Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreaming of Aruba

Good morning and Happy Monday! I was so happy to have the day off today to finish catching up on everything and now I am currently snowed in by what can only be described as extremely heavy snow. My back is SO not going to be happy when I finally go out and shovel. I am hoping the plows that kept me up all night can get some stuff done so I can go to the mall with my sister to get her a new computer.

Since it's a little more than halfway through the month, I decided to check in on my January goals: elliptical 2 hours per week, strength train 3 times per week, read 4 books, ice skate 4 times, bill paying Thursday. So far:

Elliptical- On Track- I have done 2 hours per week every week so far.
Strength Training- On Track- I did 2 strength work outs the first week and 3 the second week. I am already seeing a little bit of muscle, yay!
Books- On Track- I have read 2 novels and the Lifting for Women book (does that count?) which means I am currently on my fourth book (or third if we don't count the Lifting book). I am loving all the time I am dedicating to pleasure reading right now. I never thought I'd have time but when I make it a priority, I seem to make the time. Amazing how that works.
Ice Skating- Oops. I haven't been once. I need to work on this. That's why I need to check in at the halfway point.
Bill Paying Thursday- I finally do seem to be doing this. Yay!

How are you doing with your goals? Even if you don't have January goals, how are you doing with New Years Resolutions? Check in :)

This weather and the lack of pictures in my posts this weekend (forgot my camera at work, boo!) is really depressing me so I thought I'd flash back to a warm and happy place: Aruba. I went to Aruba in 2004 with my college roommates and some of our guy friends...

Pre-getting attacked by a wave...

Post-getting attacked by a wave...

I feel better already. Now if only I was in Aruba now...

Where do you dream of on cold and dark days?


  1. Now I want to go to aruba! Good job on keeping yourself in check with your goals for this month! Good work. Reading that made me think about my goals. I'm on track with them which makes me feel good and motivated!
    Keep up the good work lady!

  2. I love the Aruba pics! I love to daydream about a warm tropical paradise on those cold & dreary days.

    Nice job keeping up with your January goals!

  3. Wow with the rain and snow outside that picture just looks like a piece of heaven :)

  4. Those pics make me wish I was on vacation!! I am going to Mexico either late this year or early next year w/ my girlfriends to celebrate our 30th birthdays & I can't wait!

    My only real resolution was to stop drinking lattes so much and I have been super successful. I now only have them on Fridays! I've been really good about making coffee every day and it is saving me so much money!!

    I think the weight lifting book should totally count as one of your 3! I am glad you are finding more time to read! :)

  5. Such cute and beautiful pics!! I've never been to Aruba! Truth to be told, I've yet to go to a hot/tropical place!

    I will be going in a bit though so I dream about that :)

  6. It depends. But usually it involves dreaming of a place by water. Whether that be the Ocean or a lake.

    Yummy hanging out in warm weather, next to the water, dreams! :o)

  7. I love looking at pictures from our trips to Belize and our honeymoon in Hawaii. But I am actually quite content on this snowy day since I don't have to go out in it! I am sipping hot chocolate, and reading blogs, with a cat on my lap!

  8. Ooooh Aruba is beautiful! And look at you with your tanned hot stomach!!!! Haha.

    I have been doing pretty darn good with my goals too, if I do say so myself! And I would totally count the Lifting book has one of your books read - I'm doing my review tomorrow :D

  9. Love the pictures from Aruba! I've never been but heard it's beautiful. :D

  10. Aruba looks like so much fun. I dream about Disney World on my dark days.

    I think you're doing great with your January goals. :) Way to go, and the month isn't even done yet.

  11. aruba. yes please! have you guys decided where to honeymoon yet? just nosy :) i know you may have a little privacy concern posting that on the internet and i totally understand if so.

    you are doing great on your jan goals, don't forget about that ice skating!

  12. It was really foggy here this morning, and most of the day, leaving frost on all the trees and ground. It was actually quite pretty and not too cold, so I can't complain. But the next time the wind picks up, temps drop below 20 degrees again, and it's snowing, I will be thinking of Aruba... even though I have never been before!

  13. I think about my recent trip to Cozumel during this record breaking cold winter we are having. It helps!

  14. sigh I so wish I was in a warm tropical place. I do not love the snow right now! :(

  15. OMG I want to be there right now!!! ncie and tan and hot and beach! ahh!!I just want to get out of boston for today and away from the snow! I went to st lucia a few years back and always dream of that beach on days like this!

  16. Oh gosh. We went to Aruba for our honeymoon. I should not be looking at these photos right now! It is making me miss it too much! :)