Sunday, January 24, 2010

Details, Details...

Remember that wedding meeting I mentioned I had yesterday? Oh boy- 3 hours of fun and decision making, aren't you jealous?

Thank goodness I fueled up on my new favorite- oatmeal, pumpkin, egg whites, raspberries (new touch as of yesterday, yum) and apple.

I didn't get to eat lunch until almost 3 in the afternoon which is unheard of for me! I guess Amber was right, these oats can keep you full for a long time if they have to!

When we first got to the meeting we took a brief tour of our reception site just to remember where everything was and have a base for talking about it. We also saw the two back up possibilities in case of rain. Obviously I hope it doesn't rain, but it's nice to know there are two options that would both be nice, just in case. Here is Eric with the bar for cocktail hour...

This is one of our favorite features :)
I also love the reception bar because of the pink vases above it...

I swear I do like other things besides the bars. Really...

So post-tour it was time for the 3 hour meeting, yay.

Fortunately the coordinator at my ceremony/reception place is amazing. She is so organized and I think she has been coordinating weddings for 10 years at the same place so she has a ton of experience. All this is very useful because we have no experience planning weddings at all. Her experience and willingness to share her opinions helped us get through things a lot quicker. I mean, yes the meeting was 3 hours but maybe it could've been 5?

We did accomplish a lot though, we picked all our food, decided on a timeline for everything, and just made a bunch of little decisions like whether or not to take a whole group photo (decided not to- takes too much time and organization), who comes down the aisle/when, etc etc. We all know how much I love details! (insert sarcasm here). I still have a lot to work out of course...
*What songs am I doing for my ceremony? No idea where to begin with this...
*Am I going to do fan programs or regular programs?
*Do I want to get beachy and attach a sand dollar or star fish to my place cards?
*Do I want my table names to stand up high on the table or be in a 4 by 6 picture frame that sits on the table?
*What color flowers do I want in my bridesmaids bouquets? (my flowers are going to be pink, but my bridesmaids dresses are pink).
*Who is getting their hair done? What time does this have to start? What am I doing with my hair? How am I going to convince my make up person not to make me look like a different person since I almost never wear make up usually and I looked like a different person at Katie's wedding?

There is more...but let's not overwhelm myself too much...

The good news is, every time I go back to the place I love it more and more. It's nice to be 100 % sure that I picked the right place...

Last night we went out to dinner at an amazing Japanese restaurant. Eric and I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with this place because they are sort of annoying and not always that friendly to us. We have a lot of Japanese restaurants that we frequent at home, and another at the Cape and they are always SO friendly that it almost seems pointless to go to this one. But, in reality it's only the hostesses that are so annoying, the wait staff is always very friendly and for some unknown reason, they seem to be much nicer when we are with my parents. I swear Eric and I are great tippers! (not that the hostess sees that money anyways). Anyway, the food is delicious so we keep coming back.

I started with another glass of wine. It's a little out of character for me to order wine multiple nights in a row, but after 3 hour wedding meetings, keeping it at only 1 glass of wine was an accomplishment.

They also have the best miso soup, period.

I also had a shrimp and veggie dumpling.

I ordered chicken teriyaki for dinner. I get the teriyaki sauce on the side so I can dip and pour some on my rice. The chicken is so good but they cut it in such huge pieces it is a real challenge to eat with chop sticks.

I love the one lone piece of chicken, it looks like it is trying to get away.
I have the second half of this chicken in my fridge right now so I'll be having a delicious chicken sandwich for lunch today.

In other news, it's officially the last week of the Elliptical Challenge! How is everyone doing? It's funny because I have started every week thinking I am going to have a hard time getting in 120 minutes and then I almost always end up with extra minutes. I really have enjoyed doing the elliptical a lot this month, but I am going to enjoy switching it up a bit next month. I think I will still go on the elliptical a lot though :)
I am looking forward to busting out 45 minutes on the Elliptical today, but yet again- the dumb Y at the Cape does not open until 12. Oh well, next Sunday I will be home and I can go back to my regular routine.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and not focusing on any details at all :)


  1. YAY for wedding planning. So exciting yet so tiring! ! ! Enjoy every minute of it

  2. Lots of decisions to make, but you'll get through them. Your reception site sounds awesome - def good to know there are back up plans in case it rains (will cross my fingers & pray that it doesn't!).

  3. See, I'm so confused as to how a maid of honor is supposed to help you because all these decisions are your personal preference. I can tell you what I think, but I really don't even know if that would help you! Even planning your bachelorette.. it's like well whatever you want to do! Is this not supposed to be how it works? haha.
    But I'm happy you like the place more and more every time. I'm excited to see it when it's not covered with snow! (as pretty as that was..)

  4. Hahaha who knew wedding planning could be so stressful?

    1. I'm glad the oats held you over so long! YAY!

    2. What about cream/white flowers for your bridesmaids since you carry pink and have a white dress and they have pink dresses. Or maybe white/cream mixed with pink?

  5. lots of stuff done, good job!
    on the elliptical challenge i opted not to go to the gym today. it's so beautiful out with the sun shining for the first time in two weeks, i am way motivated to clean my house and that will be quite a workout because there's lots to do! so i will have to go to the gym a couple times this week to make up for it. i'm so bad about going to the gym on workdays. so wish me luck, i have made my minutes so far every week and want to finish out the challenge having made it! good job on yours!

  6. I've heard so many horror stories about wedding planning, it makes me want to elope! But I think it will ALL be worth it on your wedding day and all this stress & planning will just fall away and you'll forget about it!

    And, yeah, the elliptical challenge. I got totally off it once classes began. Boo on me! :(

  7. The deets if planning can be overwhelming! Just try to jeep in mind your overall goal - to marry the love if your life! If you walk in single and walk out married, mission accomplished! Hang in there!!!

  8. Glad your meeting went better than thought. So many things to decided, I can't even believe it.

  9. Even though you sound a bit overwhelmed, you're definitely a lot more organized than most of my friends whose weddings I've been a part of. I'm sure everything will run very smooth and your planner sounds like she's really cool.
    Great job on your elliptical challenge!

  10. So happy to hear you love the place!!!

  11. aw girl stay positive -- I know how overwhelming all of these decisions may seem but everything will work itself out and your wedding will be perfect :)

  12. Sounds like a very productive meeting nontheless! I cringe at the thought of planning a wedding so kudos to you!!! I seriously can't wait until it's time and we get to see all the pics and read all about it!

  13. wow the location looks gorgeous, sounds like things are really coming together for the big date!

  14. You dinner must have tasted even better knowing you had gotten so many decisions out of the way. Having a good coordinator makes all the difference!

  15. Just found your blog! Love it! I am getting married in august :] good luck with your plans.

  16. I want to give you my two cents on one thing - and please disregard my two cents if you want to...

    Our wedding planner told us not to get anything for place cards except place cards. He made an excellent point that if they are big/awkward they are hard to fit in women's purses or men's coats. Then they have to carry them in their hands which makes cocktail hour difficult...we used regular place cards (begrudgingly) and then went to a wedding where they used a pumpkin. We then relized that our wedding planner was right.

    Just my two cents!

  17. yikes. overwhelming, overwhelming! :) i'm good until i start thinking about ALL those little things... i know you will stay calm and get it all done though!