Sunday, January 3, 2010

Official Start: Elliptical Challenge!

Though a few of us got a head start last week, today is the official start to the Elliptical Challenge. Anyone is still welcome to join though :) Please e-mail me ( if you'd like to join.

Even if you are not into to spending a lot of time on the elliptical machine, hopefully you will still benefit from my elliptical tips and workouts I will be posting throughout the challenge. I will start today with 2 fun workouts I have tried out in the last week. Remember, even if you are participating in the challenge, these workouts are just to guide you. You are welcome to adapt them or use your own work out plan.

30 Minute Sprint Elliptical Workout
Elliptical Challenge Workout #1

0-5min, Resistance 5, Warm Up
5-6, Resistance 10
6-7, Resistance 6
7-7:30, Resistance 6, Sprint
7:30-8, Resistance 6, Recover
8-9, Resistance 11
9-10, Resistance 6
10-10:30, Resistance 6, Sprint
10:30-11, Resistance 6, Recover
11-12, Resistance 11
12-13, Resistance 6
13-13:30, Resistance 6, Sprint
13:30-14, Resistance 6, Recover
14-15, Resistance 11
15-16, Resistance 6
16:-16:30, Resistance 6, Sprint
16:30-17, Resistance 6, Recover
17-18, Resistance 11
18-20, Resistance 6
20-21, Resistance 6, Sprint
21-22, Resistance 6, Recover
22-23, Resistance 6, Sprint
23-24, Resistance 6, Recover
24-25, Resistance 6, Sprint
25-26, Resistance 6, Recover
26-27, Resistance 6, Sprint
28- 30, Resistance 3, Cool Down

45 Minute Elliptical Intervals
Elliptical Challenge Workout #2

0-5, Resistance 5, Forward, Warm Up
5-10, Resistance 11, Forward
10-15, Resistance 7, Forward
15-20, Resistance 11, Forward
20-25, Resistance 8, Forward
25-30, Resistance 12, Forward
30-33, Resistance 10, Forward
33-36, Resistance 9, Backwards
36-39, Resistance 11, Forward
39-42, Resistance 9, Backwards
42-45, Resistance 5, Forward, Cool Down

I found both of these workouts to be challenging and help pass the time quickly. I hope you will too!

Since today is the official start to the challenge I will also post an Elliptical Tip.

Elliptical Challenge Tip #1
Try reading during your elliptical workout. It's not for everyone, but it's worth a try. I usually read magazines, but at times I can even focus enough to read an actual book. This morning I started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson on the elliptical machine. It was a great book because the print is not too small, and it doesn't require so much focus that I would need to stop thinking about anything else. I did need to use one of the clear plastic "book holders" found at the gym in order to hold the book open. These can be found at most gyms or purchased online at amazon. Most of us do not have as much time as we want to pleasure read, why not use our time to multi-task? Just make sure you are still putting in a full effort on the machine :)

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. I especially hope you are not shoveling out like we are here in Boston. Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments on my Stick With It post. I knew you guys would have a lot of great tips to add!


  1. I like the elliptical because, unlike the treadmill, I can read! I know some people can't, but magazines are easy for me to read. Books are a bit harder, but I have gotten through some books on an elliptical. I didn't know that I could buy a book holder...I'll have to look into that. My old gym had them, but now that I am working out on the apartment complex elliptical, there is no book holder.

    Today, I got through my elliptical workout while watching ABC Family's marathon of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"....I'm 3 years old, but got completely sucked in!

  2. Silly typos....I'm 31....not 3!!! Jeesh!

  3. So I have to confess the elliptical and I aren't really friends! But I'll be cheering you peeps on and if ever the treadmill is tied up I'll hit up the elliptical and do one of these bad boys!

  4. Reading a magazine definitely makes elliptical workouts fly by! I have noticed though that when I read, I tend to put less effort in.. I guess I'm not a good multitasker. I'm trying to work on that but its definitely not such a big deal that I would toss the magazine.

  5. I started reading that book today too! So far, I think it's okay, not one of my all time favorites yet, but I have heard great things, so I will reserve judgement until I am finished. What do you think so far?

  6. that's a great idea to read while working out. A lot of times I know my "demise" or lack of motivation derives from psyching myself out. I let my mind take over and convince myself that I can't finish my workout -- so having a distraction sounds like a great remedy. You go girl!

  7. i get motion sickness if i try to read while on the exercise equipment, so i like to just let my mind wander during cardio. it's almost like meditation for me :) i WISH i could read on the elliptical!

  8. Looks like a great couple of workouts! thanks for sharing!

  9. I read while I'm using the elliptical, and everyone thinks I'm crazy! I'm glad I'm not the only one :) It really does help me forget about the workout, and kind of "go off" into another world. If it's not a good book, however, it's not helpful!

  10. Workouts look great! Thanx!! I'll post my "mileage" as the week goes on....

  11. I have found an elliptical trainer on ebay for £10. I am about to buy it! I need, NEED to be more healthy!!

  12. Even though I am not able to officially participate due to my travel schedule (its going to be 70 degrees when I am in AZ, I will be running OUTSIDE!!)I am going to try to do better elliptical workouts, starting tomorrow with 45 minutes of hills. I am looking forward to it though I wish I could transport myself to the gym without dealing with ice or snow.

  13. Great workout!
    I've found that reading on the elliptical puts a lot of strain on my neck because my head is down the entire time. Have you noticed this or is it just me?

  14. I've been doing a little too much bonding with the elliptical due to a back injury, so thank you for a new workout!

  15. Dang girl, last time I left the blogosphere you were in the middle of a spin challenge. Now an elliptical challenge. You don't sit still do you :)! Sounds cool.

  16. I swear this is going to sound dumb...but my legs always get bigger when I do the eliptical..I know retarded but I swear it's true! You are hard core I love it

  17. oo fun elliptical wowrkout! Might have to some every once in a while!

  18. Love the elliptical workouts you put together! I'm training for a race so I can't participate per se, but will definitely look to these workouts on my Sunday crosstraining days. Thanks!