Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Idea and template stolen directly from Caroline. No creative juices over here these days! 



Orphantrain Touch go

reading Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner. I just finished Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, really good! 

loving all relaxing activities: reading, listening to music and podcasts, playing on the internet- also I still love swimming and yoga :) 

thinking that I miss vacation

feeling very tired, kindergarten kiddos will kill ya!  

anticipating "meeting" Max, is it still meeting if he's been living inside me for 9 months? 

inspired by super honest blog posts

watching Little People, Big World- one of Eric and my guilty pleasures! 

sad to tell my kiddos I'll be leaving for awhile, I'm not sure they will get it but I think I'm going to tell them tomorrow 

working on getting my classroom and plans ready for a 12 week leave… sigh

looking forward to a time when there are less unknowns… oh, and the weekend

grateful that Max is a very active baby, all I have to do is think "hmm, has he moved lately?" and three seconds later I'll get a nice comforting kick

listening Whatever She's Got, David Nail

wishing that it was acceptable to have a Christmas tree year round! 


What's going on with you currently? 


  1. Aw, your kids are really going to miss you when you go on mat leave! I am currently looking forward to a time in my life when there is less uncertainty, I'm loving these 100 calorie klondike bars that I got at the grocery store as it's a nice little treat to have but not too many calories. I'm reading Defending Jacob, which was highly recommended by a couple of people so I think I will like it!

  2. I love these posts! Totally okay that you "stole" it from me, I'm thinking about posting another post like this today because I just don't have the energy to do anything more.
    I'm adding those two books to my list. The kiddos are definitely going to miss you and I can't wait to meet max too!

  3. I've seen versions of this post and always love reading them - they're a nice snapshot in time. I'm looking forward to slightly more mild temperatures (the 20s would be nice), so I can begin running outside and walking Gavin to/from daycare again. Cabin fever is in full force over here and I'm getting grumpy (just ask Sweets!). In the meantime, I downloaded a bootcamp app that I've been doing at home - it's leaving me sore, so I guess it's doing its job. =)

  4. When is Max coming? Do you have a set date yet? I am so excited to e-meet him and yes would love to meet him via skype one day too :)

    I have been uninspired the last two days too so maybe I'll use this meme style for my blog tomorrow!

  5. Currently my feet hurt and my head hurts and I should just go to bed. And I wish students came without parents. The end.

  6. It is weird when he's born. It feels like you're meeting someone you've known all your life. It' amazing and indescribable and very normal all at once. Like, "Oh. It's you. I know you."

    I'm so excited for you, Kelly!