Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bainbridge, Poulsbo, and Driving to Oregon

The next stop on our Pacific Northwest trip was Bainbridge Island. Those of you Sarah Jio fans know that she has written at least one (maybe more than one?) book that takes place on this island so I've always wanted to visit. The ferry from Seattle is beyond easy and the view is unbeatable. IMG 3356

IMG 3372

Once we arrived on Bainbridge Island, we headed to lunch at Harbour Public House. Apparently they are close enough to Canada that they spell it the Canadian way. The restaurant had good pub food and even better views, but they don't allow kids so good thing Max was at home. 

IMG 4255IMG 4256IMG 4258

After our lunch, we left the island (drove over a bridge) and into Poulsbo. My friend Ryan, who got married, has been many amazing places in the world so I figured he would pick somewhere beautiful to get married but even still he exceeded my expectations. Poulsbo is amazing and I seriously wish we had stayed longer than just one day. Our hotel was called Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort and the wedding was at Kiana Lodge which was down the street (actually down the beach to be exact, ha ha). I cannot say enough good things about this hotel. It was AMAZING. I'm not a big casino person but actually you would NOT know a casino was even there. We had a gorgeous water view for $130 a night and I had no complaints about the room itself either. There was even a fun indoor/outdoor pool that Eric and I killed some time at while waiting to check in. Have I mentioned I really wish we stayed longer? Such a beautiful place! 

IMG 4263

 This was our view and I don't feel like this picture does it justice. 

IMG 4284

 The wedding itself was perfect and it's always a blast to hang out with some of my college friends that I don't see enough in everyday life. The morning after the wedding, we enjoyed one last wedding breakfast with friends and then headed off to Oregon. At breakfast I jokingly asked if anyone knew anything to do on the drive down to Oregon and one of Ryan's other friends mentioned a Mexican restaurant to eat lunch at. On the drive there I definitely thought he might be trying to get us killed in the middle of nowhere, but I swear Washington state has a way of having SUCH good restaurants in the middle of nothing else you'd ever want to see. I'm still thinking about the Thai food I had after a hike on my last trip… But anyway, back to the ridiculously good authentic Mexican food at La Tarasca. I also loved the waitresses who were balancing an entire kids baseball team in a small restaurant and still managed to get us our food quickly and be nice the whole time. 

Last stop on this day was crossing a new state off the list! Oregon :) It has definitely been up on my list for awhile so I was pretty excited to cross the border! 

IMG 4291

TStay tuned for our adventures in Oregon! 


  1. I grew up in Portland and I always love reading about people's adventures in my hometown! Can't wait to see what you did. We leave this Friday to visit so maybe I'll get some ideas for what to while we're there.

    - Allison,

  2. The place where the wedding was looks so beautiful! And I would love to visit Bainbridge Island. It's good to know that it's easy to get to - I'll have to try to go there on my next trip to the Pacific NW.

    I can't wait to hear about your time in Oregon. I really want to see more of that state!!

  3. That's awesome you got to visit Bainbridge Island and that's where the wedding was! That view does look super beautiful. The Pacific Northwest is pretty darn amazing, I really hope we can find a travel trailer by next summer as something I'd really like to do is go hiking and camping in Oregon for a week!

  4. I really want to go to Bainbridge Island, thank you Sarah Jio! ;)

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