sundays for me mean relaxation and Trader Joe's (often)!

  19. I love your new teaching blog. We're doing assessments now too. I have a high school intern and I was telling her how I love the teaching and planning part but dealing with crazy assessments and parents aren't fun!