Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They Lie about the Rain in Seattle

It's a few weeks late, but I did want to recap our amazing trip to the Pacific Northwest at the beginning of the summer. The reason for the trip was a wedding of one of my college friends in Poulsbo, Washington. We were especially lucky because my parents were watching Max for the week, so we got to enjoy some *true* relaxation and didn't have to worry about nap times during all our adventures. Don't worry, Max didn't miss us too much- he loves spending time with his grandparents! I think we missed him a lot more than he missed us. 

Our first stop on the trip was Seattle. You may recall we visited Seattle a few years ago as part of the trip to Amber's Wedding! That was the ideal Seattle trip because we were there for a week and had my college roommate who grew up in Seattle showing us around. This time we only had one full day in Seattle, so we didn't even try to replicate the awesomeness of our last trip. Instead, we just enjoyed some time in a city we both really love. 

We stayed at an Air BnB in Belltown, which is a really fun area of Seattle about a 1/2 mile from Pike's Place and right along the waterfront. We loved the apartment and the area, but Seattle was having a heat wave and there was no AC or air flow at all in the apartment so we were happy to only spend two nights there. I have yet to see any of this rain Seattle is so known for...

Our full day in Seattle included a trip to Pike's Place. I know it's a touristy area, but if I lived in Seattle i would visit this place at least weekly. I seriously had a peach from here that cannot be rivaled EVER, it was that good. A few of my favorite views...

IMG 3284

IMG 3285

IMG 3294

We were happy to actually see the famous fish throwing because we visited last time on July 4th so the market was a lot quieter. 

After our market visit, we ate a quick picnic lunch and then took a fun boat cruise. We took a Locks Cruise that started in Lake Union, went through the Ballard Locks, and then ended in Puget Sound. It was a great way to spend a warm day and see some of the fun sights of Seattle. A few highlights were: the house boats from Sleepless in Seattle, Gasworks Park where we watched the fireworks a few years ago, and a few of Mt. Rainier. 

IMG 3331

IMG 4244

We also ate two delicious meals in Seattle. The first was right near our apartment called Red King Crab. I had delicious crab sushi, it's all about crab on the west coast I'm telling you. The second night we went to a place called The Pink Door. Obviously you know I'd love this place for name alone, but the food was also amazing and the place had AC, so it was a triple win for us. IMG 4239

Seattle was a win overall, an awesome city to visit! 

*For the record, I'm mostly joking about the title of this post. I get that I would probably see rain if I didn't come in the summer :) 


  1. Yay I'm glad you guys had another great trip to Seattle! Other than my trip to Seattle with Lisa in 2010 and one quick overnight/morning trip Eric and I had there on our way to Florida in 2011 I've never really spent much time in Seattle. We keep talking about going back every summer and having a little vacation but we never do. I think next summer we might finally really do a road trip down to the Oregon Coast though so then we will finally get back there!

  2. I have yet to see rain in Seattle but boy did we see it in Portland on our marathon trip as it rained during THE ENTIRE RACE. I love Seattle so much but haven't spent much time there as I have only been there for 1-2 days at a time. All the times I've been there it's been beautiful outside, though! I am glad you guys had a great trip and got to do a few fun things! I bet it was tough to be away from Max but I'm glad you guys got some alone time as I am sure that was good for you guys!

  3. I would love to visit Seattle, it seems like such a cool place and I'm glad you had such a good time and that Max had a good vacation at his grandparents :)

  4. So fun that you guys were able to get away on a vacation without Max! I bet he was spoiled rotten :)