Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where to Eat: Cape Cod Edition

Returning from oblivion to offer a post I've been meaning to write for awhile. This will probably be the first of a couple of editions, there are a LOT of good restaurants at the Cape- I can't cover them all in one post. Even if you never go to the Cape and/or live very far away, I hope you'll enjoy some of the yummy pictures of food :)

Inaho- Yarmouthport

Inaho tops my list of places to eat at the Cape because it really is just, THAT good. It's a Japanese restaurant on Route 6A in what likely used to be a house. I've featured pictures of my favorite dish, the eggplant miso yaki, many times on the blog. A couple of weeks ago I got a fantastic cod special pictured below. I don't think I've ever had even a just-okay meal at this restaurant, it's that good.


For a little more budget Japanese food, I'd also recommend Misaki in Hyannis. There is no view here, but if you think you'll miss it, you can always order take out and then have a picnic on the beach!

Ocean House- Dennisport

Eric and I chose to have our rehearsal dinner at Ocean House so clearly we love the place. It's easily the best food in the area and the view of the ocean is a very lucky bonus. I've tried several different lobster dishes here including the lobster asparagus pizza, lobster pad thai and the full-on LOBSTER haha, all were amazing!


The Regatta- Cotuit

My parents have been talking about this restaurant for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, while I took pictures at Katie's wedding, they took my friends there for drinks and appetizers and then THEY started talking about how great it was. It was clearly time to try it. Eric and I joined my parents for dinner at The Regatta a few weeks ago and it definitely lived up to expectations. I'll let the pictures do the talking...




Five Bays Bistro- Osterville

My parents describe this restaurant as New York in the Cape. It definitely has a great atmosphere. Some reviews have noted that it can get loud, but I teach kindergarten so I don't notice the kind of loudness other people do :) Like the other restaurants I mentioned, the food is amazing.



Spanky's Clam Shack- Hyannis

Spanky's is much more casual than all of the places I've recommended so far, but it definitely deserves to be on the list. It's in a great location right on the water near lots of boats. Not every table has a view, but if you get lucky you'll be able to see a lot of boats leaving and returning in the harbor. The cocktails and food are good, but it has more of a fried seafood menu than upscale food :) If fried food is not your thing, I highly recommend the Lobster Ceasar Salad. I've recommended that exact dish to a bunch of Eric's friends who were in the area for a wedding a few years ago and they not only loved it the first time, they went back when they were back at the Cape the next summer!

After you eat all this delicious food, you may feel the need to burn off some calories. Then, you should hit up the Shining Sea Bikeway or the Cape Cod Rail Trail- both beautiful places for a run, bike or rollerblade.


The Cape Cod Rail Trail is SO Cape Cod it even has it's own rotary, haha!


I challenge you to find a bike path with a more gorgeous view than Shining Sea Bikeway!


If anyone who actually comments has been to any of these restaurants, do let me know. Otherwise, tell me how you feel about recommending things to people. I have serious anxiety when it comes to recommendations. I'm always worried people are going to come back and be like "Kelly, that completely sucked." So, I only recommend something if I am like 90-100% sure it is THAT awesome. What about you, do you like making recommendations on places to visit, books, restaurants, movies etc?


  1. I miss the cape! Are you going labor day weekend? I should just ask you this on gchat...
    Back to a normal comment: Lets go to the Regatta.

  2. we went to the ocean house for our anniversary a couple years ago and are still talking about the amazing food we had there!

  3. Yum. it basically looks like i need to come and spend a month, eating my way through the Cape. ;)

    I am super paranoid and nervous about recommending places to people. Everyone has different tastes adn some people have way higher expectations/standards than other. So I always get super nervous making a recommendation!

  4. PS - I tried to follow you on twitter, but it won't give me access to your feed!

  5. wow! this post has me feeling SUPER hungry! it looks like you found quite the food haven. yum!

  6. haha, I'd never thought about that before. I never feel ancious about recommending a place. I typically tell the person that "I am usually not very picky, so I loved this may not!". As long as I say that, I feel I'm safe :)
    your food photos all look amazing. So professional.

    I want some lobster asparagus pizza, please!

  7. Looks like a fantastic time with plenty of good eats!!

  8. I have never really got anxious about recommending things to people. I always just say I like it! I hate it when I take people to a REALLY good restaurant (IMO) and then the service or something sucks, though.

    That IS a gorgeous path. I would love to run along there!!

  9. My mouth is watering now....I'd like to schedule a visit ASAP :)

  10. I love Cape Cod! My second home! Great recommendations!