Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bill from Guess Who... oh, I mean "Looking Forward"

I love when Lisa does her Looking Forward posts, so here is mine :)

Today.... sucks, why do you think I decided to do a Looking Forward post? Lol. Seriously though, today was a rough day. I was at tutoring at 7:15 this morning and still there at 6:15 at night, that's never a good day especially in the summer. Plus I had a parent who was an hour late to pick up at summer school today. I totally understand things happen/communication troubles/emergencies etc. What I'm really pissed about is the program I work for, everyone just left- so I was responsible for hanging out unpaid for an hour when I was supposed to be at a meeting. I left my former summer program because I hated how disorganized it was, but now God is spiting me now because this is MUCH worse. I think from now on I will only work for myself in the summer. Lesson learned. Time to move forward!!!

On the positive side, I did get to tutor one of my all-time favorite kids today. She is going into fifth grade and I just love that age (to hang out with, I don't love the curriculum and psycho testing). I got her to start reading "Because of Winn Dixie" today, and we talked about how much we both love the game "Guess Who?" Seriously, do you remember that game? She refers to Bill as egghead. In case you don't memorize your Guess Who characters... here he is...


Ah, good memories.

This week... I am going to New York City with my family!!!! Wahoo! Eric has never been to NYC so I am going to do a lot of touristy things with him. Also, I haven't seen Caroline since she moved to Connecticut at the beginning of July, so that is really exciting too.

This month... I will spend a little over a week in Cape Cod, relaxing and truly enjoying the summer. This will be my first true vacation of the summer and I feel like I really, really, really deserve it. I can't wait to do fun touristy stuff and read a lot of books all week long :)

This year... I have so much to look forward to! In September, I have 2 weddings both of which are going to be fun. In October, I go to Chicago to watch Caroline run the marathon. In December, I go to Florida because winter in Boston is terrible haha. In June next year I have 3 weddings, and then in July I go to Seattle/Vancouver for Amber's wedding. Oh, and because I sometimes look forward to things other than trips (rarely), I also am excited about some of my future kiddos- lots of great siblings I've been looking forward to getting to know better. And, I can't wait to run another 5K with Eric in September and who knows what else the year will bring...

See? These posts just make me feel SO much more positive. What are you looking forward to?


  1. I actually had a hard time picking out what to include in my post because there is just so much to look forward to. :)

    I have not read Because of Winn Dixie but I did read the Tale of Despereaux (sp?) and loved it. And I LOVED the game of Guess Who. I actually asked my mom to find it and bring it to the cabin so I could play it and she could not find it. Sad. So I am going to buy it for the family this Christmas. My nephews NEEDS to learn how to play that game. Love, love, love it.

  2. I loved Guess Who? when I was a kid! My sister and I would play that for what seemed like hours.

    These looking forward posts are cute and something I am going to have keep in the back of my mind to do sometime on my blog.

  3. Love these posts! I haven't done one in over a year so I think I should remedy that soon!!

    This month I'm looking forward to going to visit Lisa and this year I'm obviously looking forward to the wedding (not so much the planning as you know) and going to Harry Potter World in November! Whoo!

  4. OMG it would be fun to meet up when you are in Seattle!! (if possible). It's about three hours from Portland.

  5. Okay, I need to do this post. Yesterday was rough for me too. I left work at 8.. and couldn't fall asleep until 1am.. and was up at 6:30 to run 8 miles. This is what my life has come to.

    So many exciting things to look forward tooo!! woooo!

  6. I have not played Guess Who in YEARS but I love that game!!!

  7. Now I really want to play Guess Who (and Bill totally looks like an egg!). I wonder if my friend still has her copy of the game...

    If you make it to Victoria while in Vancouver/Seattle, look me up. I love to show off my city :) Otherwise, I have lots of Vancouver suggestions and tips.

    And next month I'm looking forward to my trip to Ireland. I'm extra excited because a friend's coming with me so for the first time ever I get to go and be a tourist. (Not that I don't love seeing my family but, you know.)

    Also, I love this idea for a post. Might have to permanently borrow it from you/Lisa.

  8. I love that game!! So fun.
    And, just remind yourself that your day will never suck as much as mine did yesterday, with only three days left on my ONE WEEK vacation...I think I broke my arm :(
    And, you're going to New York City?! Wow, have a great time! Don't buy Yankees tickets off of a scalper who is really selling used ones (haha, yep, Nick and I did that once).