Saturday, January 9, 2010

For Boston, For Boston...

Last night I got to do something very cool.
When it comes to sports, there are a few things I really love. Obviously, the Red Sox are one of them (if you couldn't tell). Probably second to the Red Sox would be Boston College Hockey. I wouldn't consider myself an awesome fan now, but when I was in college my roommates and I faithfully attended almost all of the games before doing anything else on Friday nights. I definitely preferred watching the hockey team to the football team, even though football games were always a bigger event.

So when my Dad told me we had tickets to watch BC vs. BU at FENWAY, I was so excited! I almost forgot how freezing it was going to be on January 8th at 8 o'clock at night :) But don't worry, we bundled...

How ridiculous do we all look?

Wally was there...on skates :)

For the first period I was warm, thanks to 100 layers and some nice hand warmers. I basically froze through the second period and we watched the third in a bar to warm up. BC looked terrible at the beginning and had some real chances at the end, but in the end BU won 3-2. It was disappointing that BC did not win, but it was such a cool experience that it was okay. Plus, I just love to watch hockey- it's so exciting and FAST.

Since Eric and I got an awesome flip video camera from Eric's parents for Christmas, I thought I'd take a quick shot of what it looked like to watch a hockey game inside of a baseball park...

What is your favorite sport to watch? What team do you root for?

I got to bed a bit later than usual, but I had a date with the elliptical this morning so I motivated myself by trying out a new sports bra.

They are C9 by Champions and you buy them at Target. My sister got these for Christmas and apparently has been wearing them for years. I was originally motivated by the awesome colors and the fact that I needed new sports bras anyway, so my mom promised to get me them next time she was at Target. I can't believe I missed the memo on these sooner, they are SO comfortable!

My elliptical date this morning was 45 minutes and I did the following routine, based very closely on my 45 minute routine from last weekend with a few changes to include more backwards motion.

45 Minute Elliptical Intervals
Elliptical Challenge Workout #3

0-5, Resistance 5, Forward, Warm Up
5-10, Resistance 11, Forward
10-12, Resistance 7, Backward
12-15, Resistance 7, Forward
15-20, Resistance 11, Forward
20-22, Resistance 8, Backward
22-25, Resistance 8, Forward
25-30, Resistance 12, Forward
30-33, Resistance 10, Forward
33-36, Resistance 9, Backward
39-39, Resistance 11, Forward
39-42, Resistance 9, Backward
42-45, Resistance 5, Forward, Cool Down

I thought this work out was tough, but I'm fighting a cold and an incredibly exhausting week so who knows :)

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the oatmeal pancakes I am about to make for breakfast today. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Ahhh, so awesome that you got to go to the game. I never ended up with any hockey tickets. but I am going skating at Fenway tomorrow night. Close 2nd I guess!

    Sucks that BU won. Booooo!

  2. I need to get some new sport-bras too! I love watching basketball. I like that it's inside and I can see the length of the court. Next weekend I'm going to see the Lady Vols (Tennessee) basketball team play with my in-laws.

  3. Oh my gosh what fun!!! We live in North Carolina but went to Boston for the Head of the Charles in October. My sister rowed in it. I LOVE Boston and would move there in a heartbeat.

  4. So much fun! I love hockey and wish I could have gone to Boston to experience hockey in Fenway. I have a friend who went to the NHL winter classic games! How jealous was I?!?!

    The fact that you are so dedicated to working out is amazing to me. I am just so damn lazy.

  5. I went to BU for 2 years, lived next door to the hockey arena and never went to a single hockey game! I had some friends up there that went to the game too.

  6. My brother plays hockey and my dad and brother go to the Blue Jackets (local pro team) games all the time! I'm not really into it, but I still enjoy going sometimes. I think for me my least favorite thing is the coldness! I would be right there with you guys, all bundled up in millions of layers.

    Loved the video. I know it wasn't much, but I love playing with my flip camera too! We got one last year from Nick's family (ironic) and we use it so randomly, just for fun. We'll use it more when kids come our way, I'm sure.

  7. That is so cool!!! I have always wanted to visit Boston but have never been! :(

  8. I don't think you guys look rediculous... you look toasty warm! LOL

    My favorite sport to watch is college hoops... watching major league baseball is pretty much tied with that.

    Those sports bras are super cute, but I don't think they would be supportive enough for me! :)

  9. You guys look warm! I love watching football- I don't have a team really, but if I had to choose I guess it'd be the Giants.

    I love those Champion sports bras! They are so inexpensive and fantastic!

  10. I am a massive fan of those sports bras!

  11. I'll have to check out those sports bras. I still wear some that I have from college. And I graduated in 2000!

  12. Oooh it looks miserably cold! Fun to be with family, though. Also, I have one of those sports bras and love it so darn much. I even sleep in it a lot, so I can wake right up in the morning and start with a workout.

  13. Looks like you had fun! I enjoy watching hockey! I don't go very often but we have a local team and they're pretty good! =]

  14. Fun! I also would have froze! I would have needed some hot cocoa w/ peppermint schnapps or something like that to keep me warm!

    I don't really enjoy going to sporting events! If someone really wants me to go, I will, but it's not something I would choose to do! The exception to that is the Olympics, though! I would love to go to the summer Olympics some day!!

    Oh, and C9 bras at Target are THE BEST. They are so inexpensive but so comfy!!

  15. fun times at the hockey game! i haven't been to too many games, not exactly a popular sport in south carolina, but it is fun to watch. :)

    c9 bras are cheap, colorful and comfy! love them.

  16. you are brave!!! lol i would not be out there in the freezing cold like that!

    i wear those sports bras. the best.. not the best for running (I need more support when running- especially outside!) but for walking on the treadmill, yoga, dance videos.. they are the best! i love the colors!

  17. I LOVE C9 sports bras! They are the best!!!