Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Weeks of Max

I promise you are not going to have to endure 52 weeks of Max over the next year, ha. But for now, maybe until I get to a month, I feel obligated to myself to record some of these lovely moments with Max so I don't miss them all in the sleep deprived blur. 

It was a good week to be Max, no more annoying hospital tests and just a lot of cuddling, sleeping and eating. Max began his second week of life with his newborn photos taken by his very talented aunt Caroline.  

Winn 140125 2877

Max was a surprisingly impressive model. He barely woke up the whole time, and even with his diaper off he kept the blankets all clean. I hope this speaks to how willing he will be as an older child to have his picture taken… wishful thinking. 

Winn 140125 2900

Max also met some other important people in his life, including two of his great-grandmothers (he has 4!), and some of his mom and dad's best friends. He even met some of his future kid babysitters :) 

Max showed off a sneak peak of what he will be like as a teenager...

Photo 1  4

Meanwhile, we are becoming a much more mobile family (mainly because I can walk again, wahoo!). Yesterday, Max had a second doctor's appointment. He is officially back above birth weight, 6 lbs 8 oz. Since the hospital he has put on about a pound! I think it is all in his tummy! He also grew an inch and is officially 20 inches tall. He still has a little bit of jaundice, so he needs more time in the sun- huge challenge in the Boston winter- it can be inside sun but it has to be actually sunny out, ha. 

After his doctor's appointment, Max made HIS first visit to see someone else (everyone else has come to him!). He went to my Nana's house to meet her. She is pretty much the most amazing person on the planet, so obviously Max loved her. She had 8 kids herself and has an impressive memory about each one of them. She even predicted with exact accuracy which day I would start feeling better. She says that when my dad was born (he was the oldest) my grandfather said, "when is he going to DO something?" ha ha. Love. While Max has my/my grandfathers nose, I hope he gets a lot of personality qualities from my grandmother. 

Last stop of the day was MY doctor, and all this made Max very hungry but fortunately not too crabby!  

Today, Max's 2 Week Birthday, will be a bit more low key but he will be visiting my mom and dad's house for the first time so no rest for the weary over here (except maybe at night… please? ha ha). 

Looks Like: 

Photo 2  4

Likes: getting his hands in the way of actually eating, comfy blankets, peeing outside of his diaper, cuddling, being cute

Dislikes: when his hands are in the way of eating (but he does not realize yet he has control over this, ha ha), when he wants to keep eating and it's time to go somewhere 

Feeding: still very often! he is starting to cluster feed a little more during the day, but he still wants to eat about every hour at night- slow progress here but maybe a little nonetheless 

Sleeping: a little bit more awake in the day, still waking up at night but it all seems to be related to his feeding 


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hopefully some warm (relatively) weather is headed your way! 


  1. Oh my lord, I die from the cuteness. He's an adorable and handsome baby. Love this recap; thanks for sharing! Hope you guys can get a little bit of rest this weekend, maybe? xo

  2. What a sweetheart!!! Im glad you are mobile again and feeling better!

    I love what your grandfather said. Matt is the same way. Babies are completely boring and useless until they start DOING something. Men

  3. HE'S SO CUTE. I will be seeing him this weekend so hope you guys are around : )

  4. He's so tiny and adorable! I can't believe how much hair he has too

  5. I'm SO glad you are feeling better and more mobile. I'm sure that will make a big difference with your quality of life over the next few months. That is so great that Max has FOUR great grandmothers! Wow!

  6. I am a fan of the weekly recaps because I like to hear about Max and see photos of him. He is just so adorable! And now he has a potential little girlfriend in MN since my niece was born today. :) She also has a full head of dark hair!

    I hope you have a great weekend and get some rest. I am happy to hear you are a bit more mobile, though!

  7. OMG the picture where it looks like he is rolling his eyes is my FAVORITE. No really. Favorite.

    Love that Max is meeting so many people - and that you are starting to feel better - hang in there!

  8. Max is nothing short of adorable. And this post reminds me that I meant to ask if your sister was with you at the hospital - you have some amazing photos of your time there!